AIP-244: DAZE Micro Grants

Original Proposal

Reason for Return
Voted " Against" in official snapshot . We dont know the reason why some holders decided to vote Abstain and Against but good to see that majority of community members decided to vote " In Favor " compared to Abstain and Against.

Resubmission Updates :

  1. Funding process changed- Instead of a third party infrastructure for voting, DAZE will decide the winners for each round based on their proposal, how it will benefit $ape and expand in India.

  2. Updated timings for each round, submission for rounds is 2 weeks now instead of 1, winners will be announced after 4 weeks from the date when submission opens.

  3. Requested funds increased by 20 $ape, from 16,500 $ape to 16,520 $ape. Extra 20 $ape will be used to cover gas fee in order to send grants to winners.

  4. Updated line up for IRL events and announcing winners live in front of the audience.

  5. Updated line up for IRL event, introducing mini meet-up followed after the main conference.

  6. Steps To Implement updated.

Proposal Name: DAZE MG
Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Abstract : A place for people to create anything they want, work on something they always wanted to do but didnt had time or resources, but had the determination to do so. This is where DAZE steps in with its deep roots within the Indian art and blockchain environment.
Funding small teams, artist and developers to create something wonderful with $ape, mentoring them and help them grow their ideas into reality.
DAZE Micro Grants ( DAZE MG ) is a simple way to distribute $ape from Apecoin DAO Treasury to people, which will help a wider audience to onboard and get familiar with $ape and its community.

Allocating 16,520 $ape to fund DAZE MG for the Indian web3 community that will

  • Onboard existing as well as new people on $ape ecosystem
  • Encourage people to create art, projects and develop tools
  • Ease onboarding experience for AIPs with micro grants towards community building and utilities

10,000 $ape will go towards deploying micro grants. Anyone can apply for the grants as long as long as it benefits growth around Indian Web3 scene and exposure to $ape.

6,500 $ape goes for team management and IRL events to onboard a wider audience towards Apecoin DAO.

20 $ape to be used for multi-sig gas fees.

Micro Grants will consist of different rounds that will revolve around a particular theme. We will decide a set number of winners in the given period of time and mentor them. These theme will focus on ideas to build products around $ape and its ecosystem, MVPS or art. These rounds will focus on encouraging ideas, IRL utilities of NFTs and the token, product and art.

Apart from 10,000 $ape, $6,500 are dedicated towards:-

  1. Team Management
  • DAZE Core
  • Volunteers
  • Documentation
  • Legal Activities such as taxes for conversation of $ape into fiat.
  1. Mentors
  • Providing valuable insights in their respectable field
  • Weekly update from grant winners and feedback
  • Helping grow and expand the winning idea.
  1. IRL Events
  • Venue Cost ( 3 Cities )
  • Entertainment ( Sound/Mics/ Lighting/ Screens )
  • Merchandise Giveaway
  • Traveling
  • Hosting Mini Meet-Ups* ( Artist Focused-3 Cities <Art & Chill> )

Author Description: Evil aka Jatin Pathi is an artist, mentor and curator from New Delhi, India. Starting off as freelancer photographer to now in web3 as artist and mentor. I have been in NFT since 2020 when I was invited as artist on Makersplace, became ambassador there for a short while. I co-founded Cryptoart India Collective back when India barely had 10 NFT creators in order to help onboard more artist from India. As I sold my NFTs, I helped numerous artist onboard NFTs and guide them through the way. From sponsoring artist’s first mint to providing mentorship through residency program, I have learned a lot from myself and still do.
Apart from co-founding DAZE, I’m also one of the co-founders of Meebits DAO, a development DAO focusing on creating utilities around Meebits.

Team Description: ~ to be filled soon
Vishesh Chopra: Vishesh is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, entrepreneur, consultant and educator.

Building crypto communities in India since 2017. Community manager at Crypto Art India Collective.

Garnered 100 million+ impressions over 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, content creation and community management.

Featured in Shark Tank India Season 2.

Co-founder at, DAZE

Vishnu Madathil: Vishnu is an award winning photographer and filmmaker based in Bengaluru. His work with food photography earned him a spot in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015.

