@ThreadGuy - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @ThreadGuy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/notthreadguy

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I am running for the Special Council to leverage my hosting, community building and marketing skills to drive desperately needed attention, growth and participation within the DAO.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

There is a massive gap in the ApeCoin DAO that I am going to fill. The DAO has undeniable resources and funding but struggles immensely to garner attention and incentivize participants to care about what’s happening within the DAO. The ApeCoin DAO Special Council needs a member on the front lines dedicated to growing participation, cultivating culture, and pushing the community forward.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

As a host, thought leader, and community builder in Web3 I am synonymous with culture and keeping a finger on the pulse. I host one of the biggest Web3 focused Twitter Spaces daily and have been garnering millions of monthly impressions on Crypto Twitter for 2+ years. My ability to capture sustained attention, drive narratives, and build community is the missing piece to the master ApeCoin puzzle. I believe you can have the best tech, funding, and products in the world but if nobody cares or sees it, it’s irreverent.

I purchased my first Yuga asset (MAYC #7450) in December of 2021 and have never changed my PFP. I am immersed in the Yuga Labs culture and believe that I am the representative for the Mutant Ape community. I have a deep understanding of the ecosystem, goals, and motivations.

I bring a skillset that is unlike anything that currently exists within the ApeCoin special council.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

On 4/25/23 I volunteered to host the ApeCoin DAO Twitter Spaces focused on highlighting the five relevant AIPs that week. 1.8k listeners tuned in over 1:30 which is the fourth highest attended Twitter Spaces from the @apecoin account and the most attended AIP focused spaces.

I believe that every AIP should be highlighted, reviewed, and discussed in public on Twitter Spaces for the community to make informed decisions and drive participation. I plan to host a weekly space focused on pushing all AIPs forward and providing a platform for the discussions that will advance and drive the DAO forward.

I intend to focus on building the ApeCoin brand recognition and improving DAO participation. It’s essential the council has somebody dedicated to this to continue pressing forward and growing.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

As the ApeCoin DAO seeks to unlock its full potential, I bring a skill set that is the catalyst for success. With my prowess as a Web3 host, community builder, and deep immersion in the culture, I possess the power to ignite attention, drive growth, and foster active participation. By hosting weekly Twitter Spaces, amplifying AIP discussions, and prioritizing brand recognition, I will be one of the driving forces that propels the ApeCoin DAO towards unprecedented achievements.


We need more active participation in the DAO. Look forward to see you on the council and make it happen @ThreadGuy

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Beyond hosting spaces, do you have any other valuable skillsets to bring to the table as SC? I think spaces and onboarding is generally extremely important for the DAO to onboard and educate about current AIPs. But I personally do not think that it is the job for Special Council, as I think the best use for filling those seats are for community members who can aid in the process of working on it’s infrastructure, making sure AIP’s are compliant, and things of that nature.

I feel like if you wanted to pass an AIP to do a media campaign that would be a better use of your skill set.

Or having you as a ‘Marketing and Comms Steward’ feels like the best use of your abilities IMO. (more information here: AIP-246: Working Group Charter - Marketing & Communications)

Open to hearing you out if you feel differently^^ :blush:


I think Thread joining the special council will drive more community engagement in the DAO and drive more constructive discussion of AIPs in his proposed spaces. Icing on the cake is it will drive attention on Twitter. More attention should lead to more adoption, which is core to what we should be striving for as a DAO. His skillset will be a valuable contribution to the 5 member team and the success of the token as a whole.

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Good luck! Driving awareness is important - what would your top priorities be for the DAO in terms of potential future grants?


Hey @ThreadGuy! Love your passion and energy for the space and think you could do great things for the DAO. Good luck!


What Sara said.

(I’ve bookmarked this reply it is so good; also in the hope that one day I may be able to learn to comment as well as this.)



My number one question I am asking to all nominees is, in your opinion what is the biggest hurdle we’ve yet to get past in the DAO?

Good luck, TG!! I think your comms skills would be a huge asset to the DAO. Thoughts on running for the Marketing and Comms Steward?

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Thank you Trippy! Best of luck to you too.

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I’ve considered it! I have a few ideas for how to bring similar attention to the DAO outside of the special council.

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Appreciate the words! Thank you.

Heyo ThreadGuy,

Don’t forget to respond to @Adz regarding a quick Candidate Interview on ApeCoin Radio (it’s a podcast, not a Spaces).

Hey thanks for the heads up!

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This would be an interesting choice for sure.
Am interested to see how it goes one way or the other.
But one thing is for sure, reading your post, there are salient points there and I hope your energy and enthusiasm can be harnessed for good!

This candidate seems to getting a lot of support (votes) from 4 or more anon wallets holding large chunks of apecoin. If this candidate says they can drive adoption it would be good if they could attract a much larger voting base in the snapshot tool.

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Thank you for the support!

Thanks for the comment! I share a similar observation but recognize we are very early in the process. We will have a more accurate read on voting later in the election!

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One thing I ask; TG, Inclusivity.
Get the spirit high and do what you can do best.

Happy to support you :100::gorilla::muscle:

The opaque nature of the Special Council role requires versatility. The council is a five member team with unique strengths and weaknesses. Building the council to highlight strengths and cover weaknesses is essential to conquer any task thrown their way. I bring a deep connection to the culture and community the DAO is attempting to onboard in addition to a unique outside perspective that will balance the Special Council and create the ideal team.

The success of the ApeCoin DAO is dependent on growing the top of the AIP funnel. By increasing DAO awareness my reach and impact will, Increase submitted AIPs, Increase AIPs potentially passed, Increase AIPs potentially passed that “move the needle” for the DAO, which ultimately will carry out the Special Council’s duty to “administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community.”

My impact on the DAO is much deeper than a “media campaign” and has proven tangible impact in the five days since I tweeted my campaign thread. Jonah Blake is an example of an outside community member the DAO should want to reach that has shown extreme interest and has already submitted a potential AIP proposal because of the awareness I brought to the ApeCoin DAO. Tweet #1 & Tweet #2.

My impact is a culture shift that starts at layer zero. The DAO can’t expect to connect with the outside and onboard visionaries to move the needle without reaching them first. I reach them.

My outside perspective combined with a deep understanding of culture and community is exactly the addition the Special Council needs to compliment their unique skills and experience to serve the vision of the community.

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