Upcoming Twitter Spaces - Alerts & Schedule

Guys, @0xSword @Amplify, your ApeComms spaces are great. I love your work and passion for bringing more information about the DAO & proposal to the people. We need to get you more followers on Twitter and listeners! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


this is great! just gave it a follow.


Thank you so much!! :pray: We really appreciate having you there! For anyone that missed it, be sure to catch the recording!

We had CryptoSeneca from Prop House and @maariab from the Special Council talk about AIP-110.

In the last 10 minutes or so of the spaces, Maaria answered some frequently asked questions she received in DMs around the roles and responsibilities of Special Council members. :clap:



This Friday, 18th Nov, @ApeComms will be hosting our fourth ApeCoin Community Hour at 12PM PT! :partying_face:

Anyone is welcome to come on stage to discuss what’s important to you. :slight_smile:

Special Council Nominees, we want YOU!!! Join us on Friday’s twitter spaces!! :ballot_box:

Set your reminders! :alarm_clock:

Link to spaces:


Done deal! You know I’ll be there! Thanks again for hosting, @ApeComms, looking forward to it as always.


My only bit of feedback, however, is a gentle reminder of our international audience. While I recognize the importance of scheduling consistency, I know we have people from around the world tuning in regularly and since ApeComms hosts Spaces twice a week (Mondays and Fridays, both at noon PT), I offer a recommendation that perhaps the team consider future Spaces that might factor in those on the other side of the globe.

I know that, for example, our own @Novocrypto is on CET and is nine hours ahead of those of us here in California. While I’m not proposing this purely for her sake, I say this to say that down the line, we may consider our global audience as we continue to grow the space and eventually provide a time that might offer participants on the opposite side of the globe a better chance to engage.


This is a very important consideration that has been brought up before, thank you! :slight_smile:

We’re open to adjusting the times. I think it will take some experimentation to find what times work best in terms of getting a good audience.

“Every Monday and Friday at Noon Pacific” is just a very easy way to share the spaces, and makes it easy to remember. I do think consistency is key in terms of getting regular contributors in the spaces. :pray:

:sweat_smile: Maybe we just need to do more spaces. Haha


I see this ecosystem getting to a point where we will definitely need more Spaces, so I’m all for it. Thanks for hearing me, and I know you all are doing the good work and considering others. It was more of a light suggestion for the down-the-road stuff… it’s clear we are all still in “building-mode” at the moment. Looking forward to Friday.


Tomorrow, Monday Nov 21st at 12PM PT, the @ApeComms team will be hosting another weekly ApeCoin AIP Roundup to discuss AIP-121 and AIP-142.

We hope you’ll join us with all of your questions, as this will be a rather unique roundup because it involves our own AIP. :sweat_smile:


This Friday, 25th @ 8AM PT we will be hosting another ApeCoin DAO Special Council spaces!

We’ve invited all of the nominees that have come forth since we hosted the last one which is another 12 people!! :fire:

Later that day we have our 12PM PT Community Hour where we will be joined by a few of the candidates that won’t be able to make it to the 8AM spaces.

I hope to see all of you guys there!! :raised_hands:


I truly wish I could make either time this Friday, but with the Thanksgiving holiday I’ll be out of town, on the road and visiting with family and friends for the weekend. I hope it goes well and will be tuning in to the recording. Thanks again ApeComms for everything you do!


Looking forward to it!


Just landed to this post. The best way to keep things on track is to follow https://twitter.com/ApeComms to get alerted and set reminder. See you all tomorrow!


Hello again everyone!!

I hope you can join us at our next spaces tomorrow at 12PM PT!

We’ll be joined by (so far) @wrongplace & @pacey_eth, both have announced they are running for Special Council.

To keep everything fair, we’re still limiting people to 10 minutes each, then we will get into our regular ApeCoin community hour where anyone is welcome on stage. :slight_smile: I hope to see you all there!! :raised_hands:


Join us tomorrow at 12PM PT for another @ApeComms Special Council Spaces!

We have 5 more candidates coming up to give their introductions to the community. :slight_smile:

I hope to see you all there!!

We also have another AIP Roundup going over the 4 live AIPs up on snapshot this week with their Authors at 7PM tomorrow as well.

Link to AIP Roundup Spaces: