AIP-263: Merch Apes // Free Luxury ApeCoin Varsity Jackets

Category: Core: Branding

Submitted by: Merch Ape Team: Zoopie

  This proposal aims to fuel the increasing demand for merchandise and tangible goods as a means of spreading cultural and brand recognition globally. We believe it is an opportune moment to introduce ApeCoin-branded luxury merchandise. Apparel and memorabilia are key avenues for personal expression, and it seems only fitting that ApeCoin should have its own merchandise to mirror our community’s sentiments, ideas, and individual tastes! We envision these ApeCoin Cloud Varsity Jackets to be available to community members. This limited-edition line will not only boost ApeCoin’s visibility but also reinforce our commitment to culture and community engagement.

Please note that the product design is a mockup and may be subject to change.

Here are some sample images showcasing the work that the manufacturer has done in the past:

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Please be advised that all the images in question are the property of Kith NYC

Pictured: Garment that I designed and featured during Art Basel Miami 2022.

  Our aim is to assess the community’s interest in this preorder, with the potential to scale up production based on the response. These jackets will be offered to holders possessing a minimum of 250 ApeCoin, with ApeCoin being the sole accepted form of payment. ApeCoin community members will have the opportunity to collect this limited-edition piece for the equivalent of around $669 USD in $APE coin. Additionally, to commemorate this first-edition release, we will raffle off 5 varsity jackets to the community free of charge, to community members who hold at least 250 ApeCoin.

  This initiative marks the beginning of our efforts to expand the range of accessories and products available under ApeCoin DAO. We believe that the incorporation of our brand into everyday streetwear plays a vital role in fostering a sense of shared identity and pride within our community, thereby helping us grow and develop together.

Team/Author Description

  I have been a member of BAYC since January of 2022 and am also a member of the Bay Area Apes and Chinese Ape Club. I have been doing business in the streetwear market since 2015 with a great understanding of streetwear design, luxury garment trends, and high-end fabric and design.


  Bringing in hype and culture into the DAO, our mission statement stated that we are here to cultivate community and culture, merch is one way to bring all of us together allowing us to be who we are and represent what we love. We want everyone to know that ApeCoin DAO isn’t boring. We want people to wear something cool, represent the DAO, and also build a brand with the community. This is the beginning of what we want to create, a step towards nurturing our community around items of cultural value.


  This varsity jacket is just the spark that lights the flame! It’s our first step in introducing a wider range of products into the DAO. We’ve heard our community members voicing their desire for clothing and other items that allow them to visibly represent the DAO. We’re here to deliver on that request!

  Imagine having a piece of memorabilia that not only commemorates your involvement with the DAO but also sparks conversation and ignites curiosity. But this is just the beginning - envision a future filled with exciting collaborations and innovative products.

  We’re not just creating merchandise; we’re building a powerful, recognizable brand for our DAO. The time is ripe, and the moment is now. Let’s seize this opportunity and turn our dreams into reality!

Benefit to the ApeCoin DAO Ecosystem

We’re incredibly excited about the impact that stylish merchandise can have on the ApeCoin DAO community! Envision it as more than just merchandise; think of it as a community builder, an icebreaker, and a conversation starter all rolled into one. Our goal is to achieve widespread adoption, and fashionable merch serves as a fantastic way for people to connect, learn, and feel part of an exclusive club.

I experienced this firsthand when I wore my first sample of a trench coach jacket. People stopped me to ask where I got it, and many of them had never even heard of crypto or NFTs before. That’s the power of great design—it transcends boundaries and introduces our unique community to a broader audience.

So, to truly go mainstream, we need merchandise that turns heads, starts conversations, and gets everyone excited about ApeCoin!


  This contemporary-fitting varsity jacket is meticulously hand-crafted in the United States. Crafted from the finest wool fabric, it showcases detailed, fully embroidered embellishments across the chest and back, and is accented with a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband.

We are requesting to secure the approval for the use of the ApeCoin logo for this limited-release drop of up to 100 varsity jackets, as the ApeCoin logo will be used on our tags. We request that the official ApeCoin Twitter account retweet at least six specific announcements: First, when the initial set of five varsity jackets is ready to be raffled off to the community, plus the other five are available for purchase. Second, we request ApeCoin retweet again when pre-orders are open for wave 2 which is the next batch of 100 varsity jackets. Third, we will submit tweet requests through forms for additional announcements to be shared to the community. Finally, we request ApeCoin to retweet any community member’s post about their ApeCoin varsity jackets if deemed appropriate.

We acknowledge that the Ape Foundation provides marketing support to ecosystem projects at its own discretion.


Contemporary Fit

Size Chest Sleeve Center back length
XS 36 - 37 33~ 24
S 38 - 39 34.5~ 25
M 40 - 41 35~ 26
L 42 - 43 36~ 27
XL 44 - 45 37~ 28
XXL 46 - 47 37.5~ 29

~Measurement are in inches

Note: Lining adds a little bulk to the inside of the jacket. Please note that these jackets are subject to change.

Steps to implement
  1. Create a mockup design for the varsity jacket Completed
  2. Formulate a survey to estimate production quantity In Progress
  3. Collaborate with manufacturers to produce an initial run of up to 100 units (1 - 2 months) In Progress
  4. Develop a website that exclusively accepts ApeCoin as a form of payment Not Started
  5. Host a raffle to distribute 5~ or more pieces among our community members Not Started
  6. Work with Apecoin Twitter to promote varsity jacket Not Started
  7. Make the remaining varsity jackets available on our website on a first-come, first-served basis Not Started

  Upon the DAO’s approval of this AIP, we will release a website for pre-orders, and commence production while providing regular updates via Discourse. We anticipate that the production process will span a period of 1 to 2 months.

