What's your best idea? We need more people to join and be active in our community!

GM :coffee:,

We currently have 7873 members, but unfortunately most are not very active.

I myself am not as active as I would like and am still in the Top 10 of most categories here:

Based on the “Trust Level” Badges:

  • 1,700 - Basic Users
  • 295 Member Users
  • 39 Regular Users
  • 9 Leader Users

It’s pretty much always just the same people posting and commenting on here…

We have to work together to find ways to get our current community to participate and be more engaged.

We also have to find ways to invite more people here to bring more exposure to ApeCoin and the ApeCoin DAO. :handshake:

As a bonus we could earn some cool badges :wink::

I look forward to see your ideas or what you are currently doing and see if I can help in any way on my end. :eyes:


Running a DAO and getting engagement is incredibly difficult.

What would you like to see more of? More topics? More ideas? More people voting? More people commenting?

I think having the levels of engagement we have so far is incredible, but we should always be striving for more and thinking about what we can do better.


I understand.

More of everything :wink:
Main thing would be more people involved on Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

I feel like the presence there is small and there is not much engagement and participation.

We must definitely always strive for more and think about what we can do better. :muscle:


Yikes. I haven’t even been here a full month, and I already charted? :rofl:



As someone who spent decades building and participating in game communities, I saw this problem in the first few weeks of joining here. And that was after popping in and out the past few months prior to joining.

I thought we should participate in making a game. And my AIP idea was to onboard the community in something new that I was building for Web3. Like other AIP game ideas before it, the response was rather disappointing; so I dropped it.

I actually like this scrappy Web3 community because it’s one of the better ones out there; but I fear that without radical course correction and bold moves, it’s not going to survive. I mean, it’s not growing - at all beyond this bubble of about 127K hodlers, of which less than 8K have ever joined this forum or Discord.

I am going to find other ways to help it either from inside (via the Metaverse Working Group - if that ever gets sorted out before I die of old age) or outside (via my two upcoming Web3 games due out in 2024 & 2025 - all things being equal). I think the amount of time that I have spent here in the short time since I signed up, speaks for itself.

That said, coming from Web2, I still feel like an outsider here, sometimes. And that’s not a good thing because without Web2 gamers there’s no Web3 - at all.


Finding a balance is nvr easy when running a DAO system. We just have to make the best out of it


Those are the Ranks for this week, but I’m sure you are probably up there in the overall list.

I see you here very often.

My respect to you and keep doing what you do. You seem like a very Smart Ape! :+1:

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Very impressive what you have done so far! I will read more about you AIP Idea. Sounds interesting. :eyes:

I look forward to see what you come up with to help and will keep an eye open to see if I can to help along with what you arw doing. :handshake:

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I second this! Like with everything, balance is key! :+1:



Being in web3 communites for the past six years, I have moved from Telegram to Discord to Twitter. I have come to realize that its mostly an age group comfort that makes you stay more on one of these three platforms. Where we end up missing out on community engagement is that we consider them as independent channels. With the addition of Discourse, it makes another community platform where you have to engage. Maybe this is what prevents active engagement here as people may not have bandwidth to stay active in three or four platforms.

My recommendation would be that those folks from the community who are active across platforms point us inactive/ lesser active in the right direction. Like one twitter account which shares important discourse links to remind those on twitter that they are missing out. Something similar on discord.

Thank you


I kind of think that the discourse UI isn’t very friendly. I’m not sure what it is, but it annoys me.

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I agree with this. The community is fragmented, and that’s part of the issue. While Discord is great for somethings. it’s absolutely horrid for things like data retension, visibility, tagging etc. so, it’s difficult to keep track of things. There’s no easy fix because both are needed.

The other issue is that the leaders keeping adding to the fragmentation by including yet another fragmentation vector: Twitter Spaces. They could just stick to Discord. I just don’t understand this part, and hopefully our fearless secretary @Vulkan has some insight. Also, perhaps the recently passed AIP-246 (which 19% voted against!! :scream:) by @ssp1111 has a mandate to figure this out.


It’s actually one of the best forum platforms. Just takes some getting used to. We use IP.Board for ours.


@SmartAPE @srinigoes I believe the idea behind Twitter Spaces is/was in part “to meet the people where they are” since a lot of the community is on Twitter. One of the main goals of these Spaces is to help disseminate information on AIPs and the DAO across the community.

The currently used ApeCoin DAO Discord server also didn’t exist until recently (January 2023) so Twitter and this Forum was kind of all we had throughout 2022. That being said, maybe we are at a point now where we can start hosting more calls in the Discord server.

I do agree information is very fragmented as of today (not a shot at any of the leaders, it’s just how the DAO has been and I’m guilty of this too). I currently share my content across each platform to target each audience but it is very inefficient to have to post the same thing 3-4 times.

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


@Vulkan That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight.

Using Spaces as you indicated is actually a great idea. However, I don’t believe it’s helped the DAO in any way, shape or form. I have my doubts that many - who aren’t already in the DAO - ever went into a Spaces session, then ran off to buy $Ape to join up. We need marketing for that. CONSISTENT marketing efforts and activities. There’s no other way.

I hope that with the passing of AIP-246, that you can work with the stewards there to come up with a better solution so that we have an integrated message decimation process.

Thanks for all that you do. I have seen how much the information is slowly getting shared, collated etc. And that’s all because of your new initiatives and efforts. If there’s anything that I can do to help, you know where to find me.


Appreciate the kind words, @smartAPE. I’m also hopeful the newly passed AIP-246 will lead to better communication across the DAO and develop solutions to some of the problems we currently face.

The Thank Ape team (from AIP-124) also recently shared an update including some data on engagement and contributions here:

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


Completely agree with this! Good idea! :bulb:


I just used it for the 1st time on my phone today…

Do. Not. Recommend. It.

I could’ve warned you. :slight_smile:

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I agree! I’m a big fan of Twitter and would definitely like to see more active people in the Spaces as well! :eyes: