The Metaverse Working Group and the Marketing & Communications Working Group Elections Timing

gm everyone,

The Governance Working Group is pleased to announce the election schedule for the Metaverse Working Group and the Marketing & Communications Working Group Stewards!

Here’s a summary of the timeline for Seats 1 and 2:

:calendar: Phase 1 – Application and Verification – 20 days

  • Nov 1: Nomination Announcement on Discourse.
  • Nov 2: Nominee applications open.
  • Nov 15: KYC and background verification process on all Applicants received.

:speaking_head: Phase 2 – Community Discussions – 9 days

  • Nov 21: Nomination profiles posted on Discourse and open for community discussions.

:ballot_box: Phase 3 – Community Vote – 6-14 days

  • Nov 30: Nominees are put on Snapshot.

Election Cycles:

  • Elections shall occur every 6 months.
    – Cycle One: Nomination and election to occur over November & December; elected Steward(s) to start in January
    – Cycle Two: Nomination and election to occur over May & June; elected Steward(s) to start in July

  • The following seats will be up for election at these times:
    – Cycle One: Seats 1, 2
    – Cycle Two: Seat 3

Rationale: A staggered, biannual process maintains continuity for long-term goals, preventing sudden, complete re-election of all Steward seats.

Election Terms & Limits:

  • Term: Each seat is for a one-year term.
  • Term limit: An existing Steward may nominate themselves for re-election and be elected to the Working Group for up to 2 terms in a row.
    – Following the term limit, the former Steward member must wait at least 1 election cycle (6 months) prior to being able to nominate themselves for re-election.

Rationale: AIP-138 established one-year terms for elected members to balance long-term focus with active participation. A two-year term limit provides enough time for handling long-term projects and strategies if the community supports the member reaching the maximum duration.

More details to follow as we get closer to the beginning of another exciting election season. We appreciate the ongoing participation and discussions that continue to happen to spread the word of the ApeCoin DAO. :blue_heart: