AIP-409: Voter Discovery and Coalitions in ApeCoin DAO


Voter Discovery and Coalitions in ApeCoin DAO


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Eyal, founder of DeepDAO. Eyal, an experienced software and product expert, fell in love with DAOs in 2018 and never looked back.

Noam, head of research at DeepDAO: DAO researcher with a Political Science Ph.D. Studying & practicing governance for the past 20+ years.

Aman: A physics graduate from IIT Delhi, Aman contributes to both product and growth initiatives at DeepDAO. He is also involved with DAOstar, a non-profit building standards and public infrastructure for DAOs.

DeepDAO is the #1 discovery and analytics engine for the DAO ecosystem. It aggregates, lists, and analyzes financial and governance data for thousands of DAOs and millions of governance token holders and voters across different chains and platforms. DeepDAO is widely recognized as the go-to source for DAO data.


This proposal aims to leverage DAO aggregation data and analysis to identify and address barriers to voting in ApeCoin DAO, enabling the development of tailored onboarding incentives, and programs to strengthen quality participation. By gaining insights into the interests and activity patterns of $APE token holders, the DAO can optimize its governance processes and foster a more engaged and focused community.

An extended coverage of the DAO’s internal power groups is also offered as part of this report. With ApeCoin DAO’s over 9k lifetime voters, and delegates, it is important to look at the groups of voters that lead the DAO in terms of decision making. DeepDAO’s Power Coalitions report enables transparency of these groups and their voting power, and serves to protect the DAO from possible governance attacks.


By leveraging DeepDAO’s aggregated data, ApeCoin DAO can identify the most promising initiatives to focus on, and attract the right people to contribute their skills and expertise.

By using the Power Coalitions data, the DAO can identify its own power groups, and make them available to all stakeholders and the community. A coalition in our terminology is defined as a group of people who frequently vote together on the same proposals and in the same direction (e.g. Yes, or No). This could be groups of two, three, ten, or more people.


Your DAO voters have diverse motivations and goals. Their involvement can be for short lived gains, or long term impact. Your voters are also in high demand, with dozens of DAOs competing for their attention.

DeepDAO’s Voter Discovery generates a large set of insights about your delegates, voters, and token holders:

  • Voter interests across all DAO categories. Understand the full voting profile of your voters, delegates, and token holders.

  • Discover voting patterns: yearly voting, top voters, voters who stopped voting, and loyal voters, who should be awarded and celebrated. DeepDAO provides full CSV lists of all addresses identified here.

  • Competitors analysis: which DAOs compete with yours on the attention of your voters and token holders? We map your competitors based on your voters and token holders voting in other DAOs.

  • Missing voters: $APE token holders, who vote in other DAOs, but do not vote in ApeCoin DAO. We provide a comprehensive list of these voters and, by request, segment them across competing DAOs.

  • Voter coalitions: Identify your internal power groups, and protect your DAO against governance grabs. This information may also improve communication between the separate interest groups.

  • For each power coalition we provide several data points:

    • The coalition’s combined voting power, measuring its strength in the DAO.
    • The number of times the coalition voted together, measuring how frequently this power is used.
    • The first time they voted together, and date of the most recent vote, indicating when the coalition started working together, and their recent involvement.

There are several distinct benefits to this granular understanding of the DAO participating stakeholders:

Marketing optimization: Attract new voters, and token holders, and retain existing ones by aligning outreach with their specific interests.

Tailored onboarding steps and incentives, optimizing engagement and overall governance activity.

Increased quality participation: Drive higher turnout and more informed decision-making.

Governance resilience: Reward and cultivate the various groups of loyal, and prominent voters within the DAO, according to their interests, engagement and level of expertise. This will strengthen the DAO’s long-term health and resistance to governance attacks.

An example for the usage of this data: let’s consider a scenario where out of the 145k+ $APE holders, we identify over 20k individuals highly interested in DeFi, as well as gaming, and identity solutions. With this information, ApeCoin DAO can create a campaign to advance the ApeCoin community’s mission for this specific target market.

Another example: We identify that there are several meaningful voter and delegate coalitions within the DAO. With this information in hand, the DAO can facilitate discussion between the groups and navigate towards common, agreed on goals.


Data-centered segmentation, governance participation, interest and activity categories, power coalitions.


DeepDAO will leverage its existing, full data on ApeCoin DAO, and thousands of other DAOs. The data used for this analysis will include:

  • ApeCoin’s governance data from Snapshot.
  • DAO profiles of all $APE holders, voters and delegates, and their granular participation data in the entire ecosystem, as well as their personal network in the form of friendly, and antagonistic voters.
  • Ecosystem data including 10M governance token holders, 3M voters, and thousands of categorized and manually enriched DAOs.
  • Other data from DeepDAO API to check for effect of voting coalitions, predicted governance activity, trends (for eg, how treasury trends correlated with the community’s engagement in the DAO), and more.



  1. A comprehensive report which includes the sections described above, insights summary, and recommendations.
  2. CSV files with each of the segments identified above, i.e. missing voters, loyal voters, top voter coalitions.
  3. Based on (1) & (2), a brainstorming session with ApeCoin DAO to come up with an action plan.

Milestone 1: DeepDAO generates the voter discovery report as outlined above. Time required: 5 weeks from the start of the project.

Milestone 2: DeepDAO hands over deliverables (1) and (2). Time required: 1 week from Milestone 1 completion.

Milestone 3: following the discussion with ApeCoin DAO interested stakeholders DeepDAO will finalize the report, submit it, and market it in all our available channels. Time required: 2 weeks from ApeCoin stakeholders call with our team.


We request total funding of $25,000 with the following breakdown: 33% once the proposal is accepted, and the remaining 67% upon the report finalization.


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