The AIP Debate Show: Onboard and Bring the Culture Back

PROPOSAL NAME: The AIP Debate Show: Onboard and Bring the Culture Back.

PROPOSAL Authors: @ThreadGuy & @Leap_xyz

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Community Development


The AIP Debate Show is proposed as an engaging, audio-focused content for AIP discussions to increase community participation and awareness within the ApeCoin DAO. Lively debates between DAO members, AIP authors, and external guests will stimulate critical dialogue, driving proposal improvements and broadening ApeCoin’s visibility.

The weekly space will feature

  • Weekly space “hosted” from @apecoin Co hosted by ThreadGuy and Leap
  • Guest Authors from ALL active AIPs (idea and voting stages)
  • One “guest” co-host with a large platform to provide unbiased perspective


@ThreadGuy is a former ApeCoin Special Council candidate and both @leap_xyz and I (ThreadGuy) are prolific content creators in Web3. Together we have the most unique listeners of all web3 Twitter Spaces and large individual platforms that extend well beyond the ApeCoin community.


The ApeCoin community is experiencing challenges with low DAO participation and lack of engaging AIP discussions. With minimal engagement and DAO altering conversation hidden in the discourse forums, the community cannot effectively collaborate to shape ApeCoin’s future, hindering project growth and development. In addition these bottlenecks deter new talent and unique perspectives from joining.


The AIP Debate Show will create an immersive platform that will significantly increase the reach and impact of the ApeCoin DAO. The show will encourage high level conversation, DAO debates, and onboard new members into the ecosystem. The ApeCoin DAO will fail if the message cannot extend beyond the core contributor community.


  • AIP Debate Show: An engaging audio-based platform for AIP discussions to increase community participation.

  • Cultural Impact: The potential effect of the AIP Debate Show on ApeCoin’s brand presence, community engagement, and proposal quality.


  • Show Branding: Investment in professional branding and marketing materials.

  • Content Production: Resources for high-quality audio content creation, hosting, and editing.

  • Show Promotion: Budget for social media advertising, influencer collaborations, and community outreach.


  • Securing the proposed funding.

  • Allocation of funds for branding, content production, guest collaborations, and promotion.

  • Development and launch of the AIP Debate Show.

  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on KPIs.


  • 10 Million Monthly Impressions
  • 20k Unique Monthly Spaces Listeners
  • 135k Twitter Followers


  • 3 Million Monthly Impressions
  • 55k Unique Monthly Listeners
  • 44k Twitter Followers


  • Number of weekly debates hosted: 1/ Week
  • Number of unique listeners per debate: Average 500+ total listeners/Show
  • Number of AIPs featured: 3+/ Show

Proposed Annual Contract Financial Plan

We propose an annual contract, featuring a weekly show.

Total Funding Allocation: $420,000.69 ($35,000 per month)

  1. Post-Production Editing Fund: $5,000 per month

This fund will provide for a professional video editor who will distill the most captivating moments from our 1-3 hour spaces show into digestible video clips. We estimate a monthly output of 5 to 10 clips that can be repurposed for various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc and posted from the official @apecoin Twitter account.

  1. Marketing and Engagement Fund: $5,000 per month

This fund will support promotional activities, such as distributing Apecoin per show to incentivize listeners to become members of the DAO.

  1. Content Management Fund: $5,000 per month

This budget will be utilized to employ a showrunner who will be responsible for organizing guests, drafting weekly AIP write-ups, and overseeing general housekeeping tasks.

  1. Compensation for Threadguy and Leap: $20,000 per month

This amount represents a fair split between Threadguy and Leap for their time and platform usage. It’s estimated that operating the show will require 15 hours per week from both. Given that accepting this AIP will limit their opportunities to undertake other assignments, this compensation accounts for the opportunity cost incurred.

Please note that these figures are well-aligned with the prevailing salary structures for professionals like ThreadGuy and Leap.


The AIP Debate Show promises to bridge the gap of community participation within ApeCoin, leveraging our team’s proven track record and listener base. This platform will amplify the community’s voice, improve decision-making processes, and bolster ApeCoin’s visibility in the web3 space.

