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Listening to the Spaces today, @BoredApeG raised the point that the Discourse is set up in a way that is potentially discouraging for brand new contributors to be able to dive right in. When I first joined, I immediately found the AIP Ideas template and excitedly proceeded to draft my first AIP proposal. I eventually withdrew it due to the fact that @ssp1111 was working on a larger-scale proposal that would effectively address what mine was aiming to accomplish (and more). We don’t know what we don’t know, and coming into this space may be overwhelming for many.

The Problem

If you’re like me, you enjoy reading AIP Ideas, working proposals, and the early General thoughts people have when putting their ideas on the page. What’s clear is that not everyone is equipped with the resources they need to best put their ideas into official, DAO-digestible form. I’ve seen many AIP Ideas that are half-baked, woefully incomplete, incoherent, or even completely redundant. Not all, by any means, but crafting an AIP is an art, and AIPs are fundamentally the lifeblood of this organization. Who knows how many quality ideas have been abandoned or never even raised in the first place? Not every idea has an effective, articulate writer behind it to bring that idea to life.

The Proposal

Here’s what I propose: under the “Help & Resources” tab here on Discourse, what if we were to create a direct-help line, a directory of experienced DAO members willing to work directly with AIP-drafters to help get their ideas out there?

In practice, this could be just a simple tab pinned just beneath the main “Help & Resources” header, called something like “Direct AIP Assistance” and within it, a list of a couple DAO members (along with their areas of experience/focus) and their contact information.

Of course, it should go without saying that I’m volunteering myself as a resource. If this is something others would be interested in putting their name in the hat for, so to speak, we could offer a robust support network for less savvy writers/contributors to have their Ideas more effectively articulated.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, this would come at no cost to the DAO itself, as we would be leveraging our own existing resource pool. Helping contributors put their ideas into the world should be something we are all eager to actualize.

As for the downside, I’d want to be sure that the AIP Mentors (for lack of a better name) are merely helping to facilitate the vision of the AIP authors and not steer the idea in any other unintended direction. Mentors would ideally need to be familiar with AIP history and current AIP draft template protocol. I’m not clear what other downsides there would be, as Mentors would be participating voluntarily, but I leave this here for you to discuss.

Is something like this worthy of an AIP? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


gm, I think this is a good idea. Isn’t this something that ApeComms was formed to do way back when?

@0xSword I know has mentored a few AIPs that I am aware of for example.

I guess it could be as simple as posting an AIP idea and then motivated individuals can reach out and offer their mentorship to AIPs that they vibe with.


ApeComms, among others, have definitely extended their support for others during the AIP formulation process. I’m just looking to create more directly-accessible ways to draw on our resources. Appreciate the comment as always, @Hangout.


Hey Hangout,

I was gonna say something similar as we realized last Summer that this was an issue and was only gonna get worse as the DAO started to grow.

ApeComms was set to provide this exact Concierge Service that @CryptoLogically describes as most of us were already helping new members and authors navigate the AIP process.

The opportunity to kinda sorta formalize the Help Desk manned by experienced members of the DAO was kinda sorta why I joined the crew :nerd_face:.

To Chris’ point about a separate proposal, it’s tough to say. Seems like Stewards from Operations would/could create a Workstream to staff, fund and manage this. Then again, that might take about the same time as a separate AIP, so coin-flip?

Anyway, Chris brings up an important issue that definitely needs solving and because you convoked ApeComms, here I am :laughing:.

SSP :fist:t4:


Sign me up! :slight_smile:

I just want to write AIPs all day.


Haha, now that we know your true desires, let’s make it happen. :partying_face:

What do you think of a separate AIP versus a workstream from a Working Group in terms of timing, budgets, probability of passing, etc?

PS - your comment reminds me of the song “just wanna bang on the drum all day” :laughing:


If WG’s pass it will probably take until mid May until there is meaningful progress towards this as a workstream within a working group. The hiring / elections process for Stewards will take some time because we want to be fair and inclusive for everyone.


Right, the WG0 was one of the reasons I didn’t simply go straight to AIP with this Idea, so thanks for raising this @ssp1111 and thanks for the potential WG0 timeline @Amplify. Good to know we have at least a few others interested in participating.


And yes, I think the word I was struggling to grasp for this was “Concierge,” so thanks for lending your vocab here @ssp1111.

