AIP-455: ApeCoin Sponsorship for MY Token 2024 Event


ApeCoin Sponsorship for MY Token 2024 Event (“MY Token” or “Event”)


Founder & Organizer of MY TOKEN

From his web2 presence, he is the Asia Head of Marketing for GoPro.
Marketing partner to the Thailand Tourism completing various tourism events and advisor for a Travel to earn projects including
In his tenure, he helped increase GoPro’s revenue by multiple times to tens of millions of dollars.
He has also held senior marketing positions at Google, Country Manager at Salcon Berhad and several multinational corporations.
One of the founders of DeGodsAsia, which aims to bring together the community and strengthen bonds between holders;

Business Results:

-Managed and executed projects with ADB, JAICA, World Banks of over 1 Billion USD.
-To date expanded the GoPro Brand across SEA over the last 8 years building the business to a substantial USD million dollar amount.
-Successfully delivered “Amazing Tai Tay” local travel campaign in Thailand to promote local tourism.
-Successfully delivered “ Amazing Thailand’ international campaign for international travel post covid.
-Successfully delivered GoPro X Songkran campaigns pre-covid and post covid for travel recovery in Thailand.
-Successfully completed and delivered “Dream Malaysia” promoting local tourism for Malaysia post covid travel lift to enhance local tourism.
-Successfully delivered “Dream Malaysia 2.0” to promote Malaysia as an international destination post covid.
-Gold Award recognition by Marketing Asia Awards - for Best Marketing of Brand 2024 in Singapore for Asia.

Wit Wit
Co-Founder of X Circle, Organizer of MY TOKEN

-Former Investment Bank Derivatives Trader
-Former Commercial Advisor of a Game Incubator Fund, by one of the largest technology company with market cap greater than USD100bil
-Head Investment & Corporate Finance Department for several public listed companies, including an Oil & Gas mid stream provider, Solar & Wind Energy midstream, Infrastructure & Property Developer.
-M&A Advisor for a Hong Kong based Private Equity with Billion dollar AUM
-Initiated a series of billion dollars Islamic bond, Perpetual Securities, Structured Finance and Leveraged Buyout, US based Reverse Take-Over deals
Led corporate restructuring, pricing of exotic financial product, complex financial risk management & hedging, structured loan refinancing, and transformative business strategies for several public listed company

Business Results:

-Led the commercial term and pricing negotiation for several Interest Rate Swap/Cross-Currency Swap of a Oil & Gas Project Financing and Sukuk bond; (Facility Amount from USD20m to 300m);
-Involved in the 6th largest global independent FPSO operator’s USD 500 mil multi-currency perpetual securities (1st unrated public USD bond transaction and public USD perpetual instrument issued out of Asia which won the Marine Money International 2017 Deal of the Year Bank Debt – East;
-Structure, secured an eight (8) digits USD acquisition financing for the acquisition of several brown field Feed-in-Tariff Solar projects in Malaysia;
-Developed and won a tender for a nine (9) digits USD offshore wind power EPCC & investment project in Vietnam
-Sourced a piece of 40 acres land, secured the financing for a RM100 over million Large Scale Solar Project in North Malaysia


Founder of X Circle, ApeCoin DAO - MarComm WG Steward, Non-salaried Advisor of MY TOKEN

-Expertise in business management, customer relations, KOL management, online marketing.

-Crafted marketing campaigns for sectors finance, gaming, beauty industry

By 2022, she ventured into Web3 NFTs, building her Twitter profile. Leveraging her experience, her influence rapidly spread across Asia.

General Partner, founder of X Circle Capital, a Malaysia-based investment company backed by FWDG Group, a Singapore-based Variable Capital Company with various Fund AUM collectively greater than USD 1 billion, specializing in Special Purpose Acquisition Company sponsorship (recent deals include RF Acquisition Corp I & II) and investments in the healthcare, gaming, tech, and AI industries.

Business Results:

-Advised & Involved in Marketing Campaign, Content Creating & Creator Management for more than 100 web3 project;

-Founded a Discord Community that grew 7 thousand members within 3 months.

-Founded a Web3 Project Incubation, Project Investment and Marketing company X Circle, which has successfully provided more than USD 300,000 in salaries, creating job opportunities for hundreds of people in the Web3 space within 4 months.

