AIP-319: Create the Sporting League of the Otherside (NFTeams) + 5,000 free 3D Player Mint

NFTeams: The Sporting League of the Otherside: Made by Apes, Powered by ApeCoin

Proposal Name: Create the Sporting League of the Otherside (NFTeams) + 5,000 free 3D Player Mint

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

NFTeams has been building out its ecosystem for the past 2 years. We have built an entire sporting ecosystem (Teams, Jerseys, and now Players) and are ready to mint the players and start on the game.

This proposal’s main aims are:

  1. Make NFTeams the Sporting League of Otherside
  2. Move NFTeams to an Apecoin Standard
  3. Give 5,000 Player NFTs to $APE and BAYC ecosystem (free mint)

This proposal aims to move the NFTeams ecosystem to an Apecoin standard, while also giving 5,000 Player NFTs as a free mint to $APEcoin and BAYC ecosystem holders (via mini-games)

The goal of NFTeams is to create the sporting leagues of the Otherside. We have already created 10,000 teams and jerseys and given away over $200,000 USD in prizes.

Our next step is to release our 10,000 Players that will compete in games each day.

This promo video will give a good idea of what we want to eventually have running in Otherside.

Author Description:
My name is Steve ( ) and I was lucky enough to mint a Gold Ape. I’ve held since mint and have been building NFTeams since 2021.

I am unashamedly a Yuga maxi and believe that Otherside will be a major step forward in web3 gaming and ApeCoin will be the monetary unit of web3 gaming going forward.

After minting my first ever NFT in 2020 (Beeple Bull Run), I fell in love with the space and have talked on 2 panels at Blockchain Week Australia, started an NFT podcast and put on 2 events at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

We need to continue to grow the entire APE ecosystem. I’m trying to create something that has great utility while also utilising my BAYC IP rights. My Gold Ape is the ref/commissioner of the NFTeams Sporting Universe.

We also need to show a path to bring old and new NFT projects into the fold. This would be a great first use case. The way I have structured this proposal aligns incentives for all parties. This structure could set the standard for how other projects move to an ApeCoin standard.

We also need something that brings people back daily (DAUs) and more ApeCoin sinks. What better way than a 24/7 Sporting league with games running around the clock? Anyone will be able to watch the games (if they own an NFT or not) and become involved in the stories and scores.

The ApeCoin DAO:

Aims to be the heart of gaming, entertainment, and events on the blockchain

This is exactly what NFTeams will do. We also bring added use cases for Otherdeeds as the games will need to be played in custom-built stadiums with training facilities. We also need to craft sporting/gym equipment with Otherside resources (and ApeCoin).

As the Players are 3D-ready, it will also give a point of difference for people walking around the Otherside, to not only see Bored Apes, Mutants, and basic Robots, but other characters.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem:

  • Bring in 500-1000 new $APE holders from the current NFTeams ecosystem
  • Potential for new $APE holders who want to win a free Player NFT
  • Show a use case for $APE (prize money, player training, tournament entry)
  • New content for Otherside (Sporting events, Player backstories)
  • Use case for Otherdeeds (sporting stadiums)(Sporting equipment made from resources)
  • Always on worldwide sport (running 24/7)
  • Showing other projects how to move to $ApeCoin Standard.

Our NFTs will be ERC-6551s. This will allow a Player NFT to mimic a Sports Star in real life. They will own their own erc-20s and nfts and the sale of a player will result in the contents of their own wallet moving with them. This also means any salary paid to a Player from a team will be held in the actual NFTs wallet.

All Players come with their own FBX file that can be converted into whatever format is needed to work in any Metaverse.

Steps to Implement:
The 10,000 Players have all been rendered. They are now ready to be given away (5,000) and sold (5,000).

What remains is to build a:

  • Minting contract and minting site (Q4 2023)
  • mini-game for $APE, BAYC, and MAYC Holders
  • New website (Q1 2024)
  • Game (Q2 2024) (see below for further details)
  • Mini games (Q2 2024)(Player training)

We would look to have all Players minted by early December.

