AIP-470: MBA Powered ApeFest Lisbon x ApeCoin Merch

MBA Powered ApeFest Lisbon x ApeCoin Merch


Apewhale - Active member of the ApeCoin DAO for over a year, on the ThankApe Board, active member of the BAYC community, Officially Licensed by the Ape Foundation for ApeCoin and ApeKin mascot, MBA Licensee (#100 for Boring Merch), business owner with over 15 years in the custom apparel and merch distribution industry.

I am available on all major platforms. Yes, even Telegram. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out or post them below.

I’m fascinated with web3 and crypto. Based out of Tampa, FL (Cigar City Apes) originally from NYC. Married with 2 amazing kids and 2 doggies. I noticed a need for quality, customizable merch. My current business specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of sporting goods and apparel along with hosting IRL events. We have been in business for over 15 years. We have full time staff and a 10,000 square foot warehouse. We ship packages worldwide daily via USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, and major freight trucking companies.

This led me to creating Boring Merch in 2023.The goal at BM is to help elevate your style with our exclusive 100% custom NFT merchandise, apparel, and designs. With over a decade of expertise since 2009, we’ve mastered the art of transforming ideas into wearable masterpieces, bringing your unique vision to life. Proudly licensed under Made By Apes license #100. We’ve collaborated with several other MBAs such as Bored Run Club, Boring Security, and Wallet Guard to name a few.

Method of communication:
Twitter DM: @ApewhaleNFT, Discord DM apewhale, email:



Building on Normie’s AIP-299 idea for an ApeFest/ApeCoin merch activation, I’ve been wanting to get this idea up for a while. I reached out to Normie to find out if they were planning on creating a 2024 ApeFest merch AIP and the answer was no. So, here we are.

Generating increased exposure to ApeCoin DAO via unique, high quality, collaborative merch made by the community…

The idea here is to build on that initial AIP concept. We will be creating merch, along with the help of other MBA businesses, that can be distributed to ApeCoin holders for ApeFest.

This will not be a typical generic hoodie merch kit. It will be custom ApeFest Lisbon X ApeCoin merch!


We will have high quality merch that holders can be proud of wearing and posting about on social media before, during, and after ApeFest.

Working with other MBA license holders, we will include some of their products (to be determined based on custom options), to help with awareness and word of mouth.

We’ll require that you have a specific role in the ApeCoin Discord or Discourse forum plus have an ApeFest ticket in order to claim your free merch package (1 per person). We will be asking claimers to submit a screenshot of their Tokenproof ticket/dashboard, tied to their wallet containing the ApeCoin. This will show the ticket and the wallet address.

We will also have some surplus items that we can potentially giveaway at ApeCoin/ApeFest side events and other ApeCoin centric events throughout the year.


  • Start: As soon as the AIP is approved/passes. End date: 10/20/24.

  • Discovery Phase: (1 weeks) Upon the AIP’s approval and funding, I will immediately follow up and begin reaching out to other MBA licensees regarding their products potential inclusion (I’ve already started this process). Additionally, a simple form will be created to give MBA’s an option to submit their interest. This will involve finalizing what will be included in the final merch kit.

  • Design Phase: (2 weeks) Now we can work with the finalized MBA’s business, designers, etc to complete product and merch kit designs.

  • Production Phase: (8 weeks) We go to production to get everything made along with their estimated completion times so that we can map out the claim process. Ideally we will have the estimated completion times from the various partners so that we can have the proper time to get everyone their merch kits. We will have all of the MBA products sent to my central warehouse where we will inventory, check quality control, and prepare each merch kit for the next phase.

  • Fulfillment Phase: (2 weeks) This is the claiming process. We will roll out claims in stages via our website ( where everything is tracked. This will allow for us to vet each claimed merch kit to match it to a single holder. Then we will begin shipping the merch kits worldwide. We’ll only be asking for the standard info needed to ship any item: name, address, phone, email (the only other costs that the users may incur is their customs import /duties/taxes fees for their respective countries; there will be a message on the product page about this before claiming). This will give people time to receive their merch kits so that they can post about it (we’ll include a prompt in the kit), wear it and provide exposure to ApeCoin leading up to and outside of ApeFest Lisbon. Part of the goal with shipping the claimed merch kits is to minimize the in-person pick ups. With that said, I will also coordinate with a side event to have merch kits claimable at ApeFest.

  • Security note: All sensitive data will be encrypted both in transit and at rest using industry-standard encryption protocols. We will enforce strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. Adhere to data protection regulations and best practices, such as GDPR and CCPA. Use secure payment gateways that comply with PCI-DSS standards to protect payment information despite the claim being “free”. Collect only the necessary information and retain it only as long as needed for business purposes. Users can also opt to have their info scrubbed after the order is processed. By following these practices, we aim to ensure the highest level of security for our users’ sensitive information.

  • Fully Implemented: The AIP will be considered fully implemented upon the conclusion of ApeFest. In the event that we have the bonus Claim Out Phase of 100 extra kits, it will be considered fully implemented upon the delivery of those 100 extra kits to claimers.

I feel like 250 claimed merch kits is a solid goal. Any surplus/unclaimed merch will be set aside to be given out at ApeCoin events after ApeFest. The sooner that this AIP is approved, the sooner we can begin coordinating for some awesome merch at ApeFest.

Potential merch items to be included in the merch kit:

*Edit: Wanted to add a choice of female vs male kit as an option as well.