We would love any and all feedback on our idea and are very open to taking suggestions on how we can improve this proposal.

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.

As far debating, I am down for objective debates. One based on research, numbers, and facts. Otherwise, subjective feelings taking over the atmosphere.


How ya doin, how ya livin’, how ya feeeeeelin’ :gorilla::blue_heart:

@ThreadGuy & Leap_XYZ have been contributing to the ApeCoin community for awhile now and have always been supportive of the team at ApeComms.

When the community needed @ThreadGuy to help elevate our voice during the working group discussions, before any talk of elections… he was there for us.
No questions asked.

The only question I have about this proposal is - have you already picked a showrunner/content management team?

And if not, where do I submit the ApeComms team to contribute for that role.
We’ve been doing exactly that work as a public good for nearly a year now, and would be happy to continue helping deliver consistent messaging around AIPs.

Looking forward to seeing this community keep pushing forward and changing the narrative.




Love that you’re submitting an AIP, @ThreadGuy! Now, to the actual AIP…

You & Leap are super talented hosts & facilitate great conversations. With that being said, presenting the show as a “debate” concerns me, especially if that leads to controversy & negativity for engagement farming purposes. Would not want such tactics & tone to be infused into the DAO.

Of course, I’m all for valid constructive criticism regarding any presented AIP, but the premise of this show seems to necessitate controversy. I also love debate forums, especially around issues, philosophy, ethics & law. Not all proposals, on the other hand, organically prompt debate.

My assumptions (based on the title of the show) may be incorrect, so please lmk if they indeed are.

Looking forward to your consideration & commentary about my concerns.


Firstly, I think is the way you should be part of the ApeCoin Dao to add value.

Any thoughts on more targets in terms of reach for the repackaged media content?

Do you think 12 months is necessary and maybe 6 months can be long enough to start. If clear value is added then put up to extend for 12 months more?

You are young guys with a young audience. It is a different energy to other spaces like Moca which target an older audience. Nothing wrong with that, but what would you say your target demographic is?

What timezone are you going to do the main spaces in? As that very much impacts who will attend and get converted or encouraged to engage further.

Lastly, would you consider keeping part of the funds in APE for 12 months. Let’s say 50% of your APE payment you guys personally get. 10k per month equivalent so if 12 months then 120k USD in APE, or 60k if 6 months. I suggest this as if you believe your impact will be massive the price of APE could double or triple in that time giving you much larger upside. It would also make you long term aligned with the community.


Loving the idea of debate show. As long it’s a controllable environment without hostility but healthy debate , I am FOR this AIP :+1:

20.000 $ a month … you Guys are totally off the Roof … what the Heck ? :rofl::man_shrugging:t3:


To me it is about the metrics. How much traffic and engagement can they drive in?

So far sadly only one great share, from @Machibigbrother

We need hundreds of such shares.

The number isn’t the issue it is what are the KPIs and can they hit them.


…sorry, but absolutley disagree on that.

The metrics is not the important thing especially not in the DAO environment.

But yes, i thought maybe wrong and was more on the side contribute what you got and bring your personal value IN but not to make myself rich🤣, but yes based on this i shall adjust mine too cause the value is also much more …maybe i just have a total other expectation how people should engage …so you are right, everyone set‘s his values on his own

Congrats @ThreadGuy and @leap_xyz on finally submitting your AIP!

Don’t forget to adopt the template from AIP-262 which includes the “Benefit to the ApeCoin Ecosystem” section - it was recently passed so you may have missed it.

Several great questions have already been asked, so with deference to those members allow me to rephrase and list:

  • What day of the week are you guys currently thinking of for this weekly show?
  • What time of day are you planning for?
    (Many of our token holders are outside of the US and have asked for alternative times)
  • Can you commit to a minimum 2 hour show?
  • @Lost brings up a great idea of a showrunner, pre-production is just as important - thoughts?
  • Why not include all AIPs each week?
  • Digestible clips is a great repurpose – consider adding multi-language support to that line-item
  • Why on the main @apecoin XTwitter handle? Why not on TGs/Leap’s or separate account?