To do all this, the following positions will need to be filled.

  • Programmer X 2 ($160,000)
  • Graphic Designer ($70,000)
  • Website Design (Outsourced: Initial site and ongoing work) ($80,000)
  • Product Manager ($70,000)
  • 3D designer (3DSM/Blender) ($70,000)
  • Discord/Social Media Lead ($30,000)
  • Marketing Budget: $20,000
  • Overall Cost: $500,000 USD in $APE

Overall Cost:

$500,000 USD in $APE

You could see this as the DAO paying $100 (~0.05 ETH) for each Player given away + all the extra benefits.

80% of the $APE will stay as $APE and be staked and used for prizemoney. The current community fund will be converted to fund the ongoing build.

Also note: $280,000 was spent on Player creation and tooling (which is not a cost being paid for via this proposal).

About NFTeams:

NFTeams was launched in Q4 of 2021 and has been running tournaments since January of 2022 giving away ~$10,000 USD every month. ( )


The NFTeams - Collection | OpenSea

NFTeams is a collection of 10,000 unique sports teams that are set to battle on the Ethereum blockchain. Each team will battle against all others every month in a March Madness style tournament. For the first time in centuries, owning your own…

Each team is 1 entry into multiple sports tipping tournaments that run each month. We built these games to not only keep owners engaged but to also give back prizes from our community fund. 50% of funds generated from the sale were sent to the community fund (along with a Bored Ape).

The Community fund currently has around $400,000 USD remaining (at current WBTC and ETH prices) + a Bored Ape, $APE, and more Yuga assets (Otherdeeds, HV-MTL, so on).

All teams need jerseys, and these were a free claim and released at the end of 2022. Each team can link their team to a jersey and their badge will be placed on their chosen jersey which will be worn by the Players.


NFTeams Jerseys - Collection | OpenSea

Every team needs their kit, and when you put your kit on you become part of your team. You get to show the pride, loyalty and connection to your NFTeam. These garments are made from the finest pixels spun from the butts of our metaverse silkroad…

Jerseys sold advertising space on them and we onboarded 4 sponsors and made $40,000 USD. We would also add Apecoin as a sponsor on 500 Jerseys. They are 3D files that can also be printed and worn in real life.

Our upcoming players are a collection of 10,000 humans and animals that will represent teams in our sporting league. Players will be able to train each day via mini-games to increase/decrease their stats and health and then watch as they compete each week. Think of a mix of 10KTF missions and ESPN gameday. This will be an always-on sporting league, starting with 1 sport, but over time adding all major sports and our very own concept of what a metaverse sport should look like.

NFTeams is the sporting NFT project in Australia, and we have worked with:

  1. The Australian Open (Tennis Grand Slam)
  2. The AFL (our biggest sport)
  3. Talked with all other major Australian sporting organisations about their NFT strategy.

Australian Open x NFTeams Right Click Save Tennis ball Collab

We have won awards and grants:

  1. Consensus sidequest
  2. ImmutableX Mentoring program

The NFTeams ecosystem

About the Player drop:
The Players are a mix of humans and animals and are all 3D and game engine ready. Players come in all different heights, weights, and ages (and can be trained to lose weight or put on muscle). Players can also change from their normal clothing to team kits.

What you get on the player drop

  1. NFT image
  2. Full Body image
  3. Animation (1 of 11 different ones)
  4. FBX File (can play around with your 3D player in Mixamo/Blender)


The Player sale and giveaway to $APE & BAYC/MAYC holders:

Everyone who holds a set amount of $APE (min 100 $APE) or a BAYC or MAYC will be able to compete in a minigame. The top 5,000 spots will be able to claim a free player when we launch.

The first 5,000 players will be sold to our current community and if any are left, then offered to the public.

There are a lot of surprises in store, such as being able to claim free merch depending on if you mint certain traits on a player.

