AIP-358: Ape Assembly Restructuring For Independence

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Stuff like this, by nature, tends to be complex. It’s why not everybody is cut out to be a corporate officer, analyst, mathematician etc. Collating data so that everyone gets it tends to be very challenging.

I see now why @Amplify wrote AIP-239 the way that he did - by hiding entire sections (which most people probably didn’t expand to read) to make it more readable. Unfortunately, unless you open ALL those tabs you won’t see 99% of the Ape Assembly mandate and planning. And search doesn’t open the tabs - which are created by hiding content.

Let me see if I can break it down further to reduce some of the complexity and confusion. Do feel free to ask any specific question about something that is unclear.


AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

AIP-242: Working Group Charter - Treasury

AIP-245: Working Group Charter - Metaverse

AIP-246: Working Group Charter - Marketing & Communications

Announcing the $APE Assembly

Learning about the $Ape Assembly… and how to join!

What should an Ape Assembly proposal be called?


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