Implementation Update | AIP-346: Monthly Laughing Ape Stand-Up Comedy Show Utility for all $APE Holders

AIP Name: AIP-346: Monthly Laughing Ape Stand-Up Comedy Show Utility for all $APE Holders

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @AaronHaber

Abstract Summary: Exclusive IRL + Live-Streamed Comedy shows for $APE Holders!

If you have $APE in your wallet, you can access the shows, if not, you better get some, sucka.

This AIP offers a fun, additional utility to $APE holders. This is a monthly event that every $APE holder from all over the world can participate in.

Any of our normie friends who want to get in will have to buy and hold $APE to see the show. And with our tech partners NiftyKit (AIP-88) we can make that easy for them.

Overall Cost: $180k USD, denominated in ApeCoin

Timeline Updates:

  • 2/28/2024 - 1st AIP-sponsored show in Denver, CO
  • 4/4/24 - 2nd AIP-sponsored show in New York City, NY
  • End of May 2024 - Austin show

Interview Q&A (1/4/2024):

  1. What are you working to accomplish before the end of the month?
  • We are finalizing our dates and venues/other info for our 1st two events. We are 99% certain our 1st event will be Saturday, March 2nd in Las Vegas and our 2nd event will be Thursday, April 4th in NYC during http://NFT.NYC but we don’t want to announce until we’re 100% confirmed.
  1. Have there been any delays or changes to the original timeline?
  • No, we are on track with everything.
  1. Do you have any updates regarding the budget?
  • None.
  1. How can the community support your initiative?
  • We’ve already spoken with Linstro in depth and Popil a little. The biggest thing we’ll need help with is spreading the word to $APE Holders about how to connect with the shows IRL and online. We’d also welcome any assistance in reaching out to $APE holders to ask about where they’d like future events to be held and some other survey type questions we have.
  1. Do you have anything you would like to tell the community?
  • Yes! lol. Once we are ready to announce dates, we’d love to have help in sharing that info and how people can get IRL tickets and how to join online should they be joining via streaming or the metaverse.
  1. Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?
  • I’m OK with sharing the info, I just wouldn’t want people to make travel plans until we are 100% confirmed on those dates and cities. I suppose if people read this though, they’ll understand that. So sure!