Overall Cost:
  0 Cost

  We kindly request your participation in this survey. Your input will greatly assist us in accurately assessing demand and sizing considerations.


Not sure I’d wear/buy it, but definitely not against you guys making them, especially at zero cost to the DAO. Good luck!


Edit 1: The minimum ApeCoin requirement to purchase the jacket has been adjusted downwards, from 500 to 250 ApeCoin.


We appreciate your support and are eager to learn about the community’s perspective on this design, as well as any future concepts we may propose.


Huge support for this. @Zoopie is easily one of the most thoughtful, thorough, and qualified creators I’ve met within the community, and have constantly been blown away by his level of care for his craft.

We’ve had a few conversations where he has outlined the need for pushing the needle on quality, and has taken learnings from past merch drops in the space and the very vocal feedback that we’ve all seen and heard. He even mentioned going to Milan to learn more about fashion design, sourcing materials, and how to make the most out of your product process to ensure end to end quality - big W when someone is this passionate about any idea.

Here if you ever want to bounce ideas or need a second set of eyes or ears on anything!


I’ve seen you rock’in this jacket several times and I LOVE it! I would be so happy to have my own tooooooooo! Get it!


Loved that total different jacket design, cant wait soo see it be real for us!!!


Brazy, I really like your kind words. They mean so much to me. I’ve enjoyed our chats over the last few months. It’s great seeing all the work you and your team have done. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do next!


Ms. Nfty, thank you so much for your support. I’ve noticed you’ve been working really hard since joining the ApeCoin DAO. Great to see it, curious to see what your next moves are!


Toga, thanks a lot! Your support means so much to us. We’re always excited to hear what the community thinks because it makes things more interesting!


Completed filling the survey. Don’t have a minimum of 500Apecoins in wallet though . But I have full support on your idea


Thanks for your support! We’re open to your thoughts on the requirements and ready to adapt if necessary. Your feedback is appreciated! Totally understandable about the requirements and will note it if it becomes a huge deal.

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My feedback is as recorded in the form. I have filled ‘Yes’ in the form even though I don’t have the minimum of $500ApeCoin . Maybe lowering the the minimum requirements. Have flexibility in payment method to bring in the crowd . If the demand is good I am sure they will be returning customers. By then only implement only Apecoin payment wouldn’t be too late. As the whole idea is to bring in more ppl to the ApeCoin Dao and create brand awareness


I agree with @Brazy sentiments here, full disclosure I don’t know @Zoopie but it’s what caught my attention with this AIP is;

  1. Zoopie was intentional in not just “cutting and pasting” the ApeCoinBlue Skull Logo on the Mock-Up Merch Example and putting forward a creative spin on the ApeCoin silhouette which is indicates to me that this was done with care and some thoughtfulness to pay homage to the ApeCoin brand but also put their own creative flair on the design.

This is what we love to see in this space right? is members expressing their creativity through whatever medium floats their boat and bringing these ideas to the table and forums like this.

  1. Time and time again, I read so many AIPs which default to using the ApeCoin Blue Skull Logo on whatever product/service they are proposing through their AIP (which may resonate more positively from the community opinion since its really a faux “cheat code” to do this for you proposal and it’s likely to be received by the community as a whole as a positive vs a creative artist like Zoopie, who puts forward their own aesthetic for ApeCoin Design and naturally the community may or may not feel as attached to cloud-style mock-up skull (design wise) as they would the blue ApeCoin skull.

This might present Zoopie with lower engagement wise for his AIP because this merch style design is not overly familiar designs on it (with no apecoin skull to reference) and may not resonate as the design is very unique and stylised.

Nothing wrong with AIPs that include the ApeCoin Blue Skull in the art of their AIP but there really should be some brand protection and rules governing the usage of this when submitting proposals (perhaps this needs to be an AIP for ApeCoin brand & IP rights as it will cause confusion with YUGA BAYC Logo IP (yes not related) but much more members are aware that you can’t use it over that side, yet here the Blue Skull is widespread).

  1. I hope as a community we can behind all creators and members who submit proposals that help bring new products (which align to the ApeCoin ecosystem etc etc ) to fruition and demonstrate by our overall AIP approvals which moves to voting and then approvals to encourage more and more people who may be outside this community to put forward an AIP.

Lastly, I believe the 500 minimum apecoin is just another barrier for some members to participate.

Best of luck with this process @Zoopie and whatever the result, please continue to submit these creative ideas for garments as AIPs.


Such a great design and I love the creativity! Excited to watch your journey producing these^^

Especially at no cost to the DAO, it’s an easy yes vote :handshake:


I love this Merch design. I’m definitely looking forward to this AIP.


Thank you guys for creating, for real its soo freacking dope i would extremly love to get one for myself


Hope that it’s accessible for everyone.
In terms of price and location included.


Noted on that feedback thank you so much! I see that a lot of people have similar feedback so will make some changes to make it more obtainable. Would love to hear what you think is 200 minimum ApeCoin a good minimum or should it be lower?


I truly appreciate your kind words and valuable feedback. I concur that the minimum requirement might be overwhelming for some, and I assure you that we will consider this while making upcoming changes. Your comments and feedback are genuinely treasured. Thank you! How much ApeCoin do you think is a reasonable minimum requirement?