AIP-156: Forever Apes // Upgrade #5 // Apes In the Wild, Global Street Art Initiative

Forever Apes // Upgrade #5 // Apes In the Wild, Global Street Art Initiative

Category: Core: Brand Decision

Submitted by: Forever Apes (Team:@12GAUGE, @Brazy, @Erod.eth)


This proposal presents the idea that the Forever Apes team including Erod.eth produce and document global street art installations. We will facilitate future art installations and a series of graffiti contests. Our community has changed lives through these murals and we should be proud of these stories. We will document this campaign and artist’s stories through a series of mini-docs (think vice) and not let them get lost in the noise.

Additionally we will consolidate all new and existing street art on an Otherside inspired website. We believe this will grow ApeCoin brand awareness IRL as well as digital and traditional media. We will continue to positively impact emerging artists and give $APE holders a reason to explore a world of art they didn’t know existed. We are requesting a grant from the ApeCoin DAO to do this.



Eddy Rodriguez (Erod) and his team have helped create some incredible street art in Latin America. These murals have made a meaningful change in these artist’s lives and communities. For some it has led to sustainable web3 careers and even resulted in home ownership. Our community reaches far beyond pixels on a screen, however many of these stories and paintings go unseen. During this bear market, pockets are understandably tight and this grant will allow us to continue giving back to these artists.



Following the ethos of Yuga, web3 is a space where everyone can create together on one team. This is an opportunity to welcome non crypto natives and show normies that we can create s#!t that makes a difference. We will tokenize these murals and onboard artists safely into web3 while addressing lack of visibility by consolidating ALL new and existing Yuga street art into an Otherside inspired map. Featuring artist info, coordinates, and details this will give these artists a platform for new opportunities. We will amplify discoverability via traditional and new media. Additionally, mural visitors will be rewarded via Thank Ape for sharing their discovery.




We will continue to create street art globally, and through Eddy’s extensive network we will organize a series of graffiti contests. Focusing on developing countries to maximize our efforts we will help emerging artists and change lives. We will document the process with the first of its kind “ApeCoin original content”. Powered By ApeCoin, these mini-docs will tell the stories of these artists, what these paintings mean to them, and show the world that we can bring color and happiness to these places.


  1. Web Showcase
  • Design and development by our in house team
  • Web portal to host coordinates and details of ALL Yuga (and shuttle friends) street art
  • Updated monthly (for 1 year) with new locations
  1. Continue Mural Installations
  • Minimum 4 Quarterly competitions
  • Ongoing mural production
  • NFT owners to partially fund installations, subsidized by grant, facilitated by Forever Apes & Co.
  • Art installations consisting of Yuga + shuttle friends (BAYC, MAYC, Punks, Meebits, Kodas, Cool Cats, WOW, Taodz, and Nouns).
  • All murals to be designed with “Powered By ApeCoin” and / or ApeCoin logo
  • Collectable POAPs via object recognition filters
  • Replicate murals in Otherside when possible
  • To be featured in Nylon, Vice, and more
  1. Original ApeCoin Content
  • Filmed and produced by our in house video team
  • Minimum 4 Mini docs (3-5min)
  • 1 Full length piece (15min)
  • Shareable social cuts
  • Promoted via official ApeCoin channels on all social platforms
  • Digital and traditional media promoting ApeCoin stories
  • Submit for awards


Web design and development - Rather than searching for a Banksy, seek out Apes. Explore more.

Organize further mural sites - Liaise with local artists, secure additional mural locations. Change lives.

Digital assets - Packaged for all platforms, our PR team will take them to the world stage. Tell stories.

Onboard our artists - Help secure a sustainable future, introduce artists into web3 using the assets Boring Security has created. Web3 safely.

Find and share - Support the artist and the mission. Powered by Thank Ape.

We would like for these assets to live on the official ApeCoin YouTube channel. We are requesting permission to create this and share ownership with the future ApeComms Team.


Once the DAO approves this AIP, Forever Apes & Co. is positioned to implement these steps at once. Design and development will begin immediately.

The estimated concurrent timeline for the above steps is as following -

  1. Approve next mural site [6 Weeks]
  2. Source artist [6 Weeks]
  3. Web portal [8 Weeks]
  4. First graffiti competition [8 Weeks]
  5. First Mural design [9 Weeks]
  6. First Digital assets [12 Weeks]


  • Spray paint sponsor ie. Montana Black / Loop / Krylon
  • Partner with businesses in the area. “To-dos while in this area”
  • Content monetization (Twitter / YouTube)


Eddy - has personally organized 150 murals in 5 different countries and has an extensive network throughout Latin America.

Brazy and 12GAUGE - We co-founded a digital agency and grew it to 30+ people before stepping away last year to focus on web3. A Creative Director, Brazy has 15+ years of experience in graphic design. 12GAUGE has a background in Video Production and has been actively producing digital media for 10 years.

Portfolios below, case studies upon request.

Brazy portfolio

12GAUGE Portfolio


This section highlights the rough cost structure including collaborations, design, development, production, and PR.

100% ApeCoin payment would be preferred.

No action outside of the grant will be required from the Ape Foundation, however any twitter exposure is appreciated.

Please see the attached document for the cost breakdown.

Total Estimate: 41000 $APE


I’m down for this; make it happen. Just incoroprate some web3 ideas to make these murals more interactive, Street Art 2.0.



This is COOL! I’m excited to see street art IRL AND in metaverse.


Love this so much!! It’s always so exciting to find an Ape mural in the wild, and I also adore the idea of helping local artists & telling their stories through a documentary. Also love that we’re inclusive of all Yuga family assets for the art, not just BAYC.

