@TheFatherOfAllStorms - Special Council Nomination 01/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @TheFatherOfAllStorms

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuquePawlovsky

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I’m always looking for opportunities for the APECOIN token & our DAO, I can identify them very quickly due to my experience & WEB3 connections.

Im a big advocate for Apecoin adoption, I feel like its one of the best tokens! Not only for gaming - also for items exchange of any kind.

I was one & only who dropped 3 collection for sale in Apecoin on ETH Chain. I was early and its ok. Now i See exchange opportunities for APE token everywhere, and also bought a lot of things with it. I just love it!

i’m very outspoken about our TOKEN and APECOIN dao every chance i get from small IRL or privately invited events to big conferences like ETHDENVER and its elevated pro retrieve second part of the conference, different chains and developed layers events and WEB3 startups presentations, DEFI clubs and my private tea parties that been going on as a tradition for more then 15 years, and specially in the past years when i had more chance to organise my own things to gather the WEB3 minds.
I am well educated in technology and several relevant studies, beside speak at list 3 languages ( not just WEB3 languages).

This also helps me to provide accurate information & technologically relevant.
My vast support & promotional help experience with directions of development is crucial here to well communicate with different types of individuals & representatives plus find a common ground of understanding between everyone.

I listen to the community all the time and all of me resent AIPs come from what community felt like needed.

And when i see some amazing idea or something can can become one- I support its development every time i have a chance by just telling how it mind be done easier, faster showing available tools.
Besides all this I constantly brainstorming about possible strategies of the Apecoin DAO expansion & support any good initiatives.

Its also important to stay on alert for any regulatory changes in the DAO and outside it, that mind affect it. Its important to provide timely and accurate services for all constituents and inform everyone about any updates as soon as they come up. And I know It mind sound like to regulatory language - its important to don’t forget that this is a real registered Foundation that has to follow surten regulations due to its physical foundational location.

Thank you so much for considering me & support. You mean a lot to me & this DAOs future together! Lets Rock!


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

I can not even express how much this DAO means to me.

Not just how i got here by chance but who i met & connected with and how this is and will affect many of us. I was to keep it operationally professional orderly and IRL inviting, transparency is a must and things on time done as needed.

2 years ago I was hit by a car and still on physical recovery, which i took as opportunity to dive even deeper into WEB3, wrote a first WEB3 book with apes, helps some develop stories for the future projects, became a part of some white papers , speaker at conferences, tester for WEB3 games, part of multiple full IP rights NFT communities besides just being DEFI & stock person (including one of those OG apes AMS/GME that DRS… on which BAYC was bases to OMENAJE in part as founders mentioned at their interview), Became an ape, miss the yatch… , get into Apecoin DAO from day zero practically and was amazed by all people coming here and brainstorming together, became WG0 non payed steward, start spreading my experience at IRLs & conferences. And I cant stop continue helping.

So its a good time for me to finally make it official & apply.

Thank you all so much for considering me & being you, bringing innovation , light & build opportunities here & just helping others. Now you tell me what else you need from me.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

I been is DEFI for about 4-5 years deep & at NFTs for about 4 years now, I started on Binance game related collectibles and that how I went into deep dive in education and reserch

Obviously my tech and other studies helped a lot

I start learning more about ETHFOUNDATION and what was build, so I mostly migrated here and learned more about IP RIGHTS, became a part of many DAO or helped starting them, be a part of white parers for DEFI DAOs, saw how so many of my skills were transferable & became amazed with such a fast development of everything…

Became a lil ape and with my first Apecoin started at this DAO, became WG0 unpaid Stuart ,
learned about many initiatives & met amazing folks

Learned more about Hackathons and opportunities for me as a Speaker at private events and big Conferences at ETHDENVER about companies direction in WEB3, security & safety, adjusting the startups workers settings & helping with technology

I keep learning every day and try to be the first to test something in WEB3 from platform to a chain to a layer to a WEB3 game, brake it maybe and improve

And obviously spread the word about it

Specially about Apecoin DAO and opportunities that can be build for all of us
Talking about it at the conferences & private meetings all the time, WEB3 events and DEFI clubs from Harvard business school & MIT to bitcoin folks and WEB3 startups


