AIP-233: A.C.T. on Twitter Spaces – 60 Day trial

Proposal Name : A.C.T. on Twitter Spaces – 60 Day trial

Category : Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Note: ALL funds stay in the ApeCoinDAO Treasury until invoiced. The author won’t be taking custody of the funds at any point of the time all unused funds will roll-over into a follow-up proposal if warranted.

Abstract :

TLDR : This proposal aims to present the ApeCoinDAO brand and weekly AIP updates on well-respected 3rd party Twitter Spaces to reach new audiences

This proposal aims to leverage Twitter Spaces as a resource to raise awareness about the ApeCoin ecosystem.

By educating new users about the ApeCoin DAO through regular Web 3.0 focused Twitter Spaces, we encourage community engagement and aim to onboard thousands of potential new members.

This effort will be instrumental in increasing participation and the number of stakeholders invested in the governance of the project, which adds to the further decentralisation of the DAO.

dNFTs more like damn, NFTs :flushed: :

We’ll use on chain data from Dynamic NFTs connected to Chainlink’s oracle to track KPIs and performance metrics. These NFTs will go through stages of Evolution, reflecting acknowledged contributions. This data and feedback from the pilot will inform their potential use across the entire DAO.

More about it in the dedicated section

Check this out : ApeCoin Tracker

Brief Overview :

  • This proposal is for a 60-day trial-run to provide a weekly ApeCoinDAO update across multiple Web3/NFT Twitter Spaces deemed the best audience-DAO-culture-fit.

  • By reaching new users through regular Web3 focused Twitter Spaces, we encourage curiosity and onboard hundreds of potential builders, creators, artists and other NFT communities to the DAO.

  • This effort is instrumental in increasing participation and the overall number of stakeholders invested in the governance of the project, which adds to the further decentralisation of the DAO.

  • This proposal requests a grant of UP TO 15,000 ApeCoin tokens to go directly to 10-15 Twitter Spaces and their teams as a Scholarship for an initial trial period of 60 days (approximately 60 appearances).

We are shooting for 5 spaces in the first month at up to 1000 APE each, which’ll be scaled up to 10 in the 2nd month.

Obligatory “Up to” cause some spaces will be much less, some would be sponsored giveaways and the better ones will be Scholarship based.

Motivation :

  • There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the ApeCoin DAO, be that a result of the individual’s ignorance itself or a systematic negligence on our part due to the lack of our ability to get the word out and make our stance clear. We think that Twitter Spaces is a low hanging fruit which we can capitalise on and help us change this perception. There’s a need for us to get the word out more frequently, swiftly and expeditiously.

  • Spreading the ApeCoinDAO weekly update across Spaces that reach thousands more listeners than our own Spaces and current marketing efforts would be a blessing. Our aim is to not just go after the spaces with most reach, it is also to find the spaces which fit the demographic we’re looking for i.e. builders, creators etc. The main thing is to strike a perfect balance.

  • If the trial-run works, the relationships and networks created will also serve as a great incubation channel for ideas, projects and proposals from within the DAO

Rationale :

  • Boldness: We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new. Reaching out and embedding ourselves in other communities shows we are not a self-serving DAO and that we are open to innovation, ideas, collaboration and building Web3 together.
  • Equality: One APE equals one APE - sharing this guiding value with the wider Web3 community will open eyes and doors to many more collaborations and token utilization.

Based on our outreach to various “top-tier” Spaces (RugRadio, Nifty Portal, etc) for their sponsorship and appearance prices (kinda expensive) and the many non-sponsored Spaces that show-up every week, we feel there is an opportunity to collaborate with the latter to reach communities not active in the ApeCoinDAO.

We also believe that by supporting these 2nd tier Spaces, our grants will go further, our relationships will be more authentic, and the network effects could be exponential - as they grow, so does our reach.

We as responsible members of the DAO have an obligation towards the appropriate use of Treasury funds.

During these Weekly Updates, we’ll cover AIPs up on Snapshot, new AIPs in Discourse and reports from the Special Council, Working Groups, and other newsworthy items.


  • Author: CEO of Web3
    Web 3 education Maxi and Professional Bozo Twitter : @ThreatT0Society
  • Advisor: SSP#1111
    Ofc you know him
  • Endorser: TBD


  • Calendar for Twitter Spaces schedules which can be sync’ed to device
  • Creating a system for content curation using either Notion, Confluence, Google Docs, Airtable or a mix
  • Affiliate Program – maybe ThankApe or Catapult or Karma for Affiliate Codes

All of this paired with seamless integration will help create a collaborative environment

Steps to Implement

Upon approval and funding:

  • CEO and SSP will confirm with DAO members for selected Twitter Spaces and work with their teams for the schedule and start dates
  • Will provide agreements (if required) to Admins or Grants Working Group for signature
  • Will provide wallet addresses for Admins or Grants Working Group for payout directly to Twitter Space Teams
  • Will appear at scheduled Twitter Spaces with Weekly DAO update and report back to DAO with snippets, clips, transcripts or links to recordings
  • Apecoin twitter account will Retweet each Space

Note: opportunities to present Weekly DAO Updates will be available to any and all members upon request and a formal procedure could be developed as we scale up.


