AIP-112: Forever Apes x ApeCoin Playing Cards: Update

Gm everyone! Wanted to give you all an update on our accepted AIP-112. :heart: :clubs: :diamonds: :spades:

It’s a custom designed ApeCoin themed card deck that is free to claim for anyone holding 50+ $APE in their wallet. Each suit represents a different community featuring some of your fave Apes, Mutants, Meebs, and Punks. We couldn’t be more excited about who we’ve involved in this project and can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on these.

We have completed our first claim (or Wave as we call it) and are going live for Wave 2 tomorrow at 9am PST / 12pm PST. There will be two more Waves after this (4 in total) to claim to make sure we are fair to all timezones.

Wanted to drop a note here to make sure everyone within our community gets a fair shot to claim, details are below!

•1. Must have 50+ $APE in wallet to claim (at no cost), verified via tokenproof.
•2. Shipping will be flat rate in $APE based on your location.
•3. We’re currently in production, and shipping is set to begin in the next couple weeks (mid-late March).

The claim will live on our website,

Be sure to follow along on Twitter to see all of the art sneak peaks and updates.


Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:


Aaaaaargh!! Was busy during the first drop and will unfortunately be on a long road trip tomorrow for this next one… AND I made sure to stock my account with 50 non-staked $APE too. Did I hear mention of a 3rd drop? Would love to claim but I keep catching bad timing windows I’m afraid.


Haha no stress, we will do two more drops after tomorrow until we’re out of stock. Stay tuned, will do a poll on timing and give everyone ample notice to make sure everyone gets a fair shot!


Grabbed mine in the first drop, can’t wait to see them!




Another update!

We received our final prototypes last week, and are picking up our first bulk order today. Production of the full run will finish up next week, with shipping starting immediately on completion. If you have already claimed, expect a shipping notification in your inbox shortly.

If you haven’t claimed yet, our next Wave is set to go live on April 27th. There will also be a 4th Wave (date TBD) for the final claim.

We also printed 500 holographic ApeCoin stickers to be put into the deck at random!

Twitter update here:


Wave 3 Update:

We’ve changed the claim time to start at 3pm PST / 6pm EST this Thursday based on our vote results, majority rules!

All of our stock has arrived at our warehouse, and all decks claimed in Waves 1/2/3 will be shipped out this Friday. You’ll receive an email confirmation once yours ships.

Just want to make sure everyone active on the discourse get’s a fair shot to grab a deck! Feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested :saluting_face:

FAQs and details outlined in our thread here:

Feel free to DM me on Discord or Twitter with any Qs!


Nice “playing” cards!


We have around 60 decks left if anyone in the community is looking to grab one before we run out. We’ve also got a few set aside for events & communities - DM us if interested. Tweet link below.


Ah. I want this so much. but a bit worried about custom in my country. It is not so easy to deal with them ^^"


Also wanted to update everyone on AIP-145! :brick:

We’re currently got LEGO build instructions for 5 Apes (PPMan, Vulkan, Vera, Morphix, and Gerry), and 20 Meebs. Free build instructions, just need to RT to spread the love and then grab your brick kit from the official LEGO site. Check the site out at Forever Apes

More info in this tweet:

You can also grab Bailey’s MeeKit from our page if you’d like to try your hand at some 3D on screen vs 3D IRL with the LEGO.

We recommend visiting on desktop. Happy building!


Cant wait to put my hands on one of these


Yeah, it looks amazing!


LFG… So excited for this


Any updates on this amazing Apecoin cards ?


I want to know about it too!

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@Brazy How is this going buddy?

Our 4th and final claim goes live next week! Details can be found here, stay tuned to our Twitter for all the latest.

CC: @toga @75andre40


I was thinking about this kind of idea long time ago, it is a really good shot because people that doesn’t even know what is an NFT can have their first contact through gaming that they usually play. It’s briliant and beautiful! Congratz im going to try claim some on next wave, and sure im going to spread it in Brazil!