AIP-222: A Web3 Streaming Platform Powered By ApeCoin

Proposal Category:

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


A revolutionary streaming platform, powered by ApeCoin, offers a solution to the distribution problem in traditional Hollywood and Web3. It allows content creators to self-distribute their media via their own network, reach their communities directly, earn a larger share of ad dollars, retain their IP rights and share a percentage of their ad revenue with their communities. The platform leverages advertisers (AVOD) and FAST channels, and creates a new three-way revenue sharing option to empower independent creators globally and introduce new consumers to the rewards of the $APE ecosystem.

Author Description:

Cameron Moulène is the Founder of ‘Non-Fungible Films’. This Web3 Native entertainment studio aims to bridge the gap between the decentralized world of Web3 and traditional Hollywood. Cameron and his friends first got into the crypto space with a bit of bitcoin they acquired in 2011. They would quickly blow generational wealth and spend it all on the Silk Road (hey, we’ve all been there). With a background in acting and screenwriting, Cameron also founded a logistics company that supported Hollywood during the pandemic. Otherwise he’s a single dad who spend all of his free time with his son.

Fast forward to 2021, Cameron was drawn to the BAYC ecosystem where he saw the potential for IP ownership, community, and finance to thrive. He and a group invested heavily in Yuga assets (27 Apes, 57 Mutants, 16 Kodas - at the time of writing, but who’s counting?) and found a vibrant and diverse community in Web3. With Non-Fungible Films, Cameron hopes to partner with great IP and empower communities to retain ownership in media development. He’s found his home in the decentralized world and is excited to see what the future holds.

Team Descriptions:

Non-Fungible Films ( A Web3 Native entertainment studio focused on building a bridge between Web3 and Mainstream Hollywood. Over the span of its first year NFF has; forged an overall partnership with Pudgy Penguins to develop their IP for Film/TV; Shepherded the entry of National Lampoon - a legacy American satire brand into Web3, and worked with prominent institutions in Hollywood on strategic entry into the Web3 Ecosystem. Including; William Morris Endeavor (the largest entertainment agency in the world and a formal NFF partner), Fuzzy Door (Seth MacFarlane’s Production company), and Team Downey (Robert Downey Jr’s

Production Company).

NFF is focused on creating partnerships with the best brands within Web3 to co-create incredible stories that will grow and develop their brands meaningfully.

AE Studio ( A development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software, machine learning and BCI solutions.

AE has been in blockchain since the beginning. Blockchain is a new financial frontier, AE Studio partners with people and teams to help navigate the ever changing space and get to market with something that makes sense for their business given all the technical and legal considerations. We build end-to-end blockchain projects from idea inception to launch and ongoing support. Our strategic partners bring all the possibilities of web3 to our clients brand and users - be they degens or suits. We form and support strong communities and continue to analyze the market and convert data into cohesive long term strategies and robust scalable products. We believe the metaverse should be decentralized and increase human agency all while stacking bags. Our blockchain solutions are tailored to specific business use cases to achieve next-level security, transparency and automation.

AE has worked with the likes of: Salesforce, SpaceX, Magic Eden, Protocol Labs, Dapper Labs, Polygon, Etc.

NFF’s Advisory Team: Justin Waldron (Founder of Zynga and PlayCo/Storyverse), Susan Levison (Former President of CBS, WWE and SVP of Fox Studios), Lydia Antonini (President of IDW Ent, Head of Xbox Narrative, Head of Roku Productions), Luca Schnetzler (CEO of Pudgy Penguins), and more.


The ApeCoin Community should implement the proposal to position $APE as the driving force behind a platform which improves the value proposition for streaming media for content creators and audiences alike by rewarding communities themselves with a share of the creator’s ad revenue and by increasing the creator revenue share to 65%. (Comparatively; Youtube only shares 50% of ad revenue from videos and 45% of the revenue from shorts, and Twitch has a standard lock of 50% of revenue from both ads and subscriptions). Allowing creators to become a platform for their network’s content, we will create a truly community-focused streaming paradigm. Our goal is to make viewership fun, interactive, community driven, and to remove as many prohibitive factors as possible for creators to create and profit from their content.


Our streamer aims to add another economy of scale to the ApeCoin ecosystem. This is done by rewarding the most interesting apes and creators with an improved value prop to Youtube, and an opportunity for them to reward their communities. The platform is positioned to tap into the 50 billion dollar annual streaming industry and bring decentralized web to the masses with quality streaming and FAST channel media. Lastly, our model empowers creators to own all of their intellectual property, giving them control over their content and allowing them to generate income exclusively through ApeCoin in a more secure, transparent and direct way.

