AIP-251: ApeCoin DAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoin DAO Newcomers

Hey shotgun.tobi!

The only thing you need to be a member of the DAO is 1 $ape! Super glad you are here and looking forward to seeing everything you will bring to the DAO.

I love the idea of having a full blown DAO wiki and think that it could be very valuable for the DAO. But I think that is something separate from an onboarding guide. An onboarding guide wouldn’t be as intense and would be focused on teaching people the basics!


Hey @BojangleGuy,

This is a great idea.

I’d like to suggest a question for the DAO-wide survey regarding onboarding.

I have heard concerns from some community members about not wanting to connect their wallets, and that some people don’t participate in discourse for this reason.

Would it be possible to include in the survey a question about the process of connecting your wallet to discourse?

This may be an important part of the onboarding process that needs addressing.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

After review, this Topic submitted by @BojangleGuy is ready for vote. The proposal will be posted on Snapshot at the next weekly release, which is every Thursday at 9PM ET.

Kind Regards,


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