NOTE: Players are ready to go. All 10,000 have been rendered with all animations and FBX files.

This is a small sample of the players.

What is an ApeCoin Standard?
NFTeams will move its Community fund (which is used to pay out prizes) to $APE, and all future game sinks (Player training, upgrades, Tournament entries, and so on) will be payable in $APE only.

I am confident enough in the long-term success of $APE, that I am willing to bet NFTeams future on it. I actually believe that getting $APE into our treasury at current prices (~$1.50 USD) will set us up for many many years to come. If $APE succeeds, it will be likely NFTeams does as well. If $APE fails, NFTeams will as well.

This is my bet on ApeCoin and the entire Yuga ecosystem.

About the games:
Version 1 (The rookie year) will be a very simple desktop-based game. It will use a traditional game (basketball) and anyone will be able to watch it in real time as a play-by-play breakdown is given. This will be very similar to watching a Basketball game on ESPN Gameday.

Owners of Players can name their player and create a backstory. Their player can then be drafted by a team. The Owner of the Player can train their player each day via mini-games to improve their stats.

Just like 10KTF, we will have stories that go along with the sport. In this way, it will be a crossover of 10KTF and Blaseball.

The long-term goal is to then take these text/image-based desktop games and translate them into actual gameplay in Otherside. So you can come back after work and tune in to watch your player compete as if you were watching the NBA.

NFTeams: Made by Apes, Powered by ApeCoin



NFTeams is an great project that has been ahead of the game with so many innovations along its journey.

Its has great foundations behind it and im fully supportive of this as the next step in its development.

great work Steve


There aren’t many projects that built in the bull and continued through the bear. Add on to that having a good fit for the Otherside/ApeCoin ecosystem, then I think NFTeams has to be a top tier consideration!

Steve has built and retained a community through the project and it’s potential as the future of metaverse sports. The background of the project, founder and community make this a safe proposition. Funds will be used to build and in turn, return value to ApeCoin and the DAO.

I’ll be supporting this proposal and hope others get behind an Ape, building relentlessly, who continues to shine a positive spotlight on this space we all know and love!


NFTeams is the project that got me into NFT’s 2 years ago. The vision outlined by Steve from the start is the vision that is still being worked on today.

I have not seen a project with a clearer purpose, nor the conviction to stick to that purpose through bull and bear markets.

There are no shortcuts with Steve - everything is built for the long term.

NFTeams has always been ahead of its time. However, the possibilities of reality are starting to catch up to what NFTeams has been building for over 2 years.

Leveraging the Yuga ecosystem is the logical next step to bring NFTeams to life, and bring further value and utility to this ecosystem.

I strongly believe a partnership here will deliver the innovation needed to open up a new raft of opportunities within this space and ecosystem.

Sport is one of the biggest economic drivers globally. NFTeams will be the benchmark of Sports in the metaverse. Done right, I believe a partnership here has the possibility of bringing merchandising, sponsorship and broadcast revenue into the Yuga ecosystem.

This is an opportunity to drive real creativity and innovation in this space.

In my opinion, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-shape the landscape of the business of Sport.


I like a lot of what I read in your AIP idea, maybe you need to change your wording and mechanisms as gambling is not allowed in the dao but gaming is.


thanks for the feedback. That was a potential future avenue, but can easily be taken out.


Amazing project this one! Great community within the discord with multiple long standing members willing to help out. Seen Steve and the team build from the ground up and it is only the beginning.

  • $10k monthly tournament
  • Weekly sports tipping
  • Poker nights
  • IRL events including Australian Open Tennis meet ups
  • Podcast’s devoted NFTeams
  • Christmas 2022 free jersey mint/presents

Bring on PLAYERS and beyond!


What makes you believe this? You know that every Yuga game thus far has failed right? You also know that Otherside, built on the same foundation as Sandbox, is just an experience and not actually a game - of any kind?

