Forever Apes // AIP Recap

Forever Apes // AIP Recap

AIP-112 Official ApeCoin Card Deck
Objective: Get hands on the cards and eyes on ApeCoin. Our goal with this initiative was to reward the $APE community with custom designed and illustrated physical playing cards. Featuring all 4 founders, these decks were manufactured, warehoused and shipped out of our facility in Vancouver BC with the goal of getting 1000 decks of ApeCoin branded playing cards to our most active members. Powered by tokenproof, anyone with 50+ $APE was able to claim a deck at no cost through our custom built Shopify eComm store.

Results: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, the community has loved the quality, detail, and effort that went into these decks. The featured box illustration is now synonymous with the DAO and we’ve currently shipped to 42 (and counting) different countries, have had nearly 1M impressions on Twitter since launching the idea, and have helped onboard numerous new users into the ApeCoin DAO. :eyes: As far as we know, this is the first community initiative that the founders have agreed to be involved in. Big win.

Areas for improvement: These serve as great takeaways and gifts to the existing community, but we could have done a better job at highlighting and introducing even more people to the DAO. As with everything we do, we aim to take learnings and apply them to our next ideas. The Onboarding Kit Has Entered The Chat

Budget: $45k USD Paid in $APE

AIP-145 First Trip, LEGO Edition
Objective: Utilizing a simple social gating strategy our goal was to bring awareness to the ApeCoin DAO. We created free digital LEGO Brickheadz instructions of community favorite, PPMan.

Results: Our small Twitter account of less than 3k followers was able to generate 78k+ views, 350+ retweets, and support from both founders.

Areas for improvement: Although we look at this initiative as a huge success and since launching have added 5 Apes and 20 Meebits to our LEGO library, fulfillment from LEGO can take 5-6 weeks. Ideally, we would have an inventory of these sets readily available and provide them to our community within a matter of days rather than weeks. Wen Second Trip?

Budget: No cost to the DAO.

AIP-212 Enable Shopify To Display APE in eComm Stores
Objective: Increase visibility and adoption of $APE by adding it to Shopify product pages.

Results: Despite still waiting to receive the grant agreement & payment, we are making solid progress on this AIP and development efforts have begun. More updates SOON.

Budget: $25k USD Paid in $APE

AIP-156 Apes In The Wild, Global Street Art Initiative
Update: This AIP was rejected by the community but we remain excited to create the first ApeCoin original content and have strong conviction that this will be a well used tool. We intend to revise our proposal with a more clear vision, adjusted budget, and resubmit it for consideration.

Truly appreciate everyone who has supported us along the way, building with ApeCoin DAO is a dream come true for us. - @12GAUGE & @Brazy


Really amazing stuff here, you guys continue to knock it out of the park. You omitted AIP-150 (“ApeCoin Capsules Vol. 1”)… but even getting five AIPs all the way to Snapshot is impressive, let alone passing three of them. Just got my deck in the mail, and I’m looking forward to more of these Legos taking shape.

Props again to @12GAUGE, @Brazy and the rest of the Forever Apes team. Always excited to see what you come up with, especially the IRL Onboarding Kit. LFG!!


Thank you so much for posting this! Awesome to see a recap and an explanation of things like areas to improve. :handshake:


Hi @12GAUGE,

The AIP-112 playing card deck and the AIP-145 LEGO Brickheadz instructions seem like fun and creative ways to bring awareness to the DAO. I’m also excited to hear about the progress on AIP-212 and looking forward to seeing how it will increase the visibility and adoption of $APE. It’s great to see the community being involved in these initiatives and I hope to see more in the future.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Love this AIP Recap so so much!! Love to see follow ups on proposals, I hope this style of AIP recap posts will become more of a common occurence in the DAO 🫶🏻

LFG Forever Apes team!!! Thank you for all the fun & creativity you bring to the DAO!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Proud of you guys. You all have done a great job and achieve so much in such a short span of time . Keep it up


Love this follow up, thank you!


Great recap, great team, and great products that set a bar for quality.


Congratulations on the successful implementation of the AIP initiatives. It is fantastic to see the positive feedback. This is a significant milestone. Keep up the great work


Been awesome watching all of these ideas come to life. Appreciate the updates! Keep building :raised_hands:t2:


Hey guys!
Many initiatives here aim to make APEcoinDAO a part of everyday life. I think this will have a great effect on the perception of people and for them it will not be something distant and incomprehensible, but what is here and now and they will see that becoming part of the community is not something difficult. :fire:


Love to read about Success stories and how they turned out. Well done you all did a great job and achieve much .I hope to read more stories like this. !!! Move On WAGMI :raised_hands:t3:

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In case anyone hasn’t seen the live LEGO or card claim sites, links + breakdown below-

LEGO (AIP-145)

We’ve currently got LEGO build instructions for 5 Apes (PPMan, Vulkan, Vera, Morphix, and Gerry), and 20 Meebs. Free build instructions, just need to RT to spread the love and then grab your brick kit from the official LEGO site. Check the site out at Forever Apes

More info in this tweet:

You can also grab Bailey’s MeeKit from our page if you’d like to try your hand at some 3D on screen vs 3D IRL with the LEGO.

We recommend visiting on desktop. Happy building!


We’ve currently completed 3 claim waves, with one more to go. We expect to go live in the next week or two with Wave 4 if you haven’t had a chance to grab a deck yet. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates, but in the meantime you can check out the claim site at Forever Apes

If there are any Qs, have a look at our FAQ thread here which should provide all the answers!


Thanks for the recap and love that you’ve included areas for improvement. Looking forward to receiving my cards any day now. Great job guys! Looking forward to seeing what you do next!


Good to hear! You did an amazing job with those! :smiley:


Wow would totally love to get one of these IRL


Those are soo freacking cool!!!


It’s fantastic to hear about the successful initiatives and positive impact they’ve had on the ApeCoin community.


Oh wow the cards looks nice :black_joker:


Did we got any news on [AIP-212] loved that ideia, looking to get more IRL stuff :grin: