AIP-260: Forever Apes // Welcome To ApeCoin, The IRL Onboarding Kit

Forever Apes // Welcome To ApeCoin, The IRL Onboarding Kit

Category: Core: Brand Decision

Submitted by: Forever Apes Team: 12GAUGE, Brazy


This proposal aims to create ApeCoin branded Welcome Kits to serve as onboarding and educational tools to attract newcomers. Provided to event organizers (at no cost) for giveaways at IRL events, these kits will educate newcomers about the DAO via printed guides (available in 4 languages), scannable invites to social channels, and serve as event takeaways to be filled with event-specific merchandise provided by event organizers / sponsors.


We will collaborate with other ecosystem AIPs including ThankApe to reward new users for participating in our community. These Welcome Kits will be available to event organizers worldwide (quantity TBD) as a free promotional tool for approved events. This proposal also includes:

• Holographic ApeCoin logo sticker
• Foam insert and / or gift wrap
• 4-page quick start mini booklet on how to onboard & get involved in the DAO (available in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish)
• A scannable code to drive users to the DAOs channels (Discord, Discourse, Twitter)

These Welcome Kits will be an engaging educational experience in which users can gain a deeper understanding of the DAO, its potential, and how they can contribute to its growth.



Brazy and 12GAUGE - We co-founded a digital agency and grew it to 30+ people before stepping away last year to focus on web3. A Creative Director, Brazy has 15+ years of experience in graphic design. 12GAUGE has a background in Video Production and has been actively producing digital media for 10 years.

Portfolios below, case studies upon request.

Brazy portfolio

12GAUGE Portfolio


Onboarding and education are critical components of any DAO’s success, ApeCoin DAO is no exception. One of the most significant challenges faced by ApeCoin DAO has been attracting and educating new users about the DAO’s purpose. We believe these Welcome Kits can welcome and teach both new and existing participants. The information included will be concise, clear, and accessible, aimed at making the DAO less intimidating and encouraging participation.


These Welcome Kits intended to break down barriers to entry by providing ApeCoin DAO educational material that is easy to understand. Scannable links, and high quality physical items will be an excellent way to make ApeCoin DAO less intimidating to new users. These kits will be a valuable addition to the community as a way to uniquely onboard and create a memorable experience for attendees.


Welcome Kits will be available to ApeCoin themed events and meetups at no cost (+shipping). Contents of each Welcome Kit include:

  1. Rigid box (Dimensions roughly 6”x6”x4”)
  • Educational material
  • Scannable invites
  • Custom foam insert
  1. Physical Items
  • Printed quick start DAO onboarding guide (in 4 languages)
  • 4 Separate language inserts
  • 2” Holographic ApeCoin sticker

Our team has demonstrated its strength in design and is fully equipped to execute on this proposal. We would also like to extend an invite to any / all DAO members who would like to submit designs. These community members will be compensated for approved designs.


Once the DAO approves this AIP, Forever Apes is positioned to implement these steps at once. Design will begin immediately.

The estimated timeline for the above steps is as following -

  1. Box & booklet design [5 Weeks]
  2. Box production [10 Weeks]
  3. Distribution [Ongoing]


This section highlights the rough cost structure including collaborations, design, production, and storage.

  • 100% ApeCoin payment would be preferred.

Total Estimate: $17,500 (USD PAID IN $APE)

Budget Breakdown


I think this is a great way to onboard WEB2 crowd into our ecosystem and also a great kit to use in conventions or IRL meetups. It creates a great brand awareness impact but at the same time in a subtle non invasive way


Love this idea and know that there is no better team to execute it! I feel like this also goes hand in hand with my current AIP that is in the draft phase right now. Having the physical (your AIP) and digital version (my AIP) of the ApeCoin DAO onboarding guide be the same will build a cohesive and familiar experience across the board.

I also feel like this is a perfect fit for @maariab and her recently passed AIP-230 assuming this gets passed and production happens in time for the IRL events she is organizing.

Good luck Forever Apes :heart:


Hi @Brazy,

Nice proposal! This seems like a great way to onboard and educate newcomers to ApeCoin DAO. I especially like the idea of providing these kits as giveaways at IRL events and including scannable invites to social channels and AR activations. It’s also great to see that you plan on collaborating with other ecosystem AIPs, such as ThankApe, to reward new users for participating in the community.
I can see how we gift those kits in Founders Circle’s event too.

Keep up the good work!

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Nice one! This will allow newcomers to join our community in a better way with motivation! I support this idea.


It’s really powerful to create tools that can be used at IRL events. Especially in terms of education and onboarding, as you set out. 100% agreed. And I love the initial designs - feel very clean, high quality / premium, and the sticker in particular brings in the creativity and boldness.

Wonder how we could dial up that element of boldness, maybe within the content itself? For a training business I built we created printed material that used AR to increase engagement and lift key ideas off the page. Happy to share our learnings if it helps. Or brainstorm new ones! :slight_smile:

One final though, some kind of UTMs could help us get interesting signals that we can dig into to understand where we’re getting highest conversion. With a bit of exploration it could give us valuable insights.