The biggest pain point that we (NFF) and every other creator has faced is the painfully slow and antiquated gate-keeper models in traditional Hollywood. Our vision brings about what we believe to be the next market-shift catalyst to online viewership using peer-to-peer payments and advertising rev-share with the audiences who help creators build their brands. Ad Revenue should be shared using ‘CVP’ amongst the entire financial ecosystem supporting the media.

Youtube and Twitch both target consumers based off of their viewershing behavior and aggregated data across their platforms. Most people are well aware that in today’s world if you don’t pay for a software service it’s because you are the product. By offering the consumer the choice to opt out of any advertisement and pay for content directly, or get paid for their attention by the advertisers, who support their favorite channels, we are empowering consumers to reclaim their digital identity and agency.

We believe that a platform where top content creators; such as, Mr. Beasts or Logan Pauls, can truly own and control their network, directly reward their fans for engagement through a revenue share, and even feature community-made content, will revolutionize the entertainment industry. The days of the consumer and their data being solely a product for big tech are over; it’s time for them to be valued and fairly compensated for their engagement and support.

Key Terms:

AVOD - Advertising Video On Demand. Some of the most widely known video streaming platforms are examples of the AVOD revenue model. Examples of AVOD are TikTok, Facebook Watch, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo – platforms that many people use every single day.

Fast Channels - FAST stands for ‘free ad-supported streaming’ TV. FAST provides a similar viewing experience to linear television — complete with commercial breaks — but is delivered at no cost through internet-connected TVs. FAST channels are supported by video advertisements that typically run 15-30 seconds. Some examples are: Pluto TV, Peacock, The Roku Channel, IMDb TV, and Samsung TV+ are examples.

CVP - Our Revenue Split model shared between Creators, Viewers and the hosting Platform.


How It Works:

Audiences will be able to either pay directly in $APE for media they want to watch On-Demand, or they will be able to opt for AVOD, and will be rewarded in $APE for their attention with a cut of the ad revenue that sponsors their favorite channels. Users will also be in full control of their data and only give information to advertisers willingly, reclaiming their digital identities.

Our Standard Rev Share Split (Net):

65% - Creator

25% - Platform

10% - Viewer

The Technical Infrastructure:

The platform will feature the following functionalities, to be rolled out over the course of Year 1:

  • Live streaming capabilities + community functions. Making it a true peer-to-peer Twitch competitor.
  • Monetization tools for creators, such as tips, pinned comments, alpha chats, sneak peaks, etc.
  • Low Latency, high quality streaming, supporting large media libraries uploaded by independent creators and broadcast channels, which can be streamed 24/7.
  • Viewership tracking for every wallet engaging with the media and advertisers placed on it.
  • Scheduling flexibility for creators to rearrange their daily slate of media.
  • Token-gated media.
  • On-Ramps and off-Ramps for $APE payments, ensuring easy on-ramps for advertisers to pay creators and communities directly.
  • An API for accurately tracking viewership hours and engagement for fair payouts from ad spend.
  • Direct payments for On Demand options.

Creator Tools:

  • A user-friendly toolkit for uploading media, scheduling Fast Channel content, and going live for a stream.
  • A launchpad for creators to mint collections and finance future projects.

Steps to Implement:

The first version of the platform will focus on three primary functions:

  1. Live streaming, primarily centered around “Otherside” gameplay, with basic chat and community features.
  2. Fast channels and content creators will have their own 24-hour live feed network where their media libraries can play constantly, monetized through ad placement and the option for on-demand viewing using $APE.
  3. Payments to viewers and creators alike.

Potential Challenges and Risks:

  1. Payout compliance may require KYC (know your customer) at a certain threshold ($600) in countries like the US.
  2. Large media libraries on AWS (Amazon Web Services) incur high service fees, but the fees have been considered.
  3. Scaling the cost-per-mille (CPM) of ads will take time, but we are confident that the gamification of ad viewership will result in higher retention and CPM in the long-term.

Total Cost:

2.2m USD in $Apecoin with no further asks from the DAO.

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.


Spicyyy… Really interesting prop. And aligns perfectly with Cameron’s network, expertise and passion for quality media and quality media channels.


  1. Are there plans to bring any influencers onto the platform at its inception to get additional eyes and drive traffic.

  2. Will there be any additional benefit for advertisers/content creators displaying ApeCoin in their marketing and/or programming?