Run it as a Pilot Project for 60 days as a Proof of Concept.

This program will run for 60 days and the DAO will make roughly 60 appearances.

Based on when funding is approved : (Let’s take 25th April as example)

  • April 25 - 30: Schedule and Agreements confirmed and submitted to Admins
  • May 1 - 31: 4 Weeks of providing DAO Weekly Updates at minimum 5 Twitter Spaces
  • June 1 - 30: 4 Weeks of providing DAO Weekly Updates at minimum 10 Twitter Spaces

Overall Cost

The maximum cost for this proposal over its 60 day running period (including giveaways, scholarships and partnerships) is estimated to be up to 15,000 ape with a max cap of 1000 ape per space

The funds will be transferred by the treasury directly to the Creators without the need for external management. This ensures no misappropriation of DAO funds can take place.

We’ll start with 5 spaces in the first month and scale it upto 10 spaces in the following month.

  • May - working budget of 5,000 APE
  • June - working budget of 10,000 APE

For comparison:
Rug Radio costs approx. $5k USD for a single appearance
Nifty Portal costs approx. $10k USD for a month of once weekly updates read by a team member

Total Request is 15,000 APE for 60 Days

Author is taking Zero Comp for this effort, a follow-up proposal may include some form of compensation

Measuring KPIs using Dynamic NFTs:

We’ll track KPIs and other performance metrics using the On Chain data of our Dynamic NFTs. They’ll be connected to Chainlink’s oracle to Level Up !! the individual by querying data from various API’s (Discourse, Catapult etc) and taking in human input.

There’ll be stages of Evolution which’ll be an On chain manifestation of your acknowledged contributions. And no one’ll be able to take that away from you.

There’s also new platforms like which we’re waiting to hear back from that enables us to test that out on a smaller scale.

Outside of this proposal, Dynamic NFTs also can be used across the entire length and breadth of the DAO after we get actionable data and feedback from this pilot we’ll be running. which allows us to best optimise and scale the system accordingly.

Indexing Appearances:

As stated earlier, we’ll make roughly 60 appearances over our 2 month pilot (roughly 1 space per day)

We’ll Index all appearances on (prev and setting that up with a backend + an Interactive UI which makes it easier for anyone to access that information whenever they want with the aim of consolidation.

This can be later expanded to do the same with all future spaces related to the Monki genome :gorilla: (Ooh Ooh Aah Aah ApeCoin)

That content can be later repurposed as Podcasts or snippets for our various funnels to be used accordingly.

Closing Statements :

The aim with this is to nurture the next generation of thought leaders and disruptors for our DAO. With this outreach plan, we want to recruit the most dedicated individuals who can help shape our future going forward.

It’s time to get our voices heard, There’s a lot of misconceptions about the ApeCoin DAO out there. Now those might be stemming from sheer ignorance or the lack of representation, but the problem is that they exist. We’ll have to make sure to change that notion ourselves, cause no one’s gonna do that for us.

It might get a little overwhelming for a new individual to set everything up on their own and then getting familiar with how everything works, especially without any help. It takes a lot of time commitment which can be a bit frustrating.

I experienced this first hand when I joined the DAO a couple months ago, but I was able to push through the adversities cause of my conviction and with the help of the awesome community members here.

Nurturing talent imo is an important part of keeping your competitive edge and attracting the best talent that’s out there is one essential piece of that puzzle.

Special Thanks again to @ssp1111 , without him this proposal wouldn’t have reached its full potential. You are truly a gem my friend.


I’d like to start by saying that I appreciate the shout-out and the effort you all have taken to revise and address the concerns members like myself had with respect to your original proposal.

Many of us were clearly in favor of a trial period, so I’m relieved to see this added to your proposal.

A few more things for you:

  • When do you anticipate said trial period occurring, as timing is of course important to the process. This Idea should be live for roughly a week so perhaps sometime within that time frame?

  • Forgive me if I missed it, but how will voting be executed? My main concern is that of transparency, whatever the method.

  • With all due respect, I’m not particularly familiar with Alex or Bark in these forums, Discord, Snapshot, or any of the ApeComms regularly held Twitter Spaces. While I’m not doubting any ability to draw a crowd, my concern stems from competence, as there’s a reason ApeComms hosts a series of Spaces each week touching on many of these exact proposed topics… and most of that team are among the longest-tenured and most educated members on our DAO. What experience do the hosts have with the detailed structure of our DAO and its history that can help ensure the information being presented is factual, accurate, and complete?

  • Your last sentence reads “All this with the aim of cementing Yuga’s lead in the industry for years to come.” As you are hopefully aware, ApeCoin DAO and Yuga are two entirely separate entities, and it’ll be important to maintain that distinction moving forward as it’s often a source of contention and misunderstanding. So much so that many often mistakenly believe that one has to hold an “Ape” not an “$APE” in order to participate in the DAO. If I may, I’d remove this language or modify it in some way, as it’s functionally irrelevant (and, I’d argue, possibly counterproductive if we are hoping to embrace a new tide of non-Yuga holders to our ecosystem).