-Co-organizes and hosts several Web3 events, specifically BAYC community events, in Malaysia and Hong Kong, attracting hundreds of visitors from over 18 countries.

Exhibition Organizer - Zeus Event Sdn Bhd

Zeus Event Sdn Bhd is an experienced event organizer that has hosted more than 450 events, including government and private sector exhibitions, music festivals, food bazaars, and countdown festivals, with a cumulative attendance of over 100,000 people. Below are a few snapshots from their past events.

Music Festival Organizer & Partner - It’s The Ship

It’s The Ship is Asia’s largest and most renowned festival at sea, offering an unparalleled combination of an electronic dance music festival and a luxury cruise experience. Launched in 2014, It’s The Ship has quickly become a staple in the international festival circuit, attracting music enthusiasts from around the globe. Since its inception, It’s The Ship has hosted numerous international and regional DJs and performers. The festival features multiple stages, themed parties, and a variety of onboard activities, making it a unique and immersive event for music lovers and adventure seekers alike.



MY Token is a pioneering organization dedicated to advancing blockchain education and innovation in the Web3 ecosystem. Our team comprises experienced professionals with a deep passion for decentralized technologies and a commitment to fostering collaboration and growth within the blockchain community.

The team specializes in curating exceptional events that bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, innovations, and solutions in blockchain technology. From high-profile conferences to intimate community gatherings, we strive to deliver unparalleled experiences that inspire, educate, and empower individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital economy of tomorrow.

Additionally, we participate in organizing sports events for prominent international sport equipment brands and music concerts & festivals in the city of Malaysia. This further enriches our engagement with the local community and contributes to the vibrant cultural landscape of the region.

In addition to our dynamic events, the team incubating a media platform serves as a trusted source of news, analysis, and insights for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals across Asia. Through in-depth articles, expert opinions, and timely updates, the platform aims to keep the audience informed and empowered to seize the opportunities presented by blockchain technology.

At My Token, we are committed to driving positive change and fostering collaboration within the Asian blockchain community. Join us as we pave the way for economic growth, innovation, and prosperity in the region.

Welcome to My Token – Where Knowledge Fuels Innovation.


MY Token cordially invites ApeCoin DAO to be title sponsorship in MY Token, the foremost Web3 event in Malaysia. Scheduled for the 14th and 15th of September 2024, this prestigious event will be held at the esteemed KL Base Jalan Sungai Besi (“KL Base”), situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Notably, KL Base has been designated as a key tourism destination, promoted jointly by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (“Ministry of Tourism” or “Government”) and the Ministry of Finance of the Malaysian Government. In addition to KL Base, we have received invitations from several other prominent event venues and are currently in the process of negotiating terms with these parties to secure the optimal location for the MY Token event.

MY Token is the first Web3 event in Malaysia endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism. Working together with the government, the team aims to collaborate with various Asian NFTs & Blockchain communities to create an iconic Web3 event in Malaysia.

This proposal seeks to collaborate with ApeCoin DAO by providing sponsorship for speaking engagements, a dedicated booth presence, mascot integration, and support for engaging side events during the conference.


MY Token is the main event introducing the first large-scale WEB3 event in Malaysia. This event features an exhibition-style setup, a massive music festival centered around tourism, and WEB3 community activations. It is also the first WEB3 event to combine with entertainment events, drawing large WEB2 crowds.

The whole event will include:

  1. WEB3 Main Event Exhibition & Workshops
  2. ApeCoin Community Side Events - BAYC, Mocaverse’ ApeCoin holders
  3. Music Festival
  4. Attractions
  5. Water Baloon Fights
  6. Foam Zones
  7. Refreshment Zones
  8. VIP Zones

This partnership aims to bridge WEB2 and WEB3, as there is no event to date in Asia that focuses on both WEB2 & WEB3 audiences. Bringing these two audiences together will create a larger voice for WEB3.

Our strengths are further bolstered by Zeus Events, one of the best event organizing companies in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism (“Tourism Malaysia”) fully supports MY Token and endorses all its related IPs and activities. This collaboration benefits both parties, enhancing WEB3 for tourism, community engagement, networking and project building.

This marks the beginning of a significant collaboration between ApeCoin as a title sponsor and the Malaysia government, namely Tourism Malaysia, to promote WEB3 through the activities mentioned above.