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

Part of many DAOs, DEFI clubs, connections with WEB3 conferences, speaker and researcher, at WG0 steward at APECOIN DAO initiation, was here from the day almost zero, participating in the governance votings of some other DAOs, was a part of the white-papers and pre-assemblies of some DAO on the initiation stage, deep into DEFI for about 4-5 years , NFTs for about 3-4 years, wrote the first WEB3 book about apes with them & writers, helped develop stories for the future projects, part of NFT Full IP Rights communities, Passionate about Hackathon opportunities on different chains, Deployed on different chains my own contracts, NFTs, VR art, Photography & 3D builds, First person to deploy & sell in APECOIN the NFT on ETH network and created several collections in APECOIN. Actively participating in IRL events by different DAOs & developments events by Blockchains finding opportunities & connecting people. I always bring out DAO token into the conversations, including at VC & small groups of more “private” developers and showing them the possibilities of this token with examples.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

I’m very outspoken about our TOKEN and APECOIN dao every chance i get from small IRL or privately invited events to big conferences like ETHDENVER and its elevated pro retrieve second part of the conference, different chains and developed layers events and WEB3 startups presentations, DEFI clubs and my private tea parties that been going on as a tradition for more then 15 years, and specially in the past years when i had more chance to organise my own things to gather the WEB3 minds.
I am well educated in technology and several relevant studies, beside speak at list 3 languages ( not just WEB3 languages).

My vast support & promotional help experience with directions of development is crucial here to well communicate with different types of individuals & representatives plus find a common ground of understanding between everyone.

My companion for human being or passion for solving things does not affect my firm and steady workflow that has deadlines or must be planned with precision .

So if some AIP has a deadline for help and communication - it has to be done in timely regulated manner.

Im very sticks in regulations and like to check with anyone that is relevant and certified in one or another matter. I have to mention that I had a red clearance at EU airport authority for 2 of my jobs & special training by Apple & certifications related to the matter of compliance & laws. I had EU experiences with lawyers, banks, credit unions & regulations. I had my own small company too with lots of paperwork & deadlines besides necessary travel.

Attending meeting in time and have a strict schedule was always crucial to me.

Knowing the priorities and be able to manage several conflicting deadlines - its nothing new to me. Even while contracted at the new position at Apple during the lockdown I had to manage my own office and organise everything to make everyone happy top the maximum, without forgetting taking care of myself so I can perform the best.

And while now finishing the physical therapy & some other things that came up - I also maintained a very sticks schedule (with flexibilities as they come along while living a room for margin), not forgetting that now i’m in WEB3 forever) - at the end adaptability is important while maintaining integrity of the DAO functions . Besides its also important to dive deep into AIP and make sure they are in the format that can be applied , so you can always ask for help - its important to have time for it in time. Im a good listener - I want to know what can i do for you at a part of our DAO. Im always open to suggestions.
Lets do it Together!


aka Snowflake - your outspoken dedication and push for ApeCoin adoption is unmatched! Thank you as always


Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms, I am asking all candidates the following same questions:

If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO?

What is an area of expertise that you will be bringing to the table?

Are there any factors in your life that may limit your time and ability to serve? (Running a business, extensive traveling, secret agent for the SEC, etc…)

What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in its current state?

Currently, many of the proposals are determined by large wallets, there are many grumblings about it though I stand neutral on this; if possible, would you change this? and if so, how and why?

Will you be an active participant in the DAO even if unelected?

Thank you and best of luck,


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Thank very much for this support!
It was very sad I had to take couple month off to finish my physical therapy and missed couple assemblies. It was amazing to be a part of 3 pre assemblies and be OG as well as unpaused WG0 Stuart without any rewards in money, it was rewarding for this 2 and half years to build this DAO together with all of you and bringing new candidates.

One of my big speeches about our DAO created a line of people wanting to talk to me about it and get onboarded one or other way, even if they don’t directly participate in the Forum. I was invited to more DEFI clubs and events, from gaming to security to “token proofing” studies & reserch groups.
Going deeper in WEB3 Game testing for some and their WEB3 platforms.