He dabbles in various roles, be it capturing Sloth bears at animal rescue centers or filming upcoming stand-up comedians in India.

He has also managed the pan-India production for Black Dog Easy Evenings, a stand-up comedy festival by Diageo.

He’s also working with United Skill Development Corporation, an edtech platform that provides end-to-end tech infrastructure to Universities and educational institutes.

Motivation : India constitutes 17.7% of the global population, with 20 million+ crypto users in the country as of 2022 (5th largest no. of crypto users in the world). We believe that apecoin’s growth can be increase drastically with this experiment, specially since it needs to expand to different parts of the world. Current process is time consuming and confusing to some. These micro grants will make sure that the funds are distributed faster to builders and artist all together so that they can get going with building something wonderful around $ape.

Rationale: This aligns perfectly with the DAO’s goal of funding via governance, which will be then divided into smaller groups which will ultimately reach more people. This experiment will onboard new people and in future will probably create sub-communities around Apecoin DAO. This particularly will be focusing on India, place of origin for DAZE. Micro grants will also help scale the DAO build globally with the talent India has to offer.

DAZE aim is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, creating awareness around crypto and NFTs.We have organized and hosted NFT exhibitions, curated events for different communities and have provided education and seminars in different colleges around blockchain.

With this AIP and funds, we can fund a group of small builders and artist as well as sub-communities across India. Once we deploy all funds via micro grants , DAZE MG can be used as a blueprint across different countrie, inspiring more and more people.

Key Terms :

Some pointers that are unique in this proposals are:-

  • Onboarding small teams, students, builders, communities and artist to Apecoin DAO
  • Encouraging them to create tools and utilities using $ape
  • Inspiring ideas and creative community
  • Onboarding and introducing $ape to the Indian Web3 ecosystem.

Specifications :
We will deploy grants in 4 rounds for the next 4 months:-

*For Round #3, hosting mini meet-ups after each IRL event specially for artist under one of DAZE’s popular “Art & Chill ” umbrella.

Anyone can submit their proposal as long as the proposal is focusing on:

  • NFT/Web3 growth and development in India
  • Ecosystem growth for $ape

These will ultimately help bringing Apecoin in spotlight within our region and inspire others with endless opportunities directing them towards Apecoin DAO. Some future product building can be:

  • CC0 and IPs
  • Web3 Tools
  • Merch and Brands for Apecoin
  • Community building and growth
  • Gamification around ApeDAO and sub DAOs
  • More NFTs growth

Apecoin DAO will grow around smaller communities more efficiently if they will have a close and independent exposure. This is a chance for Apecoin to open up to more communities and groups via micro grants.

Steps to Implement:

Once the AIP is passed, we’ll release a timeline of when the submission for grants will be opened, followed by dates on which IRL event will take places and mini meet-ups

  1. Submission forms opens and deadline
  2. Booking of venues and merchs
  3. Major event in 3 cities; Conference about Apecoin DAO and what DAZE is doing with the micro grants, QnA from audience, Art showcase by talented NFT artist from the country
  4. Hosting weekly twitter spaces in order to help people create a proposal that will have the most impact. In general on-air interaction with future proponent.
  5. Record and documentation of all views and feedback from mentors for others to listen to afterwards.
  6. Releasing timeline for all rounds and events.

Once the proposal is approved and DAZE get the funds, 10,000 $ape will be sent in a multi-sig wallet that will be controlled by DAZE team. 300 $ape to be distributed among the signers to cover gas fees. Releasing guidelines and submission form within the 1st week.

Week 1 : Submission Opens for Round 1
Week 2 : Submission Closes for Round 1
Week 1-4 : Weekly Twitter Spaces
Week 5 : 1st Event in New Delhi, Winners announced on stage
Week 6-7 : Mentoring and providing feedback to winners on their ideas.
Week 7 : Submission Open for Round 2
Week 8 : Submission Closes for Round 2
Week 7-11 : Weekly Twitter Spaces
Week 11 : 2nd Event in Bangalore, Winners announced on stage
Week 12-13 : Mentoring and providing feedback to winners on their products and MVPs
Week 13 : Submission Open for Round 3
Week 14 : Submission Closes for Round 4
Week 13-16 : Weekly Twitter Spaces
Week 17 : Winners announced online
Week 17 : Submission Open for Round 4
Week 21 : Submission Closes for Round 4
Week 17-21 : Weekly Twitter Spaces
Week 23 : 3rd and final Event in Mumbai, Winners announced on stage
Week 23-24 : Mentoring and providing feedback on products

Overall Cost: Requesting a total amount of 16,520 $ape, 10,000 $ape going towards funding builders, artist and more. 6,500 for team management and 20 $ape to cover gas fees for sending $ape to winners.