  • Government Liaison: ApeCoin will be the first in Malaysia to be supported and endorsed from the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Exposure: ApeCoin will gain significant exposure within the Malaysian and regional Asian Web3 community, showcasing its technology and ecosystem to a diverse audience of industry professionals, investors, and enthusiasts. Moreover, as the first web3 brand powering the inaugural web3 event officially endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, ApeCoin stands at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the digital landscape, setting a precedent for innovation and collaboration in the region.
  • Networking and Partnership Opportunities: ApeCoin DAO members will have the chance to network with leading industry figures, potential investors, and like-minded projects, paving the way for strategic partnerships and collaborations. This will include Web2 business potential, bridging the ecosystem across.
  • Educational Outreach: ApeCoin can educate attendees about its unique value proposition and applications within decentralized finance (DeFi), fostering awareness and adoption of the ApeCoin ecosystem.
  • Ape Chain: Ape Chain can be introduced through this event for existing projects and developers, considered as launchpad and for chain solutions. This will require a spokesperson from Ape Chain to be present and we will organize a session specifically for Ape Chain. A spokesperson from Ape Chain will be present, and we will organize a session specifically for Ape Chain. MY Token and its related ecosystem is also keen to collaborate with Ape Chain for its future projects.


  • Main Sponsorship Title: The MY Token event will be named as “MY Token Powered By ApeCoin” with the ApeCoin logo prominently displayed in all marketing assets and collaterals.
  • Speaking Engagements: ApeCoin DAO members will participate as speakers in panel discussions, workshops, or presentations, sharing insights and expertise on topics related to blockchain, DeFi, and the future of ApeCoin.
  • Dedicated Booth Presence: ApeCoin will have a prominent booth to showcase its technology, products, and services, facilitating direct engagement with attendees and potential collaborators.
  • Mascot Integration: A lively and engaging mascot will represent ApeCoin at the event, attracting attention and creating memorable interactions with attendees.
  • Side Events: MY Token will organize an interactive side event, such as workshops, hackathons, or networking sessions, designed to enhance community engagement and participation. This is to be discussed with the ApeCoin team according to our suggested timeline.
  • Merchandise: MY Token event will feature merchandise, with ApeCoin as the main highlight. This could include limited event-only items.


MY Token leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology and digital platforms to facilitate seamless interactions and engagement during the event. Social media, event apps, and digital marketing strategies will be employed to maximize ApeCoin’s visibility and impact.

As we move forward, we can finalize the sponsorship deal between MY Token and ApeCoin with the following breakdown:

  1. Title Sponsors:

“Powered By ApeCoin”, showcasing ApeCoin’s prominent support for MY Token 2024.

  1. Exhibition Area:

23.7m2 / 16ft x 16ft raw space allocation for ApeCoin to set up a visually appealing, entertaining, and interactive booth. This space will be ideal for showcase ApeChain’s latest initiative in gaming and entertainment, including the rights to use ApeKin IP for creating mascots and marketing materials.

  1. Exhibition Speaker Slots:

Session Speaker slots dedicated to presenting ApeCoin & ApeChain’s innovations and contributions. The APE Foundation, Special Council members, Working Group Stewards, and approved AIP Authors will have the option to participate in the event and volunteer for the speaking panel.

  1. Exhibition Branding & Marketing:
  • Logo implementation as title sponsor on all marketing material and collateral issued by MY Token, with a dedicated tag as “Powered By ApeCoin”.
  • Dedicated Twitter announcements for pre-marketing of MY Token, starting 3 months prior to the event, with 2 dedicated posts per month and 1 AMA / Spaces on ApeCoin support, presence and what to expect during the upcoming event.
  • Promotional community push through MY Token community and its future news app.
  • Dedicated branding in the MY Token event space on the day of the event including prominent logo placement and aerial logo projection.
  • Video showcase of 30 sec showcased on stage / video wall in rotations. Video will be provided by ApeCoin.
  • Media interview sessions and support by local mainstream & Web3 media pool, MY Token media portal and inclusion into MY Token press release in Malaysia as title sponsor and quote by ApeCoin into its participation.
  • Ticket allocation for ApeCoin’s holders which will include:
    • 1 Speaker Pass for active participation.
    • 4 VIP Passes for networking and privileged access.
    • 30 MY Token Partner Passes for ApeCoin Members.
    • 50 MY Token entrance passes for the day of events.
  1. Music Festival:
  • ApeCoin, & Related Community video showcase of 30 sec showcased on stage / video wall in rotations before performance in rotation. Video will be provided by ApeCoin.
  • 50 Music Festival Passes
  • ApeCoin Community Side Event Activation