Overall, I dig the proposal and I think that this AIP could serve as a template for future creators to adopt.

However, if that turns out to be the case I’m a little concerned that $.4m per year for a once weekly Spaces show could get a little pricey. :thinking:

Personally I’m leaning towards supporting this AIP and look forward to your answers.

PERHAPS – we ought to produce and pilot Episode 0 and debate this AIP for a couple of hours? :rofl:


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Therein lies the rub. Their broadcasts still only caters to Web3. And that means there’s near-zero possibility of branching outside of that enclave. Literally anyone who even remotely cares about the Yuga Labs IP is already involved in some fashion.

And so, any $APE drops are going to be immediately cashed out because there’s zero utility to the token and thus no reason - other than Yuga games and staking - to hold it.

For $35K per month, the DAO could basically pay any large YT or Tik-Tok influencer to shill 7 days a week on YT and on xTwitter. And they’re already setup to do all of this without the added costs.

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OK, I’m going to throw a grenade into the room, pull the fire alarm, and duck out a window.

@Lost why not revive ApeComms? I mean, why would/should this pass over ApeComms?

Strongly agree with this.

I’m a long-term (very lazy) Youtuber. I know how many views that amount of money should buy per month, and it’s a whole lot. I’d say a million plus (I’m running on limited paid ads buys I’ve done directly with companies.) If it’s general Youtube ad revenue, that number is several million. I would agree that highly targeted views are worth more than the average Youtube view, but still, this is a significant cost.

We’d need to have a deep understanding of the impact for the money we’d be paying out. Marketing is an absolutely ruthless industry. It’s driven by metrics. I’d want to at least see a trial run happen to better understand where we’re starting from and what we’re building towards.


Love this idea.

Please don’t collaborate with anyone or any other groups outside of what you have proposed, there’s absolutely no need imho. The old way is obviously not working and we need fresh voices and ideas to drive more adoption, via a team that is incorruptible and has a great reputation. I also love the fact you never really ban people to try and silence your critics, you face them head on - big respect for that always.

Tl;dr - Can’t wait to see you get this done so that we can try undo the stranglehold the cabal has on everything.


This is borderline insulting on the cost side. In fact, it is. What exactly are you spending 15 hours a week doing when the show is 2 hours and you’ve allocated further funds for literally every other possible task you could possibly need to do?

The showrunner is doing a lot of the heavy lifting you could be doing. The editor is doing the promotion and marketing. It’s genuinely mind boggling you could write this up requesting $420k with a straight face putting yourself on $5k a week for essentially 2 hours.

You’ve gone about this in entirely the wrong way and I will be absolutely voting against this in this iteration. There is zero proof this will drive further engagement and quality to the dao. It’s more of a test case and we shouldn’t be spending nearly half a mill for a test, and certainly not weighted against the people doing the heavy lifting outside of the 2 hours the show actually runs.

This comes across as biting the hand that feeds you.

Thanks for taking the time to write the proposal @ThreadGuy!

Agreed with you takes here @bigbull - however, I would say it is OK to take money in USD for forecasting sake.

I like the commitment to doing this for 12 months but I don’t think there are clear enough success metrics to be able to understand the efficacy of this proposal. I would consider putting this forward for a 3 month period as bigbull suggests, with success metrics that you want to see hit to then re-up the initiative for another 3 months. Also, define what would be exceeding the goal so that you can prove and justify a 6 month extension if the output exceeds expectation.

The KPIs outlined here I think need to be revised. KPIs should be tied to success metrics and this drive the mission of what you are trying to achieve. With that said, what is the goal? If the goal is to increase participation and awareness how will you be driving your audience to take actions that can prove this show is effective in alignment?

If you were to take a look at the proposal I put up for AIP-268, you could see how this type of platform could answer these success metrics / KPIs for you and help prove this to be a continual success.

Can you define how much of the $5k/mo will be put back into $APE incentives for listeners weekly/monthly?

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We look forward to hearing from you.


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