Additional Information:
Decentralised Art Zone Exhibition, was created by early adopters of NFT from India back in 2021. The artist involved in creation of DAZE were even earlier artist from the country when there were barely 10 artist who can be considered as “Artist who creates rare digital art “ as back in 2019-2020, NFTs were called that. The group was called Cryptoart India Collective ( CIC ) and has significantly onboarded some of the very finest Indian artist from the space before 2021 NFT bloom. CIC artist came together during tough times of peak covid and created 2 NFTs, 1/1 for Makersplace and multi edition of 100 on Opensea to be auctioned off and donate the amount towards Polygon’s co-founder Sandeep Nailwal initiative of “Crypto Relief Fund “. A bit of media coverage can be seen below :

Coverage for donating to Crypto Relief Funds during covid crisis : Cryptoart for the win

We have also organised an exhibition showing 40 different NFTs with a footfall of over 400+ people. Along with this we have curated events in two different cities, one community that focused on Women in crypto and other one which focuses on indie art and local artist.

These 2 newspaper are major outlet india and Hindustan Times’s printed newspaper got 1 million + coverage in the sunday at the day of exhibition. DAZE’s founders were even invited by the editorial team of one of the major news outlet in India to be showcase in their crypto segment ending for the new year.
3:50 onward

We’ve curated and sponsored other communities in India as well since we believe that supporting others goes a long way down the line in creating something beautiful.
Below is an event by Superwoman DAO, where we curated NFT artist and also co-sponsored.

We’ve provided lectures and taken entire semesters around educating students about blockchain and crypto. Few screenshots of online lectures attached below:

Our most recent activities include hosting small meet-ups focusing on artist:


Hi Evil - I think what stands out to me is lack of specificity around this proposal. What is “creating awareness,” exactly, that four people can do with ~$2,300 each? ApeCoin is one of the most famous coins; is there specific aspect of awareness that you believe is missing that these individuals can bring?

Round 2: product ideas with use case for $ape. This is, I think, what this DAO is most interested in funding. But here we have 6 winners with 500 APE each, so a very small amount of money. What products do you think people can make for that little money that would have actual impact? Why did you choose this specific amount / reasoning behind it?

Round 3: art/concept/derivatives celebrating ApeCoin DAO. In degen speak (forgive me), is this circlej3rk art? lol I mean, not saying I’m against it! Just asking… Also, derivatives of what, if you maybe have examples? Art is cool, I’m a small collector, but just seeking clarity here - are we just funding art that depicts ApeCoin? A mural? Where will this art be posted/displayed?

Round 4: seems again closer to core of the DAO’s mission, money’s enough for a prototype, but otherwise very small amount. What would you feel be a fantastic outcome of this round, as an example?

Right now this feels like a hybrid between a mini-accelerator and a hackathon, except it’s neither. Perhaps my idea/suggestion would be to instead do some hackathons. Start with one / small APE ask, return with results, then ask for more ape for a few events now. Rinse/repeat. Of course, up to you, this is just a suggestion/idea.

This AIP, as it stands, has a lot of right words in it, but it fails to impress on specific deliverables/benefits, imho.


Hello Sasha, we meet again.
This proposal if passed, will act like a testing ground to deploy small funds to DAO members. If you havnt read properly, then do see that this is focused on testing this mechanism in India. Here $2,300 can easily help an individual or a team for a long time. "Creating Awareness " itself is giving away its supposed to be, idk what you are not able to understand. It’s upto the people who submit proposal on how they are able to achieve this. It can be a weekly newsletter, a podcast, a fun video, an infographic; tldr : anything can come up through this round.
Hope this answers your question 1.

