Access to Proposal Analysis Reports for Voters

Proposal Name: Access to Analysis Reports for Voters
Overall Cost: $0 - Process Improvement


The proposal, titled “Access to Analysis Reports for Voters,” seeks to include Draft Analysis Reports (DAR) with every proposal during the voting phase. This measure will ensure that voters have comprehensive information, facilitating better-informed decision-making.


The principal objective of this proposal is to provide DAO token holders with detailed reports on each proposal. These reports are already generated during the AIP process. Sharing these documents publicly will enhance transparency and enable voters to make more informed choices.


These draft analysis reports are already prepared by Discourse Facilitators to be shared with Special Council. Hence, it is logical and efficient to also include them with each vote on to ensure voters are fully informed.


The implementation of this proposal includes the following steps:

  • The Ape Foundation will ensure DAR packages are included with each proposal’s vote, making these reports easily accessible on Snapshot.
  • A plan will be executed to release past DAR packages, excluding private author information. DARs from the last year will be shared in a downloadable format.


The following steps outline the implementation timeline:

  • Ape Foundation sets a date for releasing past documents.
  • Ape Foundation begins including DAR packages with each live snapshot vote, adhering to AIP-1 for legal reviews and protecting private information about proposal authors.
  • A new download link for the reports will be provided during snapshot voting, ensuring that the links are easily accessible.

Overall Cost

This proposal is anticipated to incur no additional costs. The Ape Foundation already generates these reports, and sharing them with token holders will serve to enhance communication without any extra expenditure.

This is a simple and straight-forward proposal that will give voters access to information and research on each proposal. These are already generated for each proposal, so with smart redactions of personal information, these will be incredibly helpful for voters!

I’m glad you mentioned omitting private data, and I’m onboard in spirit, but have a block in telling people something would remain confidential then later making it public. In principle that part doesn’t sit well.

What do you expect the benefits would be to releasing past data?

Is there a middle ground, like review by select trusted persons - perhaps new SC appointees?

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Hey @br00no I’ve thought about this. I think you’re right that we probably should not release past DARs. A quick update we could make to this proposal would be to make release of DARs optional for all authors. Before going to vote, authors can be shown and given the option to include it.

While the architects of these systems are not active and around to ask, there are some indications that these reports were intended to be released in some way shape or form. Here’s the website.

AIP-1 gives all proposals this service, and the last line indicates its for ensuring DAO members have enough information to make informed voting decisions. I’ve always been interested in the DARs because they may contain legal opinions or flags, that if we know of, we can help proposals avoid them!

“You cant do this, or do that,” though is becoming more clear and widely known. So maybe review of the past isnt as necessary. I just know theres surely good data in them. Upcoming ones would be great for release. Yep, lets find a middle ground before this goes to next phase of the process.


Good find! And in plain sight.

Unfortunately that process is a black box, and possibly some of the info or processes isn’t beneficial to be widely known, however according to that clause the info does seem to have been intended to be considered when voting as you’ve pointed out.

Let’s include this process under the umbrella of greater transparency to facilitate and make available to token holders if either of us (or anyone else motivated to do so) are appointed to an official position?

I will, to whatever extent I’m able. Cooperatively and with best intentions for benefit of all token holders, I stress, not in any adversarial way. We’re all a team here, not opponents. Though opponents will surely arrive at some point, their 3-letter acronym will probably not be APE or DAO.

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We look forward to hearing from you.


I’ll be updating and removing past DAR packages from release from this proposal. I’d like to move it forward unbundled, and not put into a larger transparency package. I made a quick video that covers some of the feedback I’ve recieved. Thank you for the thoughtful discussions!

I’d like to see proposal authors presented with their analysis report, and given the option to share it alongside their proposal on snapshot voting. I’ll make a few quick updates to this.

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Hi @0xSword,

Thank you for your ideas [and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions]. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

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