And with $APE not even in the top 20 coin charts (as of this writing, it’s at #59), how exactly is it going to become “the monetary unit of Web3 gaming”?

Welcome to the forums @day25 (and thanks for bringing some of your community with you).

I can support this entire proposal and look forward to the conversations as it goes through the AIP process.

I got a little confused with this section:

If 80% of the $500,000 is going to prize money and the ongoing development is coming out from your existing community fund, is it possible and might it be better to just ask for a grant to give away slash distribute $APE to new communities?

Anyway, looks good, wish you well and let me know who you use for your jersey designs.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Been a big fan of NFTeams since mint. One of the unique projects that has really been diligent about building in this space no matter what is going on in the markets. The community is incredibly good spirited and loads of fun. Highly recommend this propsoal.


Hey SSP,

I like to say we have a small but mighty community in NFTeams. As you can see above, a few have gone out of their way to buy $APE, join the forum and add their thoughts. I really appreciate the effort they have gone to.

Onto your question:
I should have worded it much better. Let’s give it another go.

We had set up two wallets. Community fund and Business Account. The Community fund is only used for payouts of prizes. The Business fund is used to build and run the project.

In the simplest terms, normally I would take the $500k in $APE, and convert it to USDC so I can continue to work on the next part (the game, new website, so on). I could then just convert the Community fund to $APE.

For the most part, this is what I would be doing. But that requires more transactions and more fees. It would be a more convoluted way of getting the same result.

So instead, what I was going to do was send the $400k in ETH and WBTC from the community fund to our business account and convert that to USDC, convert $100k of the $500k in APE to USDC (for the business account) and send $400k in $APE to the community fund.

This would then be staked and all things staying as they are (which they won’t, as the price will fluctuate and the staking rewards change every 3 months), the rewards would cover future prizes.

Hope that even longer message clears things up



Hey SmartAPE,

Nice to meet you.

Not sure what your definition of “failed” is, but from my point of view (of someone who has been here from day 1 and played every game that has been released), I can say they have continued to build some fun games with good $APE sinks.

As their CEO has said, the numbers (play time, revenue, so on) from Dookey Dash and Mutants v Apes killed any web2 game they had been a part of. In saying that, with the latest HVMTL game, the numbers will look good simply because we are forced to play to improve our mechs.

From a personal perspective, I loved playing Dookey Dash and if the game was still playable now, I would still be playing. I and many many others spent a lot of $APE on it. This is coming from someone who was a gamer as a kid and hadn’t played anything in 20 years.

As you would know, world-class games take a very very long time to build. These are just mini-games they are using to test things and they iterate really quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, the current HVMTL game is boring and tedious, but there is no doubt it is a well-built game. I can see the massive improvement in the quality of each new game and don’t expect that to stop any time soon. It’s pretty clear they have a world-class gaming studio being built out.

I’ve been an investor (angel, crypto, nfts, stocks, and so on) for a few decades now and always have a long-term view. The other thing I look at is the people behind the business, and they all give me a heap of confidence that they understand the web3 ethos and space as well as anyone and have the communities best interest at heart.

As there are more and more games coming out and even other studios (like your own) trying to incorporate $APE into their games, it could be something as simple as a candy crush style game that hits with an $APE sink.

And with $APE not even in the top 20 coin charts (as of this writing, it’s at #59), how exactly is it going to become “the monetary unit of Web3 gaming”?

You seem to be stuck in the present here. For me, it’s about the potential. You could use this argument about anything new that is created. It’s not number 1 therefore it is pointless? a strange take. But I did see people saying this about ETH (hey, I was one of them), when it was released. We already had Bitcoin, why do we need anything else, it has no chance of succeeding. Until it did.

I’m an optimist and try and see what is to come and not what currently is. That has rewarded me well over the decades. I believe you are an older guy like me (I’m in my mid-40s), and if we decide that everything good has already been done, we would never have got Bitcoin, web3, NFTs and all the other amazing things being built.