Love the possibilities here, lots of room to build on top of this for creatives and service providers alike.

Nice work Cameron!



Thanks AllCity!

Answers to your Questions:

  1. Absolutely. We’re going to strategize with WME (William Morris Endeavor) on onboarding as many creators both in the gaming sector and traditional YT media sector early. Generally some will want an onboarding payment, but I believe the value prop of rewarding their communities and a large rev share is going to be appealing to a lot of them without the payment. A Mr. Beast who has a passionate audience who will go wherever he goes would be a home-run, and the system lends itself to naturally to how he and others have aimed to structure their brands. There’s also a ton of incredible talent in the Apecoin ecosystem already, and FomoTV would be an incredible way for them to start building/creating faster and with far less roadblocks.

  2. This is a great idea! Our initial objective is to onboard some of the larger ad agencies with the idea of a higher conversion rate for CPM with something as organic and community driven as this model. Creating additional incentives to highlight ApeCoin in the ads and promos is a great feature we will need to flesh out a tiered reward structure to. (That can also go for creators as well). Ultimately, the model is built to try and reward the ApeCoin ecosystem as much as possible by; Building a platform for it to have sustained utility in a traditional and high market cap medium, building the brand awareness across ads and content, and becoming a reusable rewards that lands directly with the viewership and fans for helping build their favorite channels.

Appreciate the thoughtful questions - definitely got my gears turning on how to maximize the rewards around ApeCoin product placement.


Love it…

Letsssss gooooooo :boom::boom:



This seems to be exactly the kind of highly ambitious, high profile activities we want to see funded! There are very clear benefits to the ApeCoin DAO and all of Web3. I’m excited to see this evolve and take shape, and I can’t wait to vote on it!

It is a large ask, albeit commensurate with the scope of the project. In terms of the budget, am I correct that the entirety is being requested in $APE? Would you be setting aside this budget within the Foundation and invoice them as needed up to this full amount, or do you have plans to take custody of the full amount up front?

In order to make the AIP more attractive to voters, would you consider accepting different “styles” of payment? What I mean is, either KPI or milestone unlocks, or taking custody of a smaller upfront amount, then having the remaining amount streamed block-by-block through Sablier, SuperFluid, or LlamaPay?

Overall, I love the idea and I thank you for proposing it. I really hope we can give this experiment an honest shot!


Thank you for the kind words and excitement - it’s mutual!

I am under the impression that the DAO only makes grants in $APE… I would also gladly accept the ask amount in USDC or even USD, so as to not affect any $Apecoin pricing… (However 2.2m will not drastically affect the $Apecoin pricing – Market Cap is 2B+).

We’re asking for the amount upfront in a single grant because both teams (NFF x AE) have already done a lot of the ground work to get this idea moving - and we want to hit our BETA target of Q3 to line up with Otherside gameplay. To be completely transparent, we all know the DAO has gone through a lot of management transitions, and I’ve heard from recent recipients there have been delays in grants and turn around. I have full faith and belief in the DAO, but I don’t want to risk delays with milestone unlocks.

This proposal is objectively larger than most, but I think that’s indicative of a fundamental issue with the sociological structure within our DAO (I say this as a big $APE holder and voter). While it is true you need to walk before you run in business, our community is made up of a tremendous amount of seasoned builders who could build incredible tools for $Apecoin if given the resources, but as a community we kind of shun anyone asking for over 1m. This is a debate we could all share for hours, but I stand on the side of - if the idea is sound, the community is excited and the team is experienced… this is DAO money, not personal savings – GO BUILD. I plan on personally using our $APE to support these big ideas.

Your Ape in Arms,


Right on! Big, bold, and audacious.

Quick observation: seems like $2.2m is like a seed, are there plans to return to the DAO for additional funds or will you be going the VC route?

Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, the advertising model is in a bit of a slump currently, do you believe that it will rebound in time for this streaming platform to be sustainable or are there other mitigating factors that you know of which would not affect your revenues?

Thanks again for proposing.

SSP :fist:t4:


GM ssp1111,

Thanks for the support! This is the total capital needed to build and scale conservatively and give runway for a VC raise. We would not be asking for any additional capital from the DAO, we would however hope to sustain value for $Apecoin for the lifetime of FomoTV.