If I will get any of this payed positions - this will give me a little more push to actually go out there more and collaborate for us, other ways I will have to continue doing more projects aside.
This DAO TRULLY changed my life and gave me energy to elevate others! So many talented developers that just need some truthful wise information & how it can work for them.
Vita you talking to several startups & some things I can’t disclose (they are fun for everyone ones it comes together)
I want for people to be more comfortable TJ use our Token , not just for votes.

I also want to make sure we complete our jobs descriptions combining more people with many different relevant metaverse & DEFI skills, besides proper approach to any situation.

5 years in Apple and being previous company owners that I sold & I guess Med school before that - teach you a lot of people skills, that are crucial to align with anyone needing help.

It is important to plan things in detail & help others to do so too, my passion for connection people & solving needs besides financial & banking experience/fraud prevention & multiple tech certifications in different products and platforms will be very useful.

Foundation knowing my KYC details can find my Microsoft, APPLE, security & clearance certifications easily with their official numbers, besides all the official courses & studies taken so that’s how they verified what I mentioned at the previous election.

I hope I can be a valuable asset to this DAO soon officially.
I can’t wait to work together!

Thank you so much for your questions!

  1. If I felt just passionate about 1 thing I would be human - I would be ameba. The most important thing in this position is to be able to see things from the side & see how their combinations can benefit the DAO. It it some thing I see many proposals are missing in their early staged, specially when the notion is based on emotion that is unidirectional. Inability to proliferate to the next level, where more people are included comes from no experience in such plans. So I’m here to help. Go deep on what people really want and how it’s can be a done technologically speaking first & then - what are actual benefits that will elevate all of us from it. Be passionate about aligning the ideas to the benefits and its possibilities for execution - that’s what I’m good at. Sometimes we need to slow down and rethink, sometimes we have to push and execute within a timeframe, that’s it’s crucial.
    Technology goes faster forward that any notice about development hits twitter. That’s why I’m out there getting first deeps as beta tester & early on boarder, deployer, braking things to implement them & Seeing what is actually going on outside Twitter. Being a part of so many amazing conferences & dev clubs, being invited to speak or VC events for company development strategies, hired by them sometimes for any ongoing startups - this is just amazing perspective few can get.
    For this I studied all my life.

  2. Area of expertise: I have many and they organically combining. People skills are crucial , they have a cap for any folk with less knowledge in multiple disciplines and specially technology if they can’t really help at the end. Thankfully I had several universities in my life, speak natively 3 languages plus, had high escalation positions at my 5 tech years in Apple, before I managed cloud services for companies for their deployments & large conferences, did a lot of different researches, beta testing, game beta testing, applications testing & dev before it goes public, technician in charge to do the new product official jeilbrakes/demos for launches, microcredits for startups & documentation, legal support for the startups & consulting, sold a company & some, worked with Asia, EU, USA & Canada companies, fraud prevention at AMR region including Soulth America, VC & Startups consulting in large & support. To stay healthy on a side I do pro snowboarding & biking all my life, I love ocean & desert too when I have a chance, because ability of say “wait a minute” & take case of yourself will give you positive alignment to keep helping others.
    Tech & other certifications are crucial be used my DEFI & metaverse endeavors, besides you always need to know that you talk to humans as you are one & never forget it. I want to love this world better then I found it so I never stop just doing that)