ApeCoin Sponsorship for MY Token 2024 Event (“MY Token” or “Event”)
KL Base Jalan Sungai Besi (“KL Base”)
Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture of the Malaysia (“Ministry of Tourism”)
Ministry of Finance of the Malaysian (“Ministry of Finance”)
(Ministry of Tourism & Ministry of Finance collectively known as “Government”)
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (“Tourism Malaysia”, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism)
ApeCoin DAO and its relevant councils or stewards (“ApeCoin DAO Personnel”)


Milestone 1 - 1st Week of July 2024

Project Start & End Date: Work for the event began in April 2024, and the event end date will be September 15, 2024, with follow-up reporting provided within 7 working days after the event.

Confirmation of Participation: MY Token and ApeCoin DAO will finalize the agreement and confirm participation details by July 2024.

Confirmation of Sponsorship: Transfer of sponsorship funds will be completed no later than the end of July 2024.

APE Foundation Request: Yumi Peixuan has provided proof of consent to assist in brand direction, marketing assets, booth setup monitoring, and execution. Assistance from the Foundation is also requested with this, preferably a senior leader who has worked on events previously.

Milestone 2 - July-August 2024

Event & Marketing Planning and Coordination: Detailed planning of speaking engagements, booth setup, mascot integration, and side events will be conducted in collaboration with ApeCoin DAO Personnel to monitor progress and implementation.

Event & Marketing Execution: MY Token marketing execution will work with ApeCoin DAO Personnel to ensure marketing deliverables are met and ongoing in collaboration with ApeCoin DAO.

Preparation and Logistics: MY Token and ApeCoin DAO Personnel will prepare promotional materials, content, and logistical arrangements to ensure a successful presence at MY Token 2024.

Milestone 3 - August - September 2024

Production: MY Token and ApeCoin Peronnel-approved designs for interactive booths will go into production, and preparations for installations will commence.

Event Day: Implementation on event day, ensuring all deliverables are successfully met, followed by post-event attributes.


  1. Upon confirmation of ApeCoin DAO’s participation, we will start communication and begin according to the “STEPS TO IMPLEMENT & TIMELINE.”
  2. Each step within the implementation will progress based on the timeline up to the event date.
  3. After the event, we will provide a full report on the exposure values received by ApeCoin DAO based on the outlined deliverables within this AIP.
  4. The full report will be provided within 7 working days after the event.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $475,000 USD.
Below is the breakdown of the total request for sponsorship for ApeCoin DAO’s participation in MY Token 2024. The breakdown will be covering expenses related to the following:

  1. Exhibition Event Title Sponsorship : USD$ 150,000
  2. Music Festival Sponsorship : USD$140,000
  3. ApeCoin Side Events Sponsorship: USD$65,000
  4. ApeKin Mascot: USD$5,000
  5. Marketing Campaign specifically for ApeCoin awareness (Web2) Pre & In Event : USD$65,000
  6. Activation Booth Custom Design, Build, Setup and Completion: USD$50,000

These costs seem more reasonable than some of the other sponsorship requests we’ve seen.

I’m curious on what assurances you (or anyone in the DAO) can provide in regards to the support from the Ministry of Tourism. Obviously having a national government formally work with and support an ApeCoin sponsorship is great for awareness and possibly future adoption, but only if it’s truly supported.


I think that this sounds like a great event and it’s very important that we maintain a strong presence in SE Asia given the amount of Web3 users. However, I’d love to have a more coordinated event strategy as opposed to approving one offs. I’ll work on my end with the Foundation, SC and other stakeholders to see if we can put that together. If we do, I’ll make sure to highlight this opportunity. That being said, I’m against supporting one off events without a broader strategy for the DAO outlined.

Thank you for your feedback. We agree that a coordinated event strategy is essential for APE Coin to maintain a strong presence in SE Asia. We are committed to working closely with the ApeCoin DAO team, the Foundation, SC, and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive event plan, as outlined in the AIP above under STEPS TO IMPLEMENT: No. 2 Event Planning and Coordination.