I’ve attached some interesting sources around the overall Ad market. I think every industry took a, revenue hit in 2022, and also tried to hedge their risk to a recession/depression… Most of what you’re seeing in the ad market reflects a hangover from that in my opinion. Historically, the first dollars to go in a time of uncertainty are the marketing dollars. I feel confident in following suit to the success of FAST channels + Netflix and Disney transitioning more towards AVOD that their is confidence in the continued 2.5% annual growth of the industry as a whole, and models like ours create an entirely new and exciting opportunity to increase conversion and consumer trust. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I feel confident in those indicators. We also have the OnDemand model as a revenue stream - eventually a launchpad for creators (V2), and maybe even subscription - although it’s not as exciting to me personally right now.



  1. TV advertising spending in the U.S. 2026 | Statista
  2. Advertising Agencies in the US - Market Size | IBISWorld.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out! :brain:


If I understand it correctly, the one thing that ties this to $APE is payments in either $APE or AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand).

If that’s correct, will those be the only payment methods in perpetuity?

Will something like “Powered by ApeCoin” be prominently visible?

What if VCs come along later and demand other forms of payment or branding? Seems inevitable in a best case scenario.

Given the people leading this are connected to a lot of high-profile Web3 and entertainment media people & projects, has this been pitched to any of them and if so what was the feedback?

Re: “Possible Challenges and Risk”, how easy (or difficult?) would it be for any of the established players to adopt this same model, just not using $APE obviously.




you’re a scholar and a gentlemen. Cheers, brother


Hey Br00no!

Thanks for the questions - I appreciate you taking the time.

  1. Yes, we absolutely plan on having “powered by apecoin” or something similar prominently focused on the site.

  2. "the one thing that ties this to $APE is payments "… this got me thinking… The primary thing tying FIAT to any major industry is payments. Systems which allow for payments and transactional value are the core of a financial ecosystem and attributing value to both the goods exchanged and the currency itself. That is the primary goal. To make $APE a method of payment for entertainment in a creator economy. There are a lot of places to take that in V2,3 etc, but the goal is to build a platform where $APE is a core value to creators and communities in consuming media.

  3. I can’t speculate on the future too much - but the main consideration I would have it reducing gas/transaction fees for users. An $APE tethered L2 solution would be an interesting addition to foster mainstream adoption and ensure ecosystem growth. As of right now we have absolutely no plans to integrate any other currencies onto FOMOtv. I can confidently say we wouldn’t be interested in acquiescing a VC demand of “Use my Token Only for money”… we simply wouldn’t accept the investment. This is meant as a tool for the community that we believe will have huge potential for mainstream audiences.

  4. I’ve spoken to many of the founders I’m close with (YUGA included) about this idea, and the response thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Both AE and NFF have many close VC relationships and we feel confident this is something that they will be very excited about.

  5. Replicating this model is doable, but challenging… especially because of community. The power behind the Apecoin/BAYC community is incredible and focusing on optimizing this platform for them is agenda #1 with the MVP. We want this to be a streaming platform for Otherside gameplay, a Fast Channel hub for creatives within these ecosystems and potentially even an $APE powered launchpad.

5A. Separately, the technical build is challenging, but not as challenging as onboarding the Network channels and larger advertisers onto the platform, but that’s something (as you mentioned) we feel the combined teams (NFF, WME, AE) are uniquely positioned to do! I would say that my confidence in AE’s ability and creativity is very high given their past work and it’s why we selected them as our partners on this!

Thanks again for the thoughtful questions,


I have to say that I love this idea and I think it aligns very well in terms of a bold community led initiative that drives culture forwards into the metaverse. Off the back of Dookey Dash, I can envisage this as the ‘go-to’ streaming platform for gamers streaming their runs, tip and tricks. The scope of this will only expand as The Otherside becomes a reality and other blockchain games from other communities come online along with other use cases. In terms of the business model, it would be great to consider a certain amount of ‘free’ advertising for ApeCoin Dao e.g. prominent ‘powered by ApeCoin’ or streamed ad time to support the funding ask.

In addition to this, I think the crux of the issue for me is it looks like a web2 business model being played out in web3 and their is no clarity actual cost model of the platform relative to the 25% share of revenues (e.g. is the $700k a per annum cost). I am probably being naive but I have always looked heavily to the ‘read, write, own’ definition of web3. I love that you have increased the creator share relative to other platforms and that viewers get rewarded for their time but I wonder what the ownership structure of the platform will be? In an example where the platform is super successful with many DAU and therefore super threatening to the existing model, what is to stop it being bought by an incumbent and those creator/viewer share models being eroded or wiped out? Not to mention a major liquidity event for the owners of the centralised platform entity.
As you build out the AIP it would be great to get your thoughts on how NFF and AE protects the community from the moral hazard of using ApeCoin DAO to fund the building of the platform and then NFF/AE exiting on sale having monetised the community through rewards and the profits generated from 25% platform revenues? It may not be the intent, but the way this reads is the DAO will fund the build and operations for a centralised entity that could be bought and sold for the benefit of the founders/shareholders/owners of the centralised entity.
To be clear I love this idea and hope to see it develop but would really like to get your thoughts on the point above. Thanks St01c