About the 2nd question, this is a test proposal to deploy small funds, thats why 500 $ape, and yes again; this can help many builders and artist for a decent amount of time. People who are ambitious to create and leave a footprint in web3 can do wonders even with a limited budget.
FYI, there’s a huge world beyond USA where $2,300 is a huge sum.

For round 3, it literally says "Open Category " in order to celebrate Apecoin DAO. I hope you are aware of the fact that entertainment and multi-media industry is huge. People can submit ideas with a comic book, a wood carved ape too maybe? A huge kite flying in shape of the coin itself, an exclusive line of lighters with apecoin decals, anything. Since you are a degen, you wont understand the concept of art and how it has shaped the NFT community we see today. Maybe you’ve missed the entire point of art all together.

Answering question 4, this is the DAO’s aim itself. All of the above round has its own uniqueness and aims to target this itself. About the outcome, we will ofcourse look into proposals and see which 2 proposals can have the biggest impact on Apecoin in India.

Thank you for the suggestion, I see how this may look like one but its covering a vast area in here, I believe that DAZE MG once passed will act as a solid blueprint for others.
Not every idea or project need $ in 5 figures. A tree comes from a seed afterall.

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Bro, I dunno why you’re so inappropriately aggressive. Your previous proposal didn’t pass; I attempted to provide areas where I thought clarity could help.

I won’t comment much, but instead just point out the (imho) inappropriate parts. Feel free to absorb and process or ignore.

I have no recollection of any beef with you so I’m not sure what you’re referring to here or why you’re phrasing it like this is a duel.

Passive aggressive.

Am aware, I grew up in Ukraine and am currently in Thailand. My previous comment stands.


Super inappropriate to the point of violating rules of this forum, probably. I’ll let moderator decide.

First, you are asking for 5 figures :stuck_out_tongue: But I wasn’t suggesting you need a huge amount, just a narrower focus. I’d expect amount to drop a bit for that focus, actually, since it’s narrower, but up to you to ask for whatever you feel is needed.

I have no beef with you, sir, so I’m really not sure why you jumped at me, but I’ll stop commenting on your stuff. Best of luck.


I’m sorry if my reply looked inappropriate @Sasha , I didnt meant to be rude or something.

Also can you explain how things in this proposal are inappropriate? Nonetheless I’ll try to response again. My DMs here and on twitter are always open as well :wave:

I think we’ve interacted once or twice over twitter thats why. Idk why you felt like its a duel.

My bad, hopefully my new response wont feel like one.


Ok at this point I’m simply gonna ignore rest of the post that you’ve replied to. Seems like you simply looking for a way to put dirt here. You feel like every single response I’ve made it “inappropriate” . 5 response so far and out of those you’ve used the word 3 times already + "passive aggressive "
Have a good day ser

I was referring to your response, not the proposal. The proposal is fine.

No, 80% of it was fine. All inappropriate parts I highlighted. Sorry, I thought it’s quite obvious why, but maybe something is lost in translation, so no problem explaining.

is inappropriate b/c this is a slant. Every single human alive with access to the Internet is aware of the fact that entertainment and MM are huge. The expression “I hope you are aware” followed by a fact everyone knows about is a slant, or an underhand attack. Replace the 2nd part of sentence with “that the sky is blue” and it may make more sense - “I hope you are aware that the sky is blue” is another way of saying “Listen, you dummy…” Hence why I said that it’s inappropriate.

This is an attack. It’s rude to tell anyone that they won’t understand something, especially something as subjective as art. You could argue that both are true: nobody understands art, and everyone understands art. This is double-rude when you don’t know about the person, their history, background, etc., as now it becomes a blind shot. Finally, “Maybe you’ve missed the entire point of art” is another slant; it’s a rude thing to say to anyone at all, much less a stranger on a civil forum in a discussion where we should all assume the best about each other. These are also personal statements about someone, which should be avoided here. They’re not relevant to the discussion or merits of the propposal and will only create issues, misunderstandings, conflicts, etc.

I hope these help. If not… cool, I’m gonna leave this at that.