Looking forward to tuning in and seeing what you’ll be putting together. As one who values education above nearly all else, this could be a powerful proposal if executed properly and with careful intention.


• We can Start the Trial as soon as this draft proposal picks up steam and we can start incorporating the feedback we receive from this. I’m of the opinion we start those spaces in a couple of Days

• The voting will be executed in the last 10 minutes of the space, The Host and CoHosts will provide a list of worthy candidates (according to the value they add by either speaking in spaces or with written replies)
after which, all the Panelists (Host + CoHosts + Speakers) will vote in the space [vocally] and the responses will be noted down.

The selection of Panelists take place by either 1 of 2 methods

  1. Rotational Basis
  2. Randomization

• You raise a really valid point here, Cause of which I’m out (Shark Tank Humour)
Let me get back to you so that i can provide you the insights from the Hosts themselves, Give them a chance to prove themselves (if you will) before I reply with my personal opinion on this.

• You are absolutely correct in the aspect of keeping ApeCoin DAO and Yuga Labs separate from each other.

  1. I was tired of using ‘ApeCoin DAO’ for the 100th time
  2. What I meant by this was that taking steps like these would not only benefit the DAO but (at large) the brand itself cause it’ll be a way of establishing itself at the centre of thie Web 3.0 revolution.

If we’re able to lead innovation in the space and leverage the opportunities these secial media platforms give us, we’ll be well ahead of the competition.


If I’m not making much sense, keep in mind i’m sleep deprived and need some rest before regaining my cognitive capabilities. :joy:


Hope this passes. We need diversity re our apecoin DAO spaces available. So i’m super excited to see a new way of engaging people and new faces to boot. All spaces combined, they will accomplish more.

Voted for this to move forward, (although as you know, has no meaning in terms of progression ofc).


Heyo CEO,

Love the fact that your mission is to educate the masses on Web3, so congrats on that mission. Have you read AIP-226? Let me know if you have any questions how your mission of educating and IRL events could mix.

It sounds like you’re part of Alex and Bark’s team, if so do you have a formal role or are you just a major fan?

Anyway, onto the resubmission:

There was a hesitation and discussion around Shillian’s original proposal re: culture-fit - and as @CryptoLogically suggested, while the need for bigger Twitter Spaces is needed, getting the right audiences of builders, founders, creators, etc is somewhat paramount - do you believe the Capitulation/Pontification audiences would be a good fit for ApeCoin DAO?

Also, to Crypto’s point, it seems like a no-brainer that the DAO would be better served with members that have been active and understand the mission, purpose, Working Groups, protocols, AIPs, etc presenting the latest news/updates/AIPs to a broader audience – do you have another point of view on this?

What KPI’s would you be tracking in return for giving out approximately $15k in 30 days - new wallets, new profiles, new proposals, other, etc?

Lots of other questions, but would be great to get your thoughts on the above to begin with. Thanks for taking the time to draft up and post your idea.

SSP :v:t4:


Hi @CEOofWeb3.0,

Your topic will be automatically closing in about 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



I’d like for the discussion to be extended for another 7 days.

I’m coauthoring a version this proposal with @ssp1111

We’re making some major changes to it as to make it much more attractive and we’d be looking for feedback on it.

Thanks for the response Vulkan

  • Anky

Love the objective - question how much of this educational info is just replicating what is already freely available online? If so not sure how much of an educational improvement this would be?


The thing is not , It’s about presenting all of it in a way which is convenient for absolute beginners, funnel people from various established communities and redirect them towards

Imagine F1 : Drive to Survive doing for F1 what we were hoping to achieve with Yuga for Web 3

‘Tight knit Integration and continuity of Information’

But, The proposal is being completely re-written by me and SSP where me make a lot of changes. So that question as well as the current proposal becomes obsolete


Hi @CEOofWeb3.0,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Me and SSP are co authoring a different variation of this proposal, I think I’ll make a different proposal and add this as a reference.

Thanks for the heads up Vulcan

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Thanks for the note @CEOofWeb3.0. Just to confirm, do you want to move this AIP to the Withdrawn category while you and SSP work on the other one?


Heyo Vulkan – the plan is for CEO to update/refine this idea (eta today) and for this existing proposal to go to the AIP Draft process right away.

Do not move to withdrawn.

Thank you - SSP (Advisor)


Oh, Sure I’ll do that

It makes more sense tbh

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I’ll make a couple of edits and we need this proposal to go to the next stage, i.e AIP Draft Proposal

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What about if there was some sort of evolution NFT, distributed, that you would just paid the gas, and would evolute with active and quality participations… that later depending on your growth level, you could trade it for apecoin… or just stay with it as a proof of you participation? and evolution in the community … maybe it would be very complicated… but just an idea :slight_smile: imagine having an NFT proving you´re evolution since 0…


This can be done via a Dynamic NFT setup, We can set something like that up in the future. Drop me a DM either and lets discuss :eyes:

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Great work @CEOofWeb3.0 :clap:t4:

Now let’s get this to the next stage asap.



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