@TheFatherOfAllStorms - Governance WG Nomination 1/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @TheFatherOfAllStorms

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Governance WG Steward

I want to keep helping on a official capacity for the DAO, I was WG0 unplayed Stuart , constant participant & helping. Now let me help you more in person, more reachable & present, focused & precise.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Governance WG Steward

I can not even express how much this DAO means to me.

Not just how i got here by chance but who i met & connected with and how this is and will affect many of us. I was to keep it operationally professional orderly and IRL inviting, transparency is a must and things on time done as needed.

2 years ago I was hit by a car and still on physical recovery, which i took as opportunity to dive even deeper into WEB3, wrote a first WEB3 book with apes, helps some develop stories for the future projects, became a part of some white papers , speaker at conferences, tester for WEB3 games, part of multiple full IP rights NFT communities besides just being DEFI & stock person (including one of those OG apes AMS/GME that DRS… on which BAYC was bases to OMENAJE in part as founders mentioned at their interview), Became an ape, miss the yatch… , get into Apecoin DAO from day zero practically and was amazed by all people coming here and brainstorming together, became WG0 non payed steward, start spreading my experience at IRLs & conferences. And I cant stop continue helping.

So its a good time for me to finally make it official & apply.

Thank you all so much for considering me & being you, bringing innovation , light & build opportunities here & just helping others. Now you tell me what else you need from me and I will look into it how its can be done.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

Communication, technology, WEB3 development, DEFI, Conferences, Part of White papers for platform and DAO, conferences tech set ups and support , banking & credit experiences, Music & Sport industry, working with many teams & companies, startups builds, 5 years at apple, non profit experience , Studies international relationships, several languages spoken, hyphanate in WEB3 not only in WEB2, OG OG


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

Part of many DAOs (some has voting systems) and some white papers, pre council assemblies and building DAOs, WG0 here (OG non payed steward), DEFI platforms, researcher & tester for DEFI platforms & WEb3 Apps/games/builds, Hackatons participant, speaker at Conferences

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Metaverse WG Steward

Im precise in what must to be done digitally & in timely manner. I follow all the important developments and structural changes. I know how important it is to make sure about compliance with the DAO rules, keep transparency & understandable language notifications.

I like to help people and that is what i did my entire life, specially structuring the flow of presented opportunities & needed steps for those to be successful for them.

Plus I several speak languages and not only international ones but also WEB3 & tech.


Very important aspect of this is to be very organised, great communications skills, expiation in understandable calm manner. Ability to align with people about their needs & match those needs to the solutions. Follow up all the time & be consistent with work & attentive.
Speaking multiple languages in my case besides multiple certifications is a big plus.
Specially Spanish native language. Latin America and Spain with its Islands are going strong in DEFI, WEB3 expansion and Crypto in general, while China completely ban the crypto trading, made it illegal plus major crack down and shut down on NON GOVERNMENT minors from couple years ego, forcing many to go to ruin or move out of the country or worst, making it feel like there is future there for any folk wanting again the law to out a digital token like coin and trade it.
We also have a lot of Spanish speakers in other regions and specially USA.
Not having anyone in the governance that speak Spanish to support major spoken language in the world & understanding the dialects is making it impossible for the MAJOR expansion opportunity !
Having folk like me that have been covering AMR & APAC regions before for years and even lived and visited for work, embracing & understanding the culture - will make a big impact on the Governance Working Group.

Having me there helping will bring alignment of the DAO internationally to all regions across several continents and time zones. It will bring a better structural fortifications and inclusivity that we still don’t really have.

I speak even more languages, I just feel like this one its actually crucial and there is no political restrictions and legal barriers of supporting people at this regions.
Although I feel very sad about people and my heat also brakes for HK with everything going on there, I have to go very legal here and looking for the best for our DAO, expanding it where we legally can without getting into conflict with any major power. Hopefully this will change in the future, for now about 50% of crypto companies left China regions and some regions in others countries Including USA are not very Crypto friendly. I hope will will not loose participants due to legal actions against them at their native country.
I follow as much as legal news about crypto at the regions and also positive updates

I also go to the official regional events
AMR/USA Federal Reserve bank/MIT crypto reserch/Project Hamilton/Boston Blockchain Associations
(Im always invited there as a professional in DEFI)

USA is going forward and got several approvals to initiate transactions on new crypto platform to brake regional restrictions and lower (apparently ) the fees and time

Me at the semiprivate event and Est activation with Animoca Brands Rich Robinson (OG BOSTONian) and talking about APAC region post activations & opportunities for ApeCoin, Full IPs NFTs & token ownership activations & on-chain resilience .

Boston Blockchain Week (before its goes around the world)
Representative of other chains and the in charge of guild activations at major universities & WEB3 communities , CEOs of the WEB3 companies & developers in core, Representative of WEB3 devision of major international sport brand with me humble Snowflake
We had the great chat with Swiss major investment bank that launched on-chain securities, company owners stepping into WEB# with products, Major of the city and development department that was supportive & now onboarded into WEB3 and its DEFI opportunities

My last 3 month my IRL schedule was very tight due to major event and a part of major WEB3 “clubs”. Now that os all settled and in motion its time to help those folks, so many new people from many other countries that became a part of some associations or guild or club - they prefer to be spoken in Spanish, so they feel more welcoming. Also we have other languages speakers and some were displaced due to situation on some regions and now making their life here.

A lot of good things will come at the beginning of the next year and im here to keep it organised and supportive .

Feel free to reach out here or on Tweeter “A Snowflake Solidity” @DuquePawlovsky


I sale from Spain to the Otherside
Lets make it international
Bring back the structure and the vibes!

You can message me here or on twitter https://x.com/DuquePawlovsky/status/1730123853722972175?s=20

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I want to continue helping an more official capacity.
You all know me here from day zero, who was here, and as WG0 Steward.