At one point while writing this I used the words “Sherpa” and “Impresario” when I couldn’t find the one I was looking for. :man_shrugging:

ApeCoin DAO: where good words are born!



I admire this idea and wish it could be realised, however the reality will be that it’ll just be used as a place for those who currently peddle their fake marketing & consultancy skills, physic abilities & influence, to further identify and target those creators in our space who need help; generally hitting them up for fees and requests to be included and recognised as part of the “management team” afterwards.

I really think the only way around these behaviours happening, and to make your noble idea workable in the real Apecoin DAO world is to get those who offer “FREE” AIP construction help and advice paid directly by the DAO, which in itself is absurd I know, but it is a worrying practice I often see that needs addressing - FAKE FREE HELP. This way we would solve that issue and make sure we have vetted those giving help, also we’d kill off those who prey on our ideas community for money, which most cannot afford.

I have seen members of this community PREDICT that an AIP will not past to its author, and praise themselves openly “as saving them from being rktd”. However, they’d previously failed to make use of those physic powers when it came to their own AIP submissions - PMSL - they do palm readings too I hear!!! :rofl:

Anyway, I actually love the idea, I would like to see an ideas’ arena, AIP help workshop/AIP development workshop, brainstorming arena, and much much more, but feel we should hire the right staff, with the right credentials, offering and providing help/basic services for FREE to the end user and paid for by the DAO.

If you VOLUNTEER at a soup kitchen, you don’t charge for the food whenever you see an opportunity to do so! (Extreme example I know, but I see a lot of less than ideal practices being overlooked and accepted as the norm and really annoys me.)

BTW, if you do progress your idea in its current format, I’d offer my time when I can for FREE, to help in anyway I can, if only just to make sure we eliminate the kinds of people I mention.

“If you give FREE AIP HELP, fkin give FREE AIP HELP” - should be the slogan!!

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Hey Furious, appreciate the response. While I’ve never been privy to anyone offering “fake free help,” it’s certainly a concern to consider. What I might put forth would be the possibility of only listing individuals who have been “cleared” in some way, be it via reaching Trust Level 2 or 3, Special Council co-sign, or some other metric of filtering out individuals who may not have the DAO or the prospective author’s best interests at heart.

I see this as a place with many, many people who care a whole lot about this DAO, and the vast majority of us are unpaid enthusiasts who come back every day to help build and grow this organization. I’m sure we can recruit known, helpful, genuine individuals for this initiative and filter out those who would offer anything less than their best.

Personally, I don’t think asking the DAO to pay for these services is even necessary, and I frankly don’t predict hordes of people even utilizing this offering even if it were to become a reality (at least in the short term). In fact, if this were to become a paid position the potential for abuse arguably only increases. My sense is that more people here are inclined to use their experience to genuinely help rather than exploit someone for their services (which would be a very damaging thing for someone with a high Trust Level, as the communications would likely be transparent or at the very least, discoverable).

At any rate, I’m curious if anyone shares your skepticism on this point. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.


I’m with you on this Chris… Clearly there needs to be entry level guidance provided by an ApeComms-like team to help with the basics, but maybe a few of us could get together and spin something up for a quasi-mentorship program where certain people/groups/ideas could qualify for a more hands-on approach.

Like @Amplify, I love working on/with AIPs but wouldn’t be able to help every applicant all of the time; and I’m sure there are others like me. This is where setting up a program like this could really help. Would also be something the DAO could get behind and be proud of to help onboard more entries.

Happy to see this brought up,



Great to hear from you AC, much appreciated. I do like the idea of a quasi-mentorship program, available upon request, with a team of people who can help contribute as individual schedules permit. Taking this proposal into consideration going into next steps, thanks again.


Love to see it :muscle: :muscle:




I do really love the idea, think we certainly need incubation, development and general help and guidance areas, and agree there are certainly very willing and capable people here already and being attracted. Thanks. GL. 100% is needed.

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Free, “staffed” on an as-available volunteer basis. Yes.

Paid, no.

I suggest there be a mechanism to avoid someone lazy just taking advantage of help.

The template is very straight-forward, while it’s also true that some may have great ideas but suffer paralysis filling out the form or be uncertain what’s most helpful to include in a pitch.

Isn’t that basically what the Ideas & Draft stages is for though - getting feedback and honing the AIP? Why not keep it all out in the open.


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