  3. This is a great question about life factors. I can see why it’s a big concern for many and why so many people voice it & try to point the failure points.
    Thankfully this is a perfect time that I don’t need to worry about anything like that, I do not run a company or club or project or work somewhere else for someone, no one tells me what to do or can affect/stere my view or my abilities or limit me & there is zero conflicts of interests (I know that specifically was a major concern for may voters and for me).
    I can tell you easily I have 69h a week to work and I can it as I want (some weeks before I worked more & it wasn’t that healthy), so I will do total 50h unless I have to travel for work - then I will be more, but only if it’s Apecoin DAO related work. If I’m elected, everything else or approaches will be filtered to make sure there is no conflict of interest & my position requirements are completed. It will not prevent me from testing knee things, it will reverse - help me focus on those that are beneficial for us & how can we use them.
    About your physical question: I don’t have to unswear it due to my region and I don’t want to discriminate any other councils nominees potential disabilities, but here it is:
    About 2 year ago I was hit by a car on a crosswalk on my first vacation after lockdown was eased, thankfully I didn’t die, it changed my life for sure, in a way I didn’t expected, I was fighting hard and wishing half year did my first steps, within v month more I was walking somehow, started to participate in DEFI & WEB3 even deeper, knowing that no way I can do my other jobs form small office or go back to big office in Appel or any positions they were offering fire to post concussion & need of sudden rest sometimes, specially after painful and existing physical therapists. With less then a year I was able to swim & even snowboard (although every time I stay in bed for 2 days and not able ti move a shoulder or step on one foot)… I never gave up & wanted ti contribute in the same time in WEB3 with my knowledge. Because a part of many things that were incredible. Although I started on Binance I fast moved to everything ETH chain had to offer & all ongoing developments I wanted ti have a first deep in. So I did that. Ones I was able ti do little runs I start to go to IRLs. Started to get invited ti conferences related to DEFI & WEB3 but just NFT projects or meetings (there I also helped a lot of people that now have their own thing going on and I’m so glad).
    Thankfully now I finally feel amazing and no way I just go back to just an office or Apple camp or probably even corporate as it is in their forms right now. My heart and mind is here and that’s where I want to be, because here I can use all my skills I accumulated, this is where the biggest growth is happening now.

  4. I don’t have list favorite nothing. I just see people concerns about “deep state” or centralized or center one way focus “vibes”. I understand that some have more time then others to participate and this created polarization, I understands that there are folks that mind be inclined to promote specific things the way, that DAO do not tolerate or accept, because it doesn’t feel organic & feels like advertisement for WEB2 or hired advertisers. I would take this close to heart. This exists everywhere, so it’s not native to this DAO or other developments. As we see non organic processes like this, pretending ti come from endemic structures/groups don’t go far in general. It is important to explain generally what is DAO about and how important to be all inclusive. So I feel the folds that mind react to some conversations about only specific help for some specific group or tokens or NFT groups. I’m here ti help and if I can prong my pacifier bridge and professionalism to such situation - this will be amazing opportunity.

  5. We are young DAO it’s is understandable there are some large voters. You have to think next couple contra factors: if voters really don’t like something - it will be a no because large wallets are not all voter and we see so much mega “whales”/groups proposals rejected, because they didn’t made a DEFI sense to the voters or any alignment that are benefiting them & DAO. Second: smart business people always see what people vote for & many will not support proposals that “general folks” will stand agains with very strong arguments (strong & valid, not loud & shilled). For any whale it mind be detrimental to support something that most of the community (even sometimes with less active tokens) will go agains. If you noticed - many of those vote at the end. It is very smart to do. So you kind see whales voting something sometimes - but you should go in details and see per wallet votes.
    Besides if some feel competing - WEB3 is big and no need really for that. We should all work more together and research will help with that.

  6. This is an amazing question! (I know where you coming from and I feel the same, feels weirded if people only get active a month in advance any election, while you never heard of the folk before anywhere) it is crucial to be on official forum as participant versus “vibing” in discord for the sake of being remembered, let’s say. People are smart, they will check who is actually been on official forum here and how long. I was here from its origin & voter on snapshot, I’m also the original non payed WG0 steward & early adopter of Apecoin (day zero), I understand how all private locked discords mind feel detrimental to the transparency of the DAO, so it is important to actually be here instead of there for any official announcements, official support, official discussions & official information presented in a neutral form detached from any NFTs in particular & in more decentralized way. I’ve been here I am here and I will be, because this is our DAO and it’s a transparent publicly assessed forum with no complicated onboarding or requirements ti alienate anyone.

Thank you so much for your questions again and your consents. I know they come from all people here and I would love to work with you all with more dedication closely.


I have to say Im extremely surprised by the amount of profile view!
Thank you so much!

I have to add that I am natively speaking several languages including Spanish.

Im very passionate about this DAO and have been here from its beginning.

I hope my skills and knowledge are valuable assets for all voters and they have time to read about me at list a little bit.

Im a part of many blockchain associations and WEB3 clubs, which will help to expand this DAO ones i have more supportive resources & official role.

I am invited to a lot of major DEFI events & developer conferences, besides developer & builders gatherings and different NFT communities .

WEB3 space is full of amazing people and i can see more then one being here on some capacity.

