AIP-319: Create the Sporting League of the Otherside (NFTeams) + 5,000 free 3D Player Mint

Hiya Steve! Likewise!

Well, I use the definition by which games are financially judged. That being based on installs, MAU, adoption, social metrics etc. In the case of Yuga games - as I have posted before - they are catering to a very small market segment.

As I posted here in my voting reform AIP:

Right now, you can go to Twitter and run search metrics for $APE and see the results. In fact, try it on Google trends.

My point is that there’s literally nothing sparking interest in $APE. This is an absolute fact that nobody seems to care much about, let alone pay attention to.

So, if those “fun games with good $APE sinks” aren’t landing, how is that a positive? I don’t see it - and I’ve been doing those for over three decades now and nothing about gaming slips past me - not even a little bit.

If a game is created for an audience of 130K and they make enough money to recoup investment costs, then of course that’s a financial success for Yuga. Especially if it monetizes well. But those aren’t adoption or growth metrics.

That’s what I meant by that.

Like Dookey Dash before it, HVY:MTL is also a re-skin of a previous Web2 game.

Such as? I am not aware of any games coming out in the next 12-18 months that use $APE. Even the upcoming Wrecked League which was been in dev for quite sometime isn’t exclusively using $APE.

FYI, for this DAO alone, this is the AIP trend for games:

List of gaming AIPs

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Rejected by DAO vote

It’s not about being stuck in the present, though. It’s about trends & metrics which is how we judge these things. I used those metrics to make a point regarding your comment. Regardless, you’re correct that a snapshot in time could apply to anything. But it’s that very same snapshot that is used for metrics.

For example, this is Brian’s latest (Aug 10th) analysis over at Cryptopolitan.

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2023-2032: BAYC sales crush, Sell Sentiment for APE?

Plus with “Top 500 holders hold 98.19% of all ApeCoins, which is highly centralized” that’s a massive problem and the reason for $APE stagnation.

Absolutely agree with this. Which is specifically why I am here because I am used to being the underdog and know what it feels like. lol

ps. I am 60. And grumpy as hell. Just ask the fam here. :slight_smile:

I thus far haven’t seen anything to make me believe that any gamer would leave Roblox or Fortnite for Otherside. Those games took years to get where they are today and they have momentum and strong MAUs on their side. I mean, Axie, Sandbox etc are all down the drain because they catered to an audience that cared less about games.

Gamers - real gamers - don’t care about P2E. They care about having great experiences that they can share with their friends.

I was around (not here on ApeCoin) for both Otherside trips. I believe that they’re going to run into the same problem that every single Web3 game community has run into: adoption. Nobody is going to leave their current games for a janky, featureless, wasteland. That’s the problem that Yuga is looking at - and they know this.

Indeed. However, the question that I always ask myself is “Why would any gamer move to an $APE ecosystem?” And the answer needs to be a compelling one, otherwise - again - it’s just catering to the same $APE cluster (130K - not accounting for holders with multiple wallets). So, how are you planning for this?

Let me give you an example. In my case (shameless plug: check out my game AIP), my name, rep and install base are my front-runners because for decades I have cultivated a dedicated following (albeit not a massive one) of Web2 gamers who, even if only 25% of them follow me into Web3, is a win of epic proportions. Then, when they come, the challenge is going to be in making sure they stay. And the only way to do that is by keeping them engaged in a good game that’s not Web3 “in your face”. Blending Web2 gamers with Web3 is the single best way to grow any Web3 game that’s look to scale beyond the community hug box.

ps. I voted for your AIP thread because I think it’s a great marketing idea.