I personally can’t wait for Otherside to open up. I see my kids playing Roblox every day and want to find a space on the internet where I can chill with mates while online. Yuga has shown they can bring communities together, and I feel that will be the first use case of the Otherside. I know I’ll be having sporting watch parties with 500+ NFTeam owners in the Otherside.

I’m guessing you also were not here for the Otherside playtests, where we played an actual game. Anyone can (and they will) build games on each parcel of land. That’s what I plan to do for the players. You will need to come into a training facility on an otherdeed and play mini-games to increase/decrease your stats.

So that’s my opinion on why I am more than happy to move my entire company to an $ApeCoin standard. I think the risk/reward is very much in my favour. Again, I’m not saying this is a 100% gurantee, I’m just saying that in my opinion, IF (and it’s a big IF), there is a web3 gaming currency, it will most likely be $APE that succeeds.

I hope that answers your question.



I think one of the hardest things is getting the economy of a token spinning perfectly in a gaming ecosystem right, I could be wrong but it seems to me that most haven’t gotten it perfectly yet.


I really like mobile games like this, especially candycrush, many work very well on web2, I don’t know why here on web3 games with tokens seem to be in total chaos.

I agree, right now there isn’t anything that has clicked and showed a very simple reason that a crypto token is better than just paying in fiat.

I think we are so early that we need to test everything to see what works and then double down on that. I think the next few years are all about testing and building everything out.

It’s also very difficult to do microtransactions on a blockchain. All problems that should be solved with time. Lucky we have a heap of people trying lots of different things right now. It’s a very exciting time.


Hiya Steve! Likewise!

Well, I use the definition by which games are financially judged. That being based on installs, MAU, adoption, social metrics etc. In the case of Yuga games - as I have posted before - they are catering to a very small market segment.

As I posted here in my voting reform AIP:

Right now, you can go to Twitter and run search metrics for $APE and see the results. In fact, try it on Google trends.

My point is that there’s literally nothing sparking interest in $APE. This is an absolute fact that nobody seems to care much about, let alone pay attention to.

So, if those “fun games with good $APE sinks” aren’t landing, how is that a positive? I don’t see it - and I’ve been doing those for over three decades now and nothing about gaming slips past me - not even a little bit.

If a game is created for an audience of 130K and they make enough money to recoup investment costs, then of course that’s a financial success for Yuga. Especially if it monetizes well. But those aren’t adoption or growth metrics.

That’s what I meant by that.

Like Dookey Dash before it, HVY:MTL is also a re-skin of a previous Web2 game.

Such as? I am not aware of any games coming out in the next 12-18 months that use $APE. Even the upcoming Wrecked League which was been in dev for quite sometime isn’t exclusively using $APE.

FYI, for this DAO alone, this is the AIP trend for games:

List of gaming AIPs

Approved by DAO vote

Rejected by DAO vote

It’s not about being stuck in the present, though. It’s about trends & metrics which is how we judge these things. I used those metrics to make a point regarding your comment. Regardless, you’re correct that a snapshot in time could apply to anything. But it’s that very same snapshot that is used for metrics.

For example, this is Brian’s latest (Aug 10th) analysis over at Cryptopolitan.

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2023-2032: BAYC sales crush, Sell Sentiment for APE?

Plus with “Top 500 holders hold 98.19% of all ApeCoins, which is highly centralized” that’s a massive problem and the reason for $APE stagnation.

Absolutely agree with this. Which is specifically why I am here because I am used to being the underdog and know what it feels like. lol

ps. I am 60. And grumpy as hell. Just ask the fam here. :slight_smile:

I thus far haven’t seen anything to make me believe that any gamer would leave Roblox or Fortnite for Otherside. Those games took years to get where they are today and they have momentum and strong MAUs on their side. I mean, Axie, Sandbox etc are all down the drain because they catered to an audience that cared less about games.

Gamers - real gamers - don’t care about P2E. They care about having great experiences that they can share with their friends.