I’ll start on a lighter note: Username checks out

Imo Sasha here raises a valid point. The voters loathe proposals which they consider as too generic, whatever the metric they use, I think that’s what he’s trying to point at. The more specific it is, the better many voters feel about it.

Antagonising people who are just trying to help, whether intentionally or otherwise is not gonna win you any favours. Not just that, it has the possibility of hurting your cause.

People who raises issues with a proposal as well as Sasha does is a huge blessing cause that nudges you towards improvement. The high bar set by other contributors essentially ensures that the quality of work which moves forward towards upto spec

Don’t let the conversation delve into a cesspool of whatever you might wanna call it, we’re not really apes now are we ?

I understand some of your points, but lets not come across as passive aggressive to each other as that further increases the chances of getting

Try and take things on a lighter note, There’s this quote “Always assume ignorance before malcontent” , that just ruins the convo for everyone

The feedback you receive here is supposed to be for the betterment of the proposal. It’s just like the old adage The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war

Pro Tip : Something I often use and like to recommend to peepee le :joy:

Read your reply from the perspective of the receiver before hitting post. It often helps me ensure I’m addressing all the points which were highlighted by the user and tells me if my tone ever sounds a bit off.


I feel the same way here when you asked something and stated how themes render useless.
You can DM me anytime and whenever you want specially since you think I’m being inappropriate so that we can sort this out. Discussing about this here is useless since it will give the entire thread a bad look.
I’ve already answered your questions but its clear that you are not satisfied with them for some reason or you wanna see what you think is right.
Apparently I was replying inappropriately and now I’m attacking all of sudden. Also somehow it also goes against community guidelines according to you.

I agree with @Sasha concern in the first post and I have answered them, but they are not something Sasha approve of. Thing about metrics, how can we show them when we dont have any data for the same? It can only be achieved once we host a round, announce winners and then see the outcome. For him the ask is low, winning amount is low and should propose a higher amount. What if someone says the ask is too high for small funding. I cant simply just keep nodding to anyone who suggest something.
I welcome a constructive criticism, always have. If Sasha would have gone through the proposal properly and the one before that then he would have what we have achieved, everything we are doing currently and what all we can achieve with this proposal.
$2,300 is low for a grant but DAZE was a bootstrap, we achieved so much so that national news channel ended their year’s crypto segment with our team; giving us a decent 5-10 mins segment interviewing each one of DAZE core team. A nationwide newspaper highlighted and showcased our first exhibition, 1 million + prints in the city alone.
We started all of this with 0 funding and still managed to create awareness about blockchain and NFTs back when things were just starting in India.

Evil, commenting on a proposal is not the same as commenting on a person…

I never said that themes make this a “useless” idea. I simply made a suggestion to focus followed by “Of course, up to you, this is just a suggestion/idea.” It’s hard for me to imagine how much clearer I could have made it that it’s a suggestion. And it’s made on a post tagged as “AIP Idea” where we’re expected to review and add suggestions. I’m so confused what you find offensive in that. It’s literally how this process is designed to work.

If you don’t like a suggestion/constructive criticism, just ignore it. Even better - thank the person and then ignore it, to be polite.

I’m not a fan of DMs b/c who gets the money is just as important, if not more so, as what the money is for. These conversations help everyone learn about the author. Whether the thread looks good or not is 100% in your control, not mine. If I post something bad it will reflect badly on me, not the thread, so no need to worry about that.


I’m asking to DM so that I can understand where and what made you think I’m being inappropriate so that I can work on it. I’m DMing you via twitter as I write this.

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Criticism of an Idea is not in any way the criticism of a person. It can feel like that cause I know you’ve spent a lot of time and effort.

And about measuring data I think he meant once the proposal passes and is going full throttle, how would you collect data and present those results so that it could be upscaled

Looking forward to this proposal moving towards voting again

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In timeline its mentioned how mentors will provide feedback and review the progress in those 2 weeks. How many AIPs have been passed and people consider seeing its progress? There is no set agenda as of now for checking milestone.
It ultimately depends on the team or person who submit and win on how they will work on it. We can only guide them as far as they are capable of and more. Ultimately they are able to make something that they can put up their own AIP for a full scale operation.