TL; DR love it! :blue_heart:


I like the idea. I think it is a good way to activate people into the ecosystem and DAO. It would be great to make sure we are onboarding well and include other participants/grant recipients particularly where it helps onboard smoothly e.g. Boring Security.
I would also really like to make sure your are including budget to ensure this is global. It is critical that the cities that are selected represent the diversity of our membership and the aspiration to have a global impact.


I echo the sentiment from others. This is a ‘simple’ and potentially effective way to increase brand awareness and onbarding, from a team who have a good track record (wrt to design quality and distribution reliability). Layering in working with sponsors and collaborating with other in-ecosystem AIPs is crucial and more difficult to assess at this point, but that shouldn’t hold back what is a good idea.

One obvious comp here is Bright Moments (BM), who produce free starter packs at all of their IRL events (customised per City). Having experienced this with BM-naive people, I can confirm it can be a very effective way to on-board people and certainly provides for a richer and more memorable IRL experience. BM have a partnership with Ledger where they also provide free custom Nano’s (thinking Apecoin Ledgers here) and there are all kind of other obvious partnerships that can be built of this starter pack platform.

Thanks @Brazy @12GAUGE for raising this AIP idea and the continued effort to expand the DAOs awareness and brand!


Thanks @BojangleGuy!

100% - would love this to be as collaborative as possible, especially with our Quick Start booklet and the research + input work you are doing. Super excited to bridge the gap of onboarding in both IRL and URL in a cohesive (and simplified) way. We’re also planning on doing our onboarding booklet in multiple languages to make this as global as possible.

@maariab would be great to hear your thoughts as well. If you have any recommendations or learnings from past events, we’d love to hear them!

We’ve been to many meetups in the web2 world and have learned a lot about traditional event merch/onboarding tools, so are doing out best to elevate that experience and create something that’s not only enjoyable and educational, but something that people will want to hold onto.

Also, if there are any other creators or products who’d like to get involved as sponsors, DMs are open!


Thank you @StoicDegen!

Absolutely, the main goal from the outset was to make this as broad as possible so that it could be relevant from large scale events (ETHGlobal, ApeFest, etc) all the way down to smaller local meetups. We intend to create our onboarding manual in multiple languages and be as inclusive of as many communities as possible. The core of the concept is that we provide the box + onboarding materials as the vehicle, but event organizers have the ability to include + showcase local or community specific sponsorships as well specific to their event.

The Welcome Kit would be provided free of charge (+shipping) to approved events, with the goal of simplifying the onboarding experience while doubling as an event takeaway. The budget would essentially determine how many events we could support, and what quantity we’d be able to provide to each.

Appreciate you reading and commenting, happy to keep the convo going as the idea evolves!


Appreciate the kind words @Adz :pray: The content will definitely a collaborative effort and we would love to take this to the next level with your help and experience at catapult. I feel like AR is really finding its stride right now, and between yourself and people like @JustFred / Art House I think we can really create something impressive.
Your comment on UTMs is definitely valid, measurable results are so important for a successful AIP and we will definitely need a precise way to track those. Would love to chat, see you in the DMs.


Appreciate the mention @badteeth! And the timing works out really well; in the final stages of prepping an AR AIP to empower entrepreneurs like you & projects like this. :handshake:

The energy in ApeCoin DAO is so palpable right now; excited for the rest of the world to experience it.


Wrong cowboy, hombre. :cowboy_hat_face:


Love it. A little confused on who bears the cost, one time it says “no cost” and another - that organizers pay for printing.

As long as budget is low and scale large enough, this idea is great!

Have you considered making a certain quantity available on a website for anyone owning X amount of $ape? (say, 200 ape minimum)

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That’s @12GAUGE, but the Orange Cowboys are :muscle:. I’m also a fan of your work and definitely need to connect soon!

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:man_facepalming: my bad, apologies @12GAUGE! wow, this is mistaken digital identity in full effect. :joy:

Thank YOU for the shout out. And, anytime you’d like to discuss AR, please reach out. I literally get adrenaline rushes from these kind of creative conversations. :handshake:


Thanks @12GAUGE - excited for it!

To avoid being misleading, I’m actually finishing up at Catapult this month. But I’m very happy to draw on that as well as my time in entrepreneurship and FMCG global brand teams. :slight_smile:

See you in DMs!


Great connection for this. Definitely, it can be taken to the next level by teaming up together to execute. APE-ish!


Good catch @Sasha !

  • x12 City-themed ApeCoin designs
    • Unique to each city, we will design an ApeCoin themed illustration to represent the host city for the first 12 events. Event organizers are free to use the design for event promotion, merch, or however they deem necessary.

Formerly known as “City Stickers”, updated language to better reflect the deliverable. Hope this helps.

For this AIP we are really focusing on IRL takeaways, but if demand is there we could definitely explore the idea of opening it to the community.

We are currently waiting on pricing from our box supplier, but Im curious what quantity you would like to see?

Thanks for the feedback :pray:


Welcome packs are good. But here a dilemma arises. Imagine that there is a large influx of newcomers, 90 percent of which will disappear over time. Wouldn’t that be an unnecessary expense for individuals not interested in being in the community. And if you give these sets for certain achievements, then this is no longer a welcome set, just as if a beginner does activities, then he is not a beginner at all. These are my thoughts.

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