AIP-397: NFT Launchpad Powered by $Ape!

PROPOSAL NAME: NFT Launchpad Powered by $Ape!

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation



Role- Founder/ CEO

Background- Bachelors in Computer Science from IIIT.

5y Experience in International Ecommerce and Digital Marketing. 2y Experience in Native Web3 Project Management, Marketing, Bot etc.



Role- Co-Founder/ CTO

Background- Self Taught College Dropout.

2y Experience as CTO for IOT Startup.
Full Stack Developer. Expertise in Smart Contract Development in Solidity and Rust. Master of Integrating web3 Applications and Databases.



The initiative aims to support the Apecoin ecosystem by facilitating the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), thereby enhancing the utility and adoption of $Ape as a token. Puffles, the project introduces a user-friendly, no-code tool for NFT creators to launch their collections on various blockchain networks effortlessly. With an emphasis on customization and support for multiple blockchain networks, Puffles empowers creativity and accessibility in the NFT space. The primary objective is to establish an NFT Launchpad utilizing $Ape as currency to mint NFTs on the ERC-20 network, providing creators with a seamless platform for minting, showcasing, and trading their NFTs. This endeavor reflects a commitment to fostering blockchain innovation and supporting artists and creators in the crypto community.


$Ape stands as a trailblazer in the NFT ecosystem, representing the very essence of NFTs at the forefront. Its journey has been fueled by the passionate Ape and NFT community. Consequently, it holds immense significance for $Ape to lead the way in the NFT realm, ensuring a system that not only enriches $Ape holders but also forges meaningful connections among NFT communities through this unique token.

The NFT Launchpad emerges as a great opportunity for projects to put life into their creations, minting NFTs with the $Ape rather than conventional tokens (recall the otherside mint?). This initiative promises to draw in a surge of transactions, infusing vibrancy into the network’s overall transactional activity. The resultant upswing will not only elevate the value of $Ape but also nurture the flourishing Apecoin ecosystem. Such utilization of $Ape extends beyond mere benefits for projects; it symbolizes $Ape’s emotional commitment as a direct, passionate contributor to the thriving NFT ecosystem."


  • Ec2- It is Backed Server service that makes sure all users are able to Send API requests to Backend at same time offered by AWS.
  • S3 - It is Storage Service for Images/Videos/Assets offered by AWS.
  • Vercel- It is Service allowing companies to host the Frontend of their Websites to handle increasing high Traffic.
  • Wallet Aggregator- Rainbow Wallet extension DApp that allow people to login/sign in using different Kind of web3 wallets.
  • Web3storage- It is A Service that stores images/Videos uploaded by users for their NFT Collections.
  • IPFS- It is Service that allow users to Storage images/videos on Decentralised Storage Nodes.
  • Proxy Contract- Proxy contract is a design pattern in Ethereum smart contracts, allowing for the modification of contract code without changing the contract address or the state. This is crucial for fixing bugs, updating logic, or adding new features after deployment.
  • Deployer Contract- It is type of Contract that Uses functions from Proxy Contracts, Fills in the Custom Values entered by Users and Deploy it on blockchain.


  • A Service called EC2 will be Used from Platform AWS will be Used to keep the Platform Live on backend.
  • A Service Called S3 will be used from platform AWS which will be used to store Few of the Images Like Placeholder image for Better User Experience.
  • A Service Called Vercel will be used to host the Frontend of the Platform.
  • A web3 Wallet Aggregator service Called Rainbow will be used for Wallet signature verification.
  • A Service Called Web3storage will be Used that offers APIs for IPFS Service.
  • Smart Contract Setup of Proxy Contract and Deployer contract will be Used to Deploy custom smart contracts on mainnet.


  • Design and Planning of UI/UX of the Frontend platform. ETA- 1 Month.

    • Designing and Planning on how to Implement UI/UX Will be done for the whole platform
    • Cost- Hiring 2x Product Designers ($2k/m), Total=4k .
  • Development of Frontend, Backend, Smart Contracts. ETA- 3 Months.

    • Development of Frontend, Backend, Smart Contracts will be done.
    • Cost- Frontend Dev x1 for 3 Months ($500/m), Backend Dev x1 for 3 Months ($500/m), Blockchain Dev x1 for 3 Months ($1k/m). Total= 6k
  • Alpha & Beta Testing of Platform with Team and associated Partners. ETA- 1 Month.

    • Deployment of Smart contracts will be done on testnet and finally the mainnet. Testers will be hired as Team and from Community and incentivized for Testing of Contracts and Features.
    • Cost- Team of 2 Testers ($500/m), Community Member Rewards $100 x10, Total= 2k
  • Audit

    • An Audit firm or Reputed Individual Auditor will be Hired to Make sure the Smart Contracts are safe to use and efficient.
    • The plans are to make the platform available for public to use once all the testing is done.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $15,000 USD

Cost Breakdown:

  • Designing of the Whole Platform: 4k (Team of 2)
  • Development Cost for 3 Months: 6k (Team of 3)
  • Deployment and Testing Cost: 2k (Team of 2)
  • Audit: 3k

Thank you for considering our grant application. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our proposal in further detail and provide any additional information you may require.


Feel free to discuss POVs and Doubts if ANY!

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I think we already had an AIP that proposed this similar idea with @Harry (Forj) to have a launchpad with Apecoin. I wonder what the development of that is.


Hey as i can See the Proposal Never Went Through since the Author didnt reply, Here is the link to the conclusion: AIP Idea: APE Launchpad with $APE based utility and discovery mechanism - #5 by river

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I think ML means this one below. Not that we can’t have multiple ofc as long as enough time has passed since we approved a similar one (pretty sure that’s how it works - 3 months), we can approve others.


That was good Read. However, the Launchpad in my Proposal is more about the Developing a Technical Project like a automation Tool Compared to the AIP 141,209 is more about acceleration program about Overall IP Development. Also the AIP141 is 2y old proposal while AIP 209 is 1y Old.


Welcome. We certainly need more automation around here. GL with this. Such a small $ ask as well. :handshake:


I think there was another one that successfully passed as an AIP


are you referring to one that i mentioned above? AIP 141,209? if not, please link me to it.


Ohh yeah AIP-141. Apparently it went back to reconstruction. My bad then.

Edit: AIP-209 was the one I was referring. Thanks Forj.


Hi @penguinpecker,

Forj is the author of AIP-209: Ape Accelerator powered by ApeCoin

The Ape Accelerator includes an Ape NFT launchpad, allowing $APE holders to participate in NFT Sales. The Ape launchpad will soon go live with some of the best and most exciting projects in Web3. Stay tuned!

Here is our website and twitter.

Thank you for mentioning @Moonlyght and @furiousanger :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Forj Team


Can you be more specific about technicalities about Accelerator and ability of ape holders to participate in nft sales? Since what i can understand from Accelerator is, its going to handpick the given projects from a pool of the projects and only selected projects will be allowed to launch through forge? Is that correct?? Also about the launchpad, is it gonna be automated tool or the contracts will be custom created for each project manually?

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Small budget fr this one. Not sure if that’s concerning or beneficial. Like the idea


thnx mate, also i do believe grant amounts should be good enough to get you doing but shouldn’t be treated as funding rounds with massive amounts :sweat_smile:


Totally agree on this. Good luck. Looks interesting and I’ll be following the progress.


Great thanks for letting us know you guys are still there and building!


Interesting idea and this might be one of the first times I would be okay with the author asking for more money. :wink:

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haha wont be that case. Community Support Matters more than the $

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Agree, but it also takes money ($) to make good things for the community to support :wink:

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Hi @penguinpecker,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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