I’ll look forward to its implementation, Have a good one

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Upon reviewing the conversation, I concur with the CEO’s observation of the passive-aggressive tone. As members of the DAO, we all aspire for the success of as many individuals as possible. While this proposal has been previously voted against, it may be worthwhile to consider being more specific and receptive to everyone’s input. With these measures, we hope that the proposal will be successfully passed in the next vote. We wish you the best of luck and encourage you to persist in your efforts.


I agree at this point after seeing my comments that they sound passive aggressive. After talking with @Sasha I still was not able to understand where and how I did wrong until last night.
I sincerely apologize to him and any other who were offended.


No worries, man, all good :v:

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Love that you are not giving up after initially being voted against the first time you submitted this idea.

From an outsider looking in I feel like the proposal is a bit too vague and the ask seems high for what is being proposed.

I ran the Meebits prop house without any pay. You are asking for 6500 $APE for team management. That is roughly $25,000. What is that money being used for?

I also think you took a step in the wrong direction by having DAZE decide who wins. Prop house is FREE public infrastructure that could easily be used and allow DAO members to vote on how this money gets spent.

300 $APE for gas?? You are only giving out 18 grants. That is 18 transactions. I don’t see why you need ~$1200 for that? Use money from the team management fund for that.

I know you also recently received some funding from the MeebitsDAO to hold an event for DAZE in India. If that was a success then use some of that experience here (photos, short overview of the event, etc.) to show what these grants could possibly do.

I think you would have a much better shot if you were to scale this way down. Maybe something like this.

-5000 APE ask for 10 microgrants
-Use prop house as it is FREE
-Nothing needed for team management. Prove your worth first and then come back with a bigger, better ask when you have solid results.

Good luck!


Hey GM @BojangleGuy
Yeh I feel positive nonetheless specially since majority of holders decided to vote in favor of the proposal, it was voted against only by a dozen whale wallets. So I see this as majority of holders wish to see something like this tested.

Yes I’m aware of that and in all honesty that was my inspiration as well when it first came out. If you take a look at the previous proposal you will see I mentioned Prop House to be used as the main infrastructure for this proposal. The main reason why I decided to drop PH was after discussing with few community members. I can DM you regarding those reason since it doesnt make sense telling them here.
Regarding your other questions on 6,500 APE, team management expenses are mentioned above in the proposal itself. Main expenses will be going towards IRL activation.
Other expenses include compensation to us, DAZE team, volunteers, documentation of the event ( Photography/Videography ) and legal activities which during last proposal I discussed with the admin team; i.e bank transfer.
Some misc expenses includes entertainment, merchandise , travelling and hosting a mini meet up a day after the event.
Just in case someone says " But BojangleGuy did this for free, why should the DAO pay you for doing the same" I hope you will understand that there is a huge difference between planning an event virtually and physically, tho both required immerse workload, time and effort, creating an event IRL ground require more manpower and management. Thats where 6,500 APE will be used for

I’ll try to answer these questions in different thread instead of a single one. Bear with me lol

I tried to put Prop House main priority in order to decide who win, but it wasnt welcome by some community members in my DM. Some had their concerns and some just didnt wanted to use it. I spent my fair share of time in order to convince them. Also got to know that something like that is being developed within Apecoin DAO so hoping to see it come on surface soon. As always I am willing to share those concern with you in DM if you wanna know.
Regarding DAZE decide who win, I can proudly say that many people believe in us and trust us that we will bring out the best of proposals that are capable of introducing Apecoin to India and help build wonderful things from it. I hope Apecoin DAO is able to believe in us as well. We did created an exhibition with India’s top artist as curators to bring spotlight on the hidden gems of NFT artist. I hope community members can see that it is not a wrong direction.

Can never be sure about eth when it comes to gas, people also complaint if they are not paid on time. So I consider it is always better to have enough for gas fees.
Also about use money from the team management, from my last proposal which the admins asked internally, team management money ( If proposal is passed ) will be sent via bank transfer ( tax included ).
Although after reading this, I now realized that its way too high of an ask for gas fee. Changing this to 100 APE.
Thank you for pin pointing this out @BojangleGuy