AIP-314: Beyond the NFT: NFT Lab Magazine's Plan for Empowering ApeCoin's Global Community

Proposal name: Beyond the NFT: NFT Lab Magazine’s Plan for Empowering ApeCoin’s Global Community

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


NFT Lab Magazine is a well-established physical publication that has distributed over 20,000 magazines through 4 issues spread across 1,000 locations, reaching over 35,000 readers. This proposal aims at promoting Apecoin and Yuga ecosystem news and projects to the existing audience base and beyond. Our strategy includes generating content that spotlights community projects, ApeCoin DAO news, Yuga projects and approved AIPs, thus enriching the ApeCoin ecosystem and drive mass adoptions, potentially increase the $Apecoin and Yuga collections value.

Proposal Authors: Jason Au, currently a NASDAQ listed company director, focusing in Fintech, diverse investment and technology solutions. Jason also founded The Elite Apes, a group of Bored Ape Yacht Club owners that started as an early experiment when shopping for his first NFT (BAYC) with his daughter, who came up with the idea to find “all of the Apes” and have a party. Now, just two years later the group has over 150 members from countries all over the world holding numerous high-profile professions and big-brand affiliations.

Team Description

NFT Lab is funded and operated by the Elite Apes. Elite Apes is a BAYC community founded in July 2021 with over 150 early BAYC and Apecoin holders. They are committed to driving the mass adoption of Apecoin and BAYC awareness through media and education


Our aim is to educate the public about Web3, Yuga Lab and Aepcoin. The magazine is already well developed, with a solid audience base. By supporting our magazine, Apecoin DAO can leverage our existing reach and credibility to increase mass adoption & awareness for Apecoin, as well as community projects.

Benefits to ApeCoin Ecosystem

As of right now, ApeCoin primarily revolves around Yuga Labs NFTs and their upcoming Otherside metaverse, but by promoting new use cases through NFT Lab, we can faster adoption for more real-world applications and mainstream adoption in Asia. We will also promote other approved AIPs including becoming an official mentor and collaboration partner with the other ApeCoin funded magazine project called Beyond The Swamp, which is releasing its first issue later this summer based out of North America.

Specifications & Magazine Contents

  1. Feature different community projects – open for submissions.
  2. Feature an ApeCoin DAO Corner, covering ApeCoin DAO news and Yuga Brand developments.
  3. Coverpage will have “Powered by Apecoin” Logo.
  4. Serve as an unbiased platform to report on approved AIP proposals.
  5. Develop an online version of the magazine.
  6. Merchants, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality collaboration for discounts and Ape awareness
  7. The magazine will be published on a monthly basis.
  8. All staff will be paid in $APE

Steps to Implement

Upon proposal approval:

  1. Hire a full-time editor-in-chief [US$3,000 per month]
  2. Recruit dedicated part-time resources for illustrations, photography and website administration for content updates [$1,000 per month collectively]
  3. Appoint two ambassadors to liaise with ApeCoin DAO special council members, AIP proposal owners, and the BAYC communities for content sourcing. [US$2,000 per month]
  4. Online magazine development with open recruitment prioritized for BAYC community members, assuming price competitiveness. [US$20,000]
    * UI./UX Design
    * Backend content management system
    * On-going hosting and maintenance for 12 months


NFT Lab is already operational and prepared to implement plans once funds are secured.

Key milestones will include:

  1. Apecoin DAO Corner: To be published in the next issue after grant approval.
  2. Online version: To be launched in the third month after grant approval.

Overall Cost

To supplement NFT Lab existing operating costs, implementing this proposal to facilitate our proposed expansion, for one year, will be the equivalent of $92,000.00 paid in $APE.

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.


I like this. It’s the sort of promotion that’s sorely needed. It’s so straight-forward that I can’t even come up with any questions.


Yesss… We love the physicals. And great to see you here Jason.

Always appreciate the guidance you provide to BeyondTheSWAMP and look forward to continuing to build with one another. Also particularly excited at the opportunity to share content from either side of the pond and utilize distribution opportunities you have in place.

Can’t wait to connect in HK, or sooner at the EA event later this month :muscle: :muscle:



these magazines remind me of my childhood, when I bought magazines with my gaming mother and etc. hahaha


I like this idea and mix of web2 way of distribution to connect and onboard new ppl . With the online implementation it will broaden the scope of onboarding new ppl


@JasonJape I have a game AIP that just went up yesterday, and for which we did print promo comics through DC Comics. I hope your AIP passes because, in my AIP, I reference similar marketing and promo AIPs here and which I intend to collab with if/when my AIP passes. Good luck!


I like this idea. I would like to suggest that members of the DAO, or at least members of the assembly, could have the opportunity to publish their articles in the journal and receive remuneration for this as authors. Integration with ThankApe is possible


Hi @JasonJape

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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I appreciate the comprehensive overview provided in the physicals. It’s commendable that we are prioritizing global objectives and enhancing international support. While this exceeds my initial expectations, I am hopeful for its approval. Wishing you success in this endeavor.


Thanks @JasonJape for this exciting proposal!! Love that we’d be supporting & spreading awareness through a magazine with an existing readership that’s also internationally based!

Excited to see how this moves forward & highlights what the DAO is doing to audiences around the world- happy to chat as well about a Thank Ape partnership once this AIP comes to fruition.

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Yes please move this to the draft. Really appreciated


Thanks so much for the positive comments! Let’s hope this go through and $ape to the moon together

Thanks so much for your support and it’s excellent sharing between us!! Let’s build together with a common goal

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Great way to bring web2 attention and be tangible to them.

This is the aim! Apecoin awareness

We are open for apecoin DAO members to submit their hard work and projects to be featured in our mag!! Best of luck bro

Thanks so much for the great follow up with us!!

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$ape coin goes global! Asia do respect “printed media”

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Great idea. @Halina.eth from thank ape also touch based with us! Definitely synergy. :blush:
Great suggestion


Thanks Halina!! It’s always great to have Thank ape support! Doing our little role to amplify $ape! Appreciate the support

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