Plush ApeKin (pictured)
Bucket hat
Snapback Cap
Pin Set
Sticker Set
Collectible Coin
And more

This is not a complete list as we will need to finalize with MBAs. Based on what the different MBA’s can produce, we will work to include their item in the final merch kit. To reiterate, this will not be a generic cotton tee, hoodie, hat merch kit. It will be custom ApeFest Lisbon X ApeCoin merch!


I will provide an update on the AIP at minimum every 2 weeks with the progress and photos (when available) until fully implemented. This will be posted in the ApeCoin Discourse and Discord.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $96,500.

The plan is budgeting $225 per merch kit for 250 total with about $50 per kit for packaging and logistics ($69,000); we would only receive $69k upon AIP approval. The additional $27,500 to make 100 extra kits would be received only if we sell out of the 250 kits, else the unused funds would remain with the DAO treasury.

Merch Kit Budget Details:
Merch Kit - $225 (this includes all MBA products sourced during the Discovery Phase)

Logistics per kit claim - $50 (this includes the overall kit packaging and shipping to claimers)

Total Overall Per - $275

$69,000/$275 = 250 Merch Kits

Specifics will be ironed out on product costs once I have the MBAs selected and their product offerings.

Anything surplus would go to other events as previously stated.

This will cover all products, packaging, and logistics.

Upon approval, the DAO would release the initial $69,000 to cover the 250 kits.

Claim Out Phase 1: If the initial claim for the merch kits is successful and sells out (250 kits), I intend to request a reorder with a pre-order period to meet excess demand for those not able to claim during the first claim phase.

After that, I will open it up to have the other 100 claimable for the other $27,500 to be released to cover the extra 100 merch kits. Else, the remaining $27,500 would remain with the DAO treasury.


Is this AIP targeted to MBA brands or official ApeCoin licensed merch/apparel?

If it’s the former, is $250/kit enough to purchase enough to buy enough materials to create a meaningful experience?

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Hey Von! Good question. It’s targeted towards working with existing MBA brands that are capable of producing unique a product for the kit. It will not be an all encompassing kit that includes every possible MBA product available.

The per kit amount will be enough to curate a meaningful merch kit experience.


Gotcha. Let me know if you want anything from my brand in there. Happy to be part of the effort.


Will keep you posted if/when the time comes. :saluting_face:

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Love seeing this @Apewhale!!!

And feel that these kits would be very cool!!! Also stoked to see you putting up your first AIP proposal!!!


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You know I love merch.

Looking forward to this and congratulations on first AIP.

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Thank you sir. I feel the same way and am excited to work alongside other amazing contributors to put this together while showcasing their products to the ApeCoin community.

I had to make my first AIP proposal be something that I’d be passionate about!

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Don’t we all!

Thanks fam. Much appreciated!

Love to see this, I think it would be super cool for those who can attend and possibly even a paid version in $APE to those who cannot attend!

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I thought about that and included a section about that for open discussion in case of a free claim sell out.

Definitely open to the idea to not only generate revenue for the DAO but also continue to showcase the MBA products and demand for them.

Also, thanks for making this the first time you’ve commented. LFG!

Congrats on your first AIP proposal! For those that can’t make the trip, please give us the opportunity to purchase a kit. I love the plushy design!

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Thank you!

Yes, that is something being considered for sure.

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Happy to read that you will ship worldwide. You think to all in the community even those who would not be able attend the ApeFest.

Congrats on your first AIP.


Amazing initiative!!!

I imagine the Apefest Lisbon 2024 x ApeCoin shirt to be very high demand. You could also add lanyards maybe. Oh man… Im looking forward to the designs!!!

I hope the AIP process won’t take too long.

I’m a big supporter of this!
Let me know if I can help with the art.


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Happy to see your first AIP and it’s a cool concept! A few comments on my side:

  • ApeFest is a brand from Yuga Labs so this AIP can’t grant the “ApeFest Lisbon X ApeCoin”
  • I would like to see a list and mockup/picture of the curated products before going to vote so the community has a clear view of what they are voting for
  • A detailed explanation of how the ApeCoin Brand and ApeKin mascot will be used as this will require a trademark agreement per product

Kinda confused, this means that it’s going to be free if the AIP is passed

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Hey Zaiku, thank you. For sure we will ship all over! Also congrats on your first post as well!

Hey @AnnieRawrz, yes I had a brainfart and thought I added lanyards to the list. They are a must. Thanks for the reminder.

I agree on the timing, but hopefully it doesn’t take too much time. I will keep you posted on any art needs. I appreciate it!

Hi @DIM, yes I’m happy to get my first AIP idea up as well. This will NOT use any Yuga/BAYC/ApeFest trademarks as we know that that is not permitted.

As for mock ups and lists, I have the Discovery Phase and Design Phase in there to cover that. With that said, the plush is the one thing I can display (and why I showed it) as I have that in production already due to production timelines.

Regarding the ApeCoin and ApeKin usage: my company, Boring Merch, already has the necessary licenses to use them. As for other products being made, the goal was to reduce hurdles so they don’t necessarily need to have the ApeCoin branding on them as long as they have a cohesive feel/theme for an overall ApeCoin/ApeFest/Lisbon merch package. There may also be situations depending on which MBAs are curated where they may already have a license. That will all be part of the Discovery Phase.

Thanks for the thoughtful input.:pray:

Hey @Billydbeast, yes this is for 250 kits (with an additional potential 100 kits), to be made as a free claim.

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Full endorsement of yet another community focused proposal. Nothing further to add.