I was around (not here on ApeCoin) for both Otherside trips. I believe that they’re going to run into the same problem that every single Web3 game community has run into: adoption. Nobody is going to leave their current games for a janky, featureless, wasteland. That’s the problem that Yuga is looking at - and they know this.

Indeed. However, the question that I always ask myself is “Why would any gamer move to an $APE ecosystem?” And the answer needs to be a compelling one, otherwise - again - it’s just catering to the same $APE cluster (130K - not accounting for holders with multiple wallets). So, how are you planning for this?

Let me give you an example. In my case (shameless plug: check out my game AIP), my name, rep and install base are my front-runners because for decades I have cultivated a dedicated following (albeit not a massive one) of Web2 gamers who, even if only 25% of them follow me into Web3, is a win of epic proportions. Then, when they come, the challenge is going to be in making sure they stay. And the only way to do that is by keeping them engaged in a good game that’s not Web3 “in your face”. Blending Web2 gamers with Web3 is the single best way to grow any Web3 game that’s look to scale beyond the community hug box.

ps. I voted for your AIP thread because I think it’s a great marketing idea.

Where are you getting this data from? It is completely not true.

16.5% is in the Apestaking contract alone. Then you have Binance, Bybit, Huobi,, Kukoin, Uniswap LP etc.

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Right there in Brian’s analysis that you clicked on above, complete with supporting charts.


That’s not how you calculate that. And the staking is part of the held pool - not separate.

Just adding to what has already been said here. NFTeams (and Steve) is the project that brought me to web3 and continues to set an example for how a project should run. Not only has it built a great community but it was set-up from the start with utility and engagement to continue to give back to holders. I feel like the aim of the project to be the sports league of the metaverse has a lot of opportunity, and from the start has holders as the owners of their own sports franchises! The association with major international sporting events and codes also reflects very positively on the project, community, and expertise that Steve has brought to web3.
As Steve says he is a Yuga-maxi, and he has used the IP from his Bored Ape to add to the broader space, and this proposal will build further on this for everyone’s benefit.
Great work Steve, this is an amazing opportunity and we are all behind you!


Hey SmartAPE,

Fantastic reply with lots to digest. I’ll try my best to answer any questions here.

I will say, you are still answering based on “what has been” and not “what is to come”.

My point is that there’s literally nothing sparking interest in $APE. This is an absolute fact that nobody seems to care much about, let alone pay attention to.

I don’t think price moves matter all that much here. But we did see 200k KYC for Wrecked League and the $APE price bounce. So I would say there is “some” interest.

Like Dookey Dash before it, HVY:MTL is also a re-skin of a previous Web2 game.

I think this was a smart move from the team, why create something new and spend millions and many more months doing it for a few mini-games that will be turned off in a month or so? To me, it says they are smart and financially savvy.

I’ll be doing the same for player training, reskinning games, and adding a few bells and whistles. It lowers costs, while also giving players something they are familiar with and something we know has worked in the past and people like to play. At this stage of web3, I don’t think we need to re-invent the wheel for gaming (not yet anyway, but we will).

Plus with “Top 500 holders hold 98.19% of all ApeCoins, which is highly centralized ” that’s a massive problem and the reason for $APE stagnation.

I see this error made a lot by people unfamiliar with the space and I believe this is mentioned below as well. You can’t take metrics like this at face value, you need to look at the wallets. I’m guessing what you will find here is the top 10-20 of these wallets are exchanges and staking contracts. Binance alone could hold 50% of all $APE, but really that is 100,000 holders.

Everything else you have said I agree with, but I agree with it in the present tense. But I judge things only after they have been around for a decade. That means I look wrong for the majority of the time, until I am proven right (or wrong, that happens as well).

Love the discussion, but maybe it’s better done in a chat (my twitter is @day25). Would love to keep this post for feedback on the idea and how I can improve it. You seem very straight forward and I would love to hear where you think I can improve on it to give myself the best chance of getting the funding.