Furthermore, MY Token not only an event but a brand which prevails beyond the event working together with developers, projects, building incubators and bridging web2 to web3. We are here as partners for the long run and would appreciate given the opportunity to be an extended arm of ApeCoin here in SE Asia.


Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your recognition of our costs.

Regarding the government’s support, we are currently compiling the necessary documents as assurance of their endorsement. We are waiting for the government’s green light to disclose these documents and will update you here as soon as we receive permission.

Thank you for your patience.


I have some questions:

  1. Regarding the venue, I can’t seem to find it. Could you please link it?
  2. Do you have an estimate of how many people will attend?
  3. Are you targeting foreigners (i.e. people living outside of Malaysia) to fly in for the event?

The amount asked for is reasonable only if there is significant value added. For most events in places like Singapore and HK people fly in for the events which increases the target audience size. This seems more targeted towards locals and me not being able to find the venue is a little concerning.

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Thank you for your questions and interest in our proposal.

  1. Venue Details: Please find the address - Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, Pengkalan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
  2. Estimated Attendance: We are targeting 10,000 to 20,000 attendees, with a mix of 30% from the Web3 community and 70% from Web2. This estimate is based on our previous events, where each individual event like the WEB3 Main Event Exhibition & Workshops, music festival, Fun Splash Run, and Food Bazaar attracted 7,000 to 10,000 Web2 attendees respectively.
  3. Target Audience: While we are indeed focusing on locals, we are also targeting international visitors to attend the event. This presents an excellent opportunity to promote ApeCoin to the Web2 audience and introduce ApeCoin as a pioneering Web3 DAO and ecosystem. Consequently, we have planned a comprehensive marketing campaign specifically aimed at increasing ApeCoin awareness among the Web2 audience, both before and during the event, with a dedicated budget allocated for this purpose.
  4. Value Added: We understand the importance of attracting a broader audience. That’s why we’ve secured full government support and endorsement to ensure this event’s success on a larger scale, similar to events in Singapore and HK.
    Regarding the concern on international visitors, we have a series of strategies to address this. One of these strategies is based our team’s experience in organizing several music festivals, we are confident that the guest performers we are inviting will attract international visitors. The reason is that the guest is prominent in Asia and has not yet performed in any music festival or concert in Malaysia. The capital backing one of our organizers is currently negotiating the terms and arrangements for her visit. Due to an NDA, we cannot disclose more details at this movement, but we will provide updates as soon as the agreement allows.

Thank you again for your feedback and consideration.


Seem like Great.Who will attend the Music Fest?

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We are making our best efforts to invite popular and cost-effective artists and performers who have available slots during the event period, as the music festival is a crucial component of the MY Token event. The first day will feature international artists, while the second night will showcase Malaysian local artists. The capital backing this event is also involved in the entertainment business and is currently in the process of acquiring the artists. We expect to announce the detailed list of performers by July, once agreements are finalized.


Hi @Witwit_81,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

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We are ready to proceed to the next phase. Thanks.

I just represented CityDAO at ETHDenver and I have been running their education guild or the last three years. I am a huge supporter of education, and am very focused on legitimacy for the DAO and web3 space. I’m curious about the involvement of the Ministry of Tourism. Is that guaranteed? I’ve found, in working with international groups, that this kind of endorsement can open a lot of doors.


The involvement of the Ministry of Tourism and other government-linked organizations in MY Token goes beyond mere endorsement of our IPs and activities. It marks the beginning of a collaboration between the government and the private sector to promote Web3 culture, events, and entertainment experiences in our country. This partnership forms the foundation for the construction of the current AIP. Please bear with us as we are currently unable to disclose detailed information and related documents due to an NDA with the relevant parties. We are actively seeking permission to share these details and will publish them as soon as we can. Thank you for your queries and for connecting with us!


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This proposal has been assigned the AIP ID Number 455.

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oh I did miss this event, probably the next one I will be present and active… nice feedbacks

We have received approval to share one of the endorsement documents from Tourism Malaysia for MY TOKEN 2024. Below is the letter. We will disclose additional relevant documents from the government and/or others government-linked organization’s support as we receive further approvals.


congratulations all the same…I’m happy you got that… more wins chap