A few thoughts:

  • Would love for murals to be somehow linked to POAPs, perhaps through a QR code, so we can have digital on-chain proof we’ve visited each location. Not sure how the safety aspect of this would work out, but would be so cool if we could make this happen!
  • You’ve mentioned having worked with artists previously in Latin America- would the first projects be focused here as well? Do you have plans to expand to Asia, Africa, and other geographies to support local artists as well? Would love to hear more about those!
  • Not sure if it’s just me, but the link to the budget sheet isn’t clickable.

Overall love the vision, thank you for sharing with us and for your amazing work as always @12GAUGE!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Thanks for checking our the AIP @Halina @ChrisL @Mantis.
All good points and ill edit the AIP to reflect these but in short…

  • Adding collectable POAPs via object recognition filters, potentially we can animate them
  • Replicate murals in Otherside when possible
  • Currently our biggest network is Latin America and Africa but would love to connect with people in Asia and beyond



Thanks for the updates @12GAUGE!

These updates all are so novel & exciting!! Let me know anytime you’d like connections to any Asian Apes communities, I’m sure @veratheape, @Harry, and @ChrisL are all more than happy to support bringing this initiative to Asia as well :cherry_blossom:

Perhaps European & Australian Apes can chime in on connecting as well :gem:

I’m so so excited to see this come to life!


I love this idea too! The IRL aspect of projects always excite me and I think this is a very fun and impactful way of showcasing the ape brand IRL while bringing web3 communities together especially mural and graffiti artists.

I was inspired by @Halina comment about using QR codes and was thinking if there could be ways to also connect the IRL audience to web3 via these murals as some sort of a window to our world! Perhaps there could be some sort of gamification involved via using QR codes? So that when people see them, it doesn’t end there! They scan the code which helps them enter “our world”! This could be as simple as coming to your website to learn about the project, apes and Apecoin to other forms of interaction such as what you already mentioned about Thank Ape or to claim a free NFT version of the mural!!!

Possibilities are limitless! Thanks for sharing this idea! I’ll be following with interest :raised_hands:


Thanks for the positive feedback. We love the idea of QR codes as well and we definitely need to utilize one or both of the following options.

  1. QR Code: We paint or fasten a QR code to the wall and it will be scannable in all phones, linking to a landing page.
  2. Object recognition: Through a Snapchat filter we can bring the mural life on screen.

Curious what the community would rather see?


The QR code is a good idea. It would be lovely to make the art itself a QR code (if possible). It jumps to the website of this project (if any) or the profile of the artist when people scan it. Not sure if it is a good idea to connect the QR code with a POAP because it requires signing in the wallet. It’s not convenient for cellphone users, and more importantly, adding smart contract risks. If you want to drop POAPs, using platforms such as Galxe would be a good choice.


Thanks for the feedback, will check our Galxe!
POAP’s are the one thing we dont have a ton of experience with appreciate the info.


I really love this initiative. Especially the focus on emerging artists in developing countries and sharing their stories. And love the ideas of linking to QR codes and making the art interactive!

I do have a couple questions/comments.
Would it be possible to have the art go beyond Yuga NFTs and maybe open it up to other NFT communities that Yuga has partnered with like WOW? I think it could be a good opportunity to get more people involved in the ApeCoin ecosystem.

This is a big undertaking. Could you please tell me more about your experience with this type of thing and if you’ve done anything similar in the past?

Thanks so much for your proposal. I look forward to your reply!


Hey @adventurousape, great questions.

Good call. Although I do think it is important to have some limits as we can’t document every mural ever created on our interactive map, Yuga does seem too restrictive. What do you think about expanding this to shuttle friends: Toadz, Nouns, WOW and Cool Cats?

Totally agree, this is a big job and fortunately we are positioned perfectly to execute on all items.

Eddy has personally organized 150 murals in 5 different countries and has an extensive network throughout Latin America.

Brazy and myself co-founded a digital agency and grew it to 30+ people before stepping away last year to focus on web3. He has 15+ years of experience and is a certified Brand Sommelier. My background is in Video Production and have planned, shot, and edited 100s of videos.

Small sample size of our portfolios available below and we are more than happy to share some case studies as well.

Brazy portfolio

12Gauge Portfolio

Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks so much for your reply and sharing your portfolios. I think expanding it to shuttle friends is a great idea! And love the work you’ve done so far!


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We look forward to hearing from you.



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Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @12GAUGE please see your messages for the next steps.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@12GAUGE has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

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These streets arts are on fire! Street art has become a global culture and even art museums and galleries are collecting the work of street artists.

There is a company called Streeth that collect your favorite Street Art NFTs on the blockchain

Wired has written an article about it too:

Value from these street arts

  • Group photo spots for meetup and conference
  • Empower street artists and inspire other artists to recognize BAYC symbols
  • Emphasis of BAYC culture

Then the questions I have are:

  • How can one’s apes be selected to be in the wall?
  • How do you quantify success here? Viewerships / artist participation?

Hey @Harry , thanks for taking the time to check our our AIP.

Casting calls. NFT owners (not just apes) will have the opportunity to bid on a mural spot. If bids don’t cover mural costs we will use AIP funds to cover the balance. This will allow us to maximize the grant while continuing to create these murals.

It is our belief that ApeCoin has the potential to be the most culturally relevant token in the world. However, if these stories remain untold we give newcomers one less reason to connect with the community. Success to us is the impact we will have on these artists, their families, and communities. A byproduct of this will be increased exposure to non crypto natives and a growing wallet count.

Need to add these to the proposal, thanks for the Qs.