Hey @CameronMoulene

Thanks for proposing this - THE DAM SHOW is 100% interested in seeing this come to fruition.A native web3 platforms to power content and our streams is something we’ve been looking for but have not found anything sufficient. ApeCoin feels like the right coin to build an entertainment platform ontop of.

Excited for this and we’d love to offer any help from the content creators lens in the early phases.

  • atareh

Hey StoicDegen,

Firstly - Thank you for saying you love the idea! I think your vision is incredibly close to ours and it’s really exciting how many other Apes and members of the community see the enormous potential. It means a lot, and only reinforces my excitement.

Addressing your very thoughtful and valid concerns:

  • We absolutely see this as a platform which will benefit $Apecoin DAO and the broader $APE holding (Yuga) community.
  • I don’t shy away from the reality that this is meant to be a business, but with improved all around value props and Web3 ethos as core elements.
  • There will be many layers of rewards for existing communities with respect to access and usage on the platform. I think token gating, rewards and added benefits for Apes are a must.
  • I don’t believe that legally the DAO is able to take any equity in platforms it makes grants for, and giving equity back to holders or users in any way (very much) becomes a security. If the DAO were able to ask for an equity piece for the grant - I wouldn’t think twice in saying yes.

Transparently, it brings me to another belief that for great ideas to be sustainable in a capitalism, they must play by those rules and have sustainable business models to grow, scale, evolve - BUT they can (and should) have layers of web3 ethos; such as, anonymity for users, rewards for users, reasonable increases in rev shares for creators and the key contributors to the platforms. One of the fundamental issues we’re seeing now in NFTs is that the vast majority of project did not establish clear business models and have suffered tremendously because of that now that royalties are being wiped out. I would certainly be open (for example) to staking a part of proceeds back into $Apecoin Dao, but I would only do so once we felt we had substantial runway to scale and embrace mass adoption, which should ultimately be the goal of every web3 company. Once we build something amazing for our core community we MUST onboard new users to increase the value to A. The $Apecoin Dao itself and B. all of the users of the platform who will have a much wider range of content options and audiences to grow their brands. Otherwise, you’re no different that Stoner Cats… and frankly, that was perceived as underwhelming by CryptoNatives and Hollywood alike.

As for the sale piece. The company I think would benefit from this platform most is Yuga. Being able to vertically integrate content distribution could be a very exciting prospect for the growth of Yuga in the Media sector and give them an incredible competitor to every other major media conglomerate. That prospect is years out at best, totally hypothetical and my focus right now is building an amazing tool, that I think will both greatly increase $APE transactions and value and utility for holders.

I think you’re absolutely right to be asking those questions and as we build this brand we will need to be very thoughtful and strategic about how we bring value back to the community and never lose sight of the core purpose which is to build a better platform for creators and audiences alike, and position $Apecoin at the center of that.



Thank you so much, Fren.

As a content creator and a member of BAYC you and others like you would be the FIRST people we would come to for questions around what you’re looking for most, and feedback on which of our ideas get you most excited.

I believe this has the potential to be a truly groundbreaking idea - so now, if fortunate enough to be approved it will all come down to execution and working with the community to make it come to life.



Hi Cameron
Thanks for the detailed reply and glad we share similar passions and vision for the potential of your ideas. Let me start by saying I really appreciate the transparency and I believe we need $APE powered businesses outside of Yuga for this to work.
I think bootstrap investing this is one of the most challenging things for the DAO because of the current legal/entity structure. I don’t have a good solution to the problem but long term I think the DAO should be looking at setting up a seperate ‘for profit’ accelerator entity that reinvests in ecosystem growth and donates profits back to the DAO or causes directed by the DAO. For now potentially the DAO should ask for a board seats on any entity it bootstraps so that it has some measure of control in the direction of any entity it bootstraps.
This is something I plan to keep thinking about. I welcome ideas from yourself and the community. Thanks St01c


Hi @CameronMoulene,

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If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We are content and excited to move forward!

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Is the platform primarily meant for Yuga-related media?

Given the positive feedback, why not get VC funding from the outset?