AIP-346: Monthly Laughing Ape Stand-Up Comedy Show Utility for all $APE Holders

Bored Silly: Exclusive Comedy Shows for $Ape Holders

Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Laughing Ape

  • Launched in early 2022.
  • Originated with The Below Bored Comedy Club NFT Comedy Pass.
  • Organizes live events and streams comedy shows globally for Degens.

Aaron Haber (Founder of Laughing Ape)

  • Seasoned comedy professional with 25 years of experience.
  • Produced and performed in thousands of shows, including:
    Comedy Central, MTV, America’s Got Talent
  • Taught comedy Masterclasses at Princeton University.
  • Founded the world’s first online comedy club.
  • Aaron is an OG minter of BAYC (#2960).
  • Utilizes BAYC IP for both in-person (IRL) events, streaming comedy shows and Metaverse Spaces.

Laughing Ape, Inc.'s First Bored Silly Event

  • Spearheaded the “Bored Silly” comedy series for three nights.
  • Collaborated with Yuga Labs’ BAYC Council.
  • Simulcast in the Below Bored Comedy Club Metaverse.
  • Earned distinction by receiving the first-ever grant for:
    A comedy show.
    A metaverse event.

Event Highlights

  • Attracted Apes globally.
  • Featured live-streaming stand-up acts from Comedy Central, The Late Night Shows, AGT +
  • Received acclaim with fantastic shows.

Bored Silly Event Partnerships

  • BAYC Council
  • NiftyKit
  • tokenproof
  • Ape Beverages/Ape Water
  • Mutants Beer
  • Wicked Craniums
  • OtherSpaceFM
  • The Grateful Show
  • NiftyKit

Exclusive IRL + Live-Streamed Comedy shows for $APE Holders!

If you have $APE in your wallet, you can access the shows, if not, you better get some, sucka.

This AIP offers a fun, additional utility to $APE holders. This is a monthly event that every $APE holder from all over the world can participate in.

Any of our normie friends who want to get in will have to buy and hold $APE to see the show. And with our tech partners NiftyKit (AIP-88) we can make that easy for them.

Laughing Ape, INC will bring needed laughter and fun to the DAO. It’s also an opportunity for $APE holders from around the world to gather for a series of exclusive events fostering camaraderie between DAO members. But look, In between shows y’all can go back to yelling at each other over governance, ok?

Here’s how our Bored Silly AIP fits in with the guiding values of APE Foundation:
Boldness: Ape Foundation doesn’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new.
The Weird: Laughing Ape makes comedians perform live in front of a global, online audience while live-streaming in front of Anon MFers who wear Ape PFPs. You’re gonna tell me that’s not weird?!
The New: Laughing Ape is pioneering new ways to integrate live comedy performance and blockchain technology.
The Hard: Comedy is hard and so are we. We’re hard AF!
Equality: One APE equals one APE.
You’ve got 1 $APE, you get into the show. You’ve got 0 ape? GTFO and go buy one.
Transparency: Processes and decisions are shared openly with the community.
We’ll share our decision making process in how and why we book our shows the way we do. You’re probably not interested but we’re going to tell you anyway!
Collective Responsibility: We leave everything better than we found it.
Laughing Ape will make the DAO fun for its members. Yes, there is a lot of seriousness needed in the DAO but how about some unseriousness as well? We’ll leave you all in way better spirits than when we found you.

Persistence: Success is an ouroboros, not a straight line.
Laughing Ape, INC launched in early 2022 to a big, fat yawn in the bear market. We didn’t care, we didn’t fold and we’re not going anywhere. We have a mission to bring comedy and comedians to Web3 and by gosh we’re going to do it whether you like it or not.

For our proposed AIP monthly comedy series, Nifty Kit will serve as Laughing Ape’s main technology partner. Notably, Nifty Kit has successfully proposed and executed AIP 88 and we have no doubt they will continue their proven track record with our AIP as well!

We will also be working with:
Zoom (Believe it or not it’s the best live-streaming platform for comedy because it doesn’t cut off the comedians’ audio feed when the audience laughs).
Livepeer + OBS
Metaverse Platforms such as Monaverse who we have a longstanding relationship with, Spatial, Sandbox and Otherside (you know, when they let us build our club there). Laughing Ape holds land in all of these mentioned platforms.


  1. Coordinate with Nifty Kit for tech needs including $APE integration (30-45 days)
  2. Engage in marketing and promotional activities both in Web2 and Web3. (2 - 3 weeks)
  3. Secure talent and finalize the show lineup. (1 week, it depends on how high the comedians are).
  4. Organize and produce the first of the monthly series. (30 Days)
  5. Gather post-event feedback and implement improvements for the subsequent events. (1 week)
  6. Rinse and repeat

We will launch the first event within 2 months after the proposal is approved and paid out, with monthly shows thereafter.

We aim to raise $180K USD in $APE to fund a year’s worth of events, covering our talent, technology, production, and marketing budgets.


There is always time for some good quality stand up :wink:
I’ll just leave it here


Awesome! Forget the AIP, loowl is funding the whole thing!


Absolutely love the idea!
Where I can find link for the future streams? Is there any minimum of $APE required to be able to visit the live stream?


Just give me the wallet and number !


Thank you, Plownd! Right now only holders of our Below Bored NFT can visit the club and see the live-streams/verify for the IRL events but we’d love to add these monthly special $APE shows for $APE Holders.

I’m messing around with the idea that 1 $APE gets you in the show and then holding larger amounts get you special access to our VIP Green Room and other possible perks.


Haha, AaronHaber.eth and all the $ETH but seriously, thanks for your enthusiasm!


Awesome idea! Love it!


It’s always good to have some good laughs to lighten the spirits


That’s fair & square. Absolutely agree with model of holding bigger amounts of $APE which brings You more benefits/perks. Waiting for this AIP to be realised.

BTW, if You need any help or second opinion - I’m here for You!


Thank you, Hank. And I hope this isn’t too weird but I love you too.


Thank you for the offer and I would welcome the outside opinion/advice. What’s the best way to hook up? I’m @aaronhaber on X.

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Agreed! And to make $APE holders feel extra special since only they can get into these exclusive $APE comedy events.


1 ETH or KeyCard, sir



Simple yes & when can I vote???:pray::grin:

Things have got way too serious and divided around here. We need to bring back that DAO spirit of old to all apecoin holders!!!



Haha, nice try, fam! :heart:


Awesome. The proposal hangs here for a week, we read comments and ideas and submit the official proposal to the DAO next week (I think I’m getting this right). I think if all goes well we can submit for an official vote in about a month. Would love to have your support!

And yeah, this is “for the culture” and I’m looking to bring some fun utility to $APE holders!


voted for this one coz aaron is a stand up guy


Ha, thank you! I see what you did there.


Thanks so much for your proposal, @AaronHaber! I had a great time at last Friday’s Bored Silly show in the Metaverse! I heard good things about the other shows as well. Really love to see a fun idea like this come to the DAO!