@tigerisfine - Governance Steward Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @tigerisfine

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigerisfine

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for Steward of the Governance Working Group

I am honored for the opportunity to nominate myself as a steward for the Governance Working Group. With a strong conviction for decentralized ecosystems and a passion for web3 development, I aim to contribute to ApeCoin’s leadership in this space. I recognize the potential for growth and experimentation within decentralized governance, and I am committed to fostering a network built on community and culture. By leveraging my expertise and collaborative mindset, I will drive impactful decision-making, nurture inclusive discussions, and support the success of all stakeholders. Together, we can shape the future of decentralized governance and achieve remarkable milestones.


Details on your motivation for becoming a Governance Working Group Steward

In this critical juncture for the DAO, it is crucial to have result-driven leaders who can steer us towards our goals. I am motivated by the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share the common goal of establishing ApeCoin as a leader in web3 development. Together, we can drive innovation, foster growth, and make significant strides in advancing ApeCoin’s position in the decentralized ecosystem. With my experience and leadership skills, I can guide teams, implement strategies, and execute WG0’s mission statement.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin DAO

With 9+ years of project/business management experience, I’ve led diverse teams across small businesses, start-ups, and international production lines. This exposure honed my versatile skill set and deep understanding of unique organizational challenges. I adapt my leadership style to each project, fostering effective collaboration, resource allocation, and timely results.

Having worked with diverse cultures, I prioritize clear communication and strong relationships across borders. Navigating cultural nuances and language barriers, I’ve successfully delivered global projects, building trust within teams. As a governance steward, I aim to embrace a global perspective and engage effectively with the international community.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation

In 2016, I developed a passion for decentralization and self-sovereignty through Bitcoin. This led me to explore DeFi and eventually immerse myself in NFTs, which introduced me to the art and community aspects lacking in traditional cryptocurrencies.

As Head of Growth at Crypto Chicks, a women-centered NFT company, I realized the importance of building support systems for women in blockchain. This inspired me to organize the first Not A +1 event for the Ladies of BAYC during ApeFest '22, managing the entire process with a volunteer committee. The event’s success and support from the BAYC community fueled my ongoing efforts in organizing events, hosting Twitter Spaces, moderating chatrooms, and forging partnerships.

As an advocate for the ApeCoin DAO, I’ve hosted Twitter Spaces discussions covering active proposals, Special Council elections, and educating the community about the AIP process. These sessions provided a platform for open conversations, promoting transparency, participation, and community engagement within the ApeCoin DAO.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Governance Working Group Steward

Based on my experience and contributions in the blockchain community, I believe I am a strong nominee for this position. As an early adopter, I have actively engaged in cryptocurrencies and NFTs since 2016. In roles such as Head of Growth at Crypto Chicks and Co-founder of Ladies of BAYC, I have successfully organized events and built supportive networks for women in blockchain.

Furthermore, my advocacy for the ApeCoin DAO demonstrates my commitment to decentralized governance. Through hosting Twitter Spaces discussions, I have facilitated meaningful conversations, educated community members, and promoted active participation in decision-making.

With my project management skills, passion for blockchain, and dedication to inclusive governance, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to the success of the DAO.


Hope to see you in one of the two seats!! I feel like you will do amazing in this role :purple_heart: :fire:


You are an excellent candidate! Tiger really is results-driven. I have seen her in action & look forward to seeing her in one of the 2 seats.


Good luck, Tiger!!


Tiger is more than just my original co-founder and partner, but she has also played a vital role in shaping The Ladies of BAYC’s mission statement, pillars, events and various activities. Without a doubt, she is the most qualified candidate for the position! :saluting_face: :handshake:


Appreciate you for always being open for questions and providing a “let’s learn together” approach regarding the DAO


Turn DAOn for what? Good luck with your campaign Swickie! I’m sure you have so much to contribute in helping the DAO progress


LOL if only people could see all the docs and brainstorming I made you read through smh. Thank you for your unwaivering support Neenee. We’re just getting started!


Hi Tiger! I love your social media presence and the Ladies of BAYC are one of the most active club chapters in the DAO. You all are longtime team players, always hosting spaces, collabing with Apecomms & thank ape & more. How’s your early campaigning going so far?


Hey Sword!

Thanks for the encouraging words and appreciate you showing support for the Ladies! I’ve been so focused on the SC elections right now and listening to all the nominees share their vision. How could I strengthen my campaign for Steward? Any suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated!


You’ve hosted spaces and have been active for a long time. If I could give a suggestion, it would be to ask some of the people that have been close with you in the space to come on here to write a few paragraphs about what you’ve done for them! For example, I think NeeNee said in a spaces that you were the one who wrote many documents for Ladies of BAYC club. Can you share more about that?


Thanks Sword for the suggestions! That’s a great idea to encourage more of the ladies to come participate in the Discourse forum.

As for some of the documents that happen behind the scenes:

  • IRL event proposals, partnerships pitch decks, and budget docs
  • Ladies of BAYC logo design and branding
  • Copy for website, tweets, merch descriptions, etc.
  • Correspondence with Yuga to ensure compliance
  • Ongoing contact list of our ladies and our supporters

I used to work on products that required compliance (NIJ, NOCSAE, ASTM, FDA, etc) so documentation and “paper trail” is embedded in my workflow. My humble yet effective superpower is that I can use pretty much any project management platform so I don’t disrupt the workflow of the team I am hired to consult.


Tiger for governance steward. I wholeheartedly believe that she has what it takes :sparkles: :muscle: :sparkles:


Excellent tiger, that’s how it’s done!

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This is what it’s about! Love seeing the ladies come through and represent within the DAO <3 Thank you for leaving a comment

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Tiger reporting for duty :saluting_face:


I love this suggestion, especially since I’m one of the people that Tiger has supported in becoming more active in the Ladies of BAYC! Initially, she invited me to join a space to discuss social impact x web3, related to a proposal I’d submitted to the DAO. After that, she invited me to co-host 2x and to also identify a guest to spotlight for one of the Ladies of BAYC spaces. We’re now working on another initiative and it’s been inspiring to connect with other women innovators and creators. Tiger has a way of elevating and amplifying others around her, including me! We all benefit because she invites collaboration and empowers others.


Wow that brought back some fond memories, @NFTxExplore <3
You know I’m the queen of sliding into DMs when I see people who I align with. I really look forward to seeing more social impact and public goods initiative supported through the DAO. Appreciate your contributions to the Ladies of BAYC and sharing your expertise!


Some color commentary on the person behind the snotty mutant:


Tiger is an amazing candidate and I look forward to seeing her in a steward role :dancer:t3: