AIP Idea: Dedicated Livestreaming Channel for ApeCoin with Token-gating, ApeCoin Utility, & Other Crypto-Native Features


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


This proposal is written by Ravi Bakhai who is the founder & CEO of Hypeshot - a crypto-native livestreaming platform which is backed by Y Combinator.



Live entertainment is one of the best ways to build exposure, bring communities together, and onboard new people into the space.

This proposal’s goal is to build a livestreaming channel for ApeDAO to host token-gated livestreams, public livestreams and to build out specific ApeCoin related features such as the ability to utilize ApeCoin as a way to tip streamers, airdrop viewers, and other requested features to make the viewing experience more native to ApeCoin holders.


I believe this will benefit the ApeCoin ecosystem in a few ways:

  1. Community Engagement: Facilitates direct engagement between ApeCoin holders, streamers, and the broader community. Token-gated livestreams offer a new place for ApeDAO to host curated events as well hopefully creating a stronger sense of community. Having things like POAPs that people can mint during streams as well is something that can help the DAO engage the community more too.

  2. For example it looks like there are awesome events in the pipeline such as and it’d be great to have a place to come together for them: AIP-338: The First ApeCoin Sponsored Competitive E-Sports Tournament with Wreck League - #8 by SmartAPE or AIP-346: Monthly Laughing Ape Stand-Up Comedy Show Utility for all $APE Holders

  3. Exposure: Having a place to broadcast with people natively buying ApeCoin on stream to tip or ultilze can bring more awareness to the ecosystem as well and get more participation from people who are not involved yet. Livestreams and clips can also be repurposed across social media to drive more awareness.

  4. Increased Token Utility - Things such as in-stream tipping or using token balances for things such as token-gating provides more utility for the underlying ApeCoin ERC-20 token.

  5. More fun :slight_smile: - Livestreams are really fun and way to have more shared experiences. Having a dedicated place for ApeDAO members to stream seems like it can have a lot of potential


This proposal would utilize Hypeshot - a crypto-native livestreaming platform and require engineering work to make it easy to add ERC-20 token-gating (we only support NFT gating right now) as well as ERC-20 tipping / buying on stream.

Hypeshot has primarily been working with independent artists, creators, and collectives in web3 and has powered streams for (Beeple Live),, Zoratopia, Forefront, Glitch, and others.

Certain crypto-native things that you can already do on Hypeshot: Can mint different clips while the stream is happening, sell NFTs live, spend crypto in stream, have your NFT be your profile picture, see the other wallet addresses who are in the stream, give users special badges based off of NFTs they own, and airdrop all or random viewers in a stream:

Here is a full overview on Hypeshot and it’s crypto-native features if helpful!

Here is our twitter:


Steps to implement:

  1. Proposal approval
  2. Eng/Product work
  3. Coordinate with community for marketing and hosting events


  1. Design: 2 days
  2. Token-gating feature timeline: 4 days
  3. Tipping/buying ApeCoin on stream: 2 days
  4. Testing + Polish: 5 days

In total we see this being built end to end in ~2 weeks since we already have a lot of the core infrastructure in place. However, this would also be a continuous product that we’d take suggestions from by the community to improve upon and we’d like to also have an event to properly roll this out with.

Personnel: 2 Engineers

Start date: As soon as approved or if positive community feedback can get started on it sooner

Milestone 1 - $10,000 USD equivalent of $APE funding to cover some costs

  • Design: 2 days
  • Token-gating feature timeline: 4 days
  • Tipping/buying ApeCoin on stream: 2 days
  • Testing + Polish: 5 days

Milestone 2 - Host livestreams + Community Feedback

  • Host initial livestreams
  • Retro on how to improve the experience and product
  • Iterate
  • Host more livestreams!

Milestone 3 - Ongoing Support

  • Make changes to product based on feedback from the community and continue improving the experience
  • Continue to run more livestreams

Hi, Ravi!

Thanks for a quite interesting proposal. Sounds useful if You clarify some points:

What is the difference from other streaming platforms like Twitch, Kick, etc? Only that it can be supported and built for Web3? In that case, I guess, it’ll be like a situation where we invent a bicycle again. Also, can’t understand the idea of getting POAPs by participants of live-stream.

In that case, I absolutely agree and support Your idea. If it’s something that can’t be watched offline, it’s quite a good reason. Maybe we should even go more for future upgrades like setting this platform up as a TV channel, for example, but fully online. Or providing these events only in the metaverse where they’ll be streamed.

In my subjective opinion only, we should work on some more reasonable utilities because in-stream tipping is quite fun, yep, but not enough reasonable.

And some more clarifications of technical aspects.

  1. Who will support this platform? Only 2 engineers? From my work experience, if we want to really make a lot of people visit it, 2 engineers won’t be enough, for sure. It’s necessary to set up a full-time working IT support team.
  2. Change management - will it be a fully community-led function? If so, it won’t live long, lmao. There is a necessity to develop a deep strategy and stick to it.

Summary subjective opinion.
It’s really a good idea for the community. But there are a lot of things to work with so we have to come up with some serious strategies, plans, and impact if we want it to become really good and impactful on the APE DAO community.

With respect,


Mind posting some viewership metrics? Also, growth in overall viewership month over month in absolute viewership numbers for perhaps the past year?


Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate the detailed questions here:

  1. Difference between this and Twitch/Kick is a few things:
  • Token-gating (either the chat or full stream) is not possible to do on Twitch and Kick

  • The platform feels more crypto-native across the board, example you can mint different clips while the stream is happening, spend crypto in stream, have your NFT be your profile picture, do live minting, see the other wallet addresses who are in the stream, give users special badges based off of NFTs they own, airdrop all or random viewers in a stream etc.

  • POAPs were just an idea for a way to allow people to claim something for showing up. Not necessary

  1. Happy to brainstorm on what else we can use ApeCoin for in stream. Perhaps various in-stream actions could require spending ApeCoin

  2. We would fully support it and are currently supporting with just me and one other engineer. We are working on this full-time.

  3. Good point, we have the ability to add multiple wallets to the manage the channel, but someone needs to take point on the events side.


POAPs necessary for real and active Web3 user as a non-sybil mark


Hello, Ravi!

It’s a really brilliant idea to create Livestreaming channel with full dependency on $APE. Have you thought about any other utilities except tipping streamers? It’d be interesting in my opinion


Got an idea about content - maybe from time to time we should consider interactive events like quiz and something like it ? To communicate with participants online.



I’m thrilled to help you there, so some of my ideas.

  1. POAPs will be great for making people with it available for some interactive activities (as @crypto_z0 mentioned).
  2. The idea is worthwhile but we have to brainstorm something unique. I’ll take some time and maybe something will touch my head
  3. I guess you’ll have to expand because auditory is quite big to be only 2 full-time supporters, but of course, it’s up to You.
  4. Yep, at that moment I was thinking about it too. Maybe even provide some interviews with people of relevant experience and they’ll agree to consult You or even work with You. It’s the second decision (organizational one) You have to make to create a successful product - but it’s only from my side.

That’d be awesome. Could have a prize pool of $APE or something like that to gamify it!

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Thanks! Can do token-gating, ppv, maybe tournaments ppl can stake on. Feel like more ideas would come too once it got going and we can iterate from there


Awesome let me know!

I see this evolving as more people start coming into livestreams and participating vs having all the solutions from day 1.

I do think once things are setup, we can brainstorm cool events and have it be the place where livestreamed events are hosted. Can iterate as there is more feedback or notice certain behaviors that people want to do.


From someone who also worked at a YC startup, how about them metrics. I know you have them. This won’t pass if you can’t prove there’s a demand for your product. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of ​​a TVOnline showing everything about the Ape universe.
Broadcasting live events is also very interesting to take the message to new people.


True, it’s interesting to see these metrics, otherwise I think there would be little support.


I can’t entirely agree with that part. We should first brainstorm cool events and format as a whole point before setting things up. We can post some ideas here and then You can update AIP.
My first idea, once a week Web3 news show (maybe even the same as our newspaper).


Hi, @ravi !

It’s a cool thing You want to set up. I fully support it. But on this point, I agree with @loowl

First things are first.
BTW, one of my ideas is to create such a series of shows as podcasts with special guests. It’d be great for the community to talk and connect with someone in DAO during the live stream because I, personally, don’t have an opportunity to visit any ApesFests, unfortunately.


Ok, I did my best to check traffic based on a series of various online traffic estimators since metrics have not been provided. Traffic is effectively 0. I think you need to establish a demand for your product prior to asking for money for integrations. The product could be great, but that doesn’t matter much if no one sees it.


Hey Matt,

We currently are early and still iterating. We have around 2k MAUs. growth has been relatively stagnant during the bear market.

A lot of traffic is driven based off of creators who are actually using Hypeshot to stream and we’re not a place where you really can get discovered as things are still early and it takes time to build that up.

Primary value prop has been token-gating because of this rather than open streams.

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Thank you for the details. Knowing how the DAO votes, it’s going to be a tough sell without traffic, even though your overall ask for money isn’t significant.

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Gotcha. I understand! I think we provide good value to people and organizations who have used us, however, I don’t think traffic or discovery is something we bring to the table (yet).