AIP-347: Enable DAO-Wide Voting for Working Group Stewards

I believe he’s talking about the voting rights for the AA roles. In that regard, only a small section of people in the AA had voting rights. This initiative seeks to restore the voting rights for the entire DAO, and not just a small portion. There’s a huge difference between an avg voting record of 718, and the 89 (total registered) currently registered in the AA.

The originally conceived AA didn’t have any power anyway. Plus, it was still under the domain of the GwG. It could, basically, only manage the election of the three proposed working group stewards.

And yes, we’ve had this discussion before. And so, this AIP is a revamp of Amplify’s original AIP idea from this past July. And the AA still isn’t a thing.

I said this from the start. The AA - in its original form - was a good idea in search of a problem to solve.