Ones i am elected - i will have opportunity to fully focus on the DAO, specially since i never had or having any conflict of interest pr big project i must take care of firs. I also do nit run any company right now or in charge of any major production or run twitch /youtube channel as my business, so this also eliminate any possible time schedule restrains and i will be fully available for people here)

As many of you know I was the original WG0 unpaid council & had 3 pre-assemblies before we set up the assembly.

someone asked me about me side passions & have I take case of myself/disconnect:

  • Love to build in VR & 3D, make animations sometimes, test platforms & games before their public release for fun, deploy on a blockchain & sometime consult for free folks that are starting with minimum resources

On vacation i love to hit highest mountains on a planet, i love ocean too.
Ive been snowboarding all my life, sometimes competed, and hit those powder freeride days when had a chance. While being business & tech folk, i believed that sport is very important to be a part of the healthy life. At university i was apart of basketball & aikido team. I love biking sometimes or a nice hike.

Sometimes i’m invited to a different style events and i take that opportunity to onboard companies to WEB3 or at list talk to them about blockchain opportunities and communities out here.
(picture from one of Monacos events)

I go a lot to Europe to visit family or for business consulting/projects.
Sometimes i visit Asia or Dubai.

During my work at Apple i was send to Singapore.

During lifetime I lived in India and Malaysia , as several EU countries absorbing culture & aligning with different people, this gave me amazing experience on working with different folks & businesses, find new friends forever and still maintain those connections across the world.

Which will benefit the DAO ones I am elected.

Now I spend most of the time in USA, specially Boston where there is more then 35 blockchain clubs, I am a part of more then 10 & participate deeply at some local events from Boston Blockchain weeks, to Harvard Business School events to Blockchain association, MIT Bitcoin Club, other MIT blockchain & developers events , Harvard Hackers Space.
I find time to go out to NY blockchain events, and major events like ETHDENVER (entire month).
I attend a lot of major events virtually, including Singapore Blockchain week & Toronto ETHGLOBAL+Hackathon .

One last thing - believe in yourselves, regardless of this elections -
put your ideas and effort made into AIPs !



You can message me here or on tweeter

Best of luck with the election man!

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Thank you so so much!
I hope people value my outreach outside twitter!
As many know i’m a part of many NFT collections, WEB3 tester & writers communities producing content, what many don’t know much - is that I am invited to many NFT & DEFI developer conferences, beta WEB3 launches before public beta, security gatherings & WEB3 developments before Ghub deployments & participate in IRL Founders circles, Blockchain clubs & associations, on white paper for DAOs & setting up governance rules for DAO in initial stages, Participating at NFTs for good or other charity initiatives
Example: charity events like Apes VS Punks poker game & event

I stand for DAO & its actual meaning not just a vibe

DAO we all know is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

and what is actually means is next and how we all interact here and what i plan to expand:

D - Decentralised - because Organisation is build using Decentralised Blockchain Technology (not decentralised people lol, doesn’t matter where people are located only meter if they have access to this tech no joke), so we need to protect it in all cost and avoid any centralised platforms trying to lure our funds into it

A - Autonomous - meaning its easily “transacted” and recorded on the blockchain all votes “automatically” without us needing to code anything at all, and result are calculated, we can go and see the data if needed, no manual work needed; we need to protect this kind of vote and no manual overwrite or changing snapshots or adding votes or manual moving of the votes, no voting outside the blockchain

O- Organisation - this is us - actual people , communities , opinions, across the world, across the cities, with different languages and backgrounds, different stories, different perspectives and amazing volume of incredible feedbacks. This is where languages are helpful. I want to expand our DAO more into Europe and across America , going even bigger on Latin America countries inclusivity as well, lots of Islands & regions at APAC with French, English & Spanish speakers. I feel like we also missing a lot of possibilities in USA. We have to do more DEFI activations and developing with true builders, including activations in Universities & Schools where I have outreach as well plus Founders circles where they build apps & games fro WEB3. I want to continue doing this in Official Capacity.

Im a part and OG in several decentralised organisations and blockchain clubs, many are part of activations in Boston metro area. We do some big events and as I mentioned before many times - I want to introduce the Apecoin more often and organise more events as well.