AIP-64: APE Coin Festival - Bringing NFT Communities Together

Proposal Name: Feasibility Study for Web3 Village (an NFT Conference & Festival)

Proposal Category: Branding, Marketing, IRL Events


  • This proposal is for a Feasibility Study ONLY (not an actual event)
  • This proposal is based on our collective experiences at NFT-nyc and the countless requests for a “better” NFT conference/festival
  • This proposal is NOT a substitute for ApeFest – YUGA will do their own thing for their communities
  • This AIP is proposing to do the legwork to secure letters of interest from various NFT Communities, Brands, Sponsors, Venues and Event Cos BEFORE drafting a separate proposal for putting together a DAO-Owned and Managed Conference & Festival - aka Web3 Village


  • As NFT-NYC showed this past week, IRL events are a great way to bring online communities together.
    Further, it was clear as day that if all the satellite events joined up to create a space where attendees could walk from project to project, where combined resources would save major $$$ while elevating activations, and where a master calendar would help avoid scheduling conflicts, the effort would be well received


  • The APE Coin DAO is all about bringing NFT communities together and onboarding newcomers to the space.
    As NFT-NYC showed this past week, IRL events are a great way to accomplish both. And while there are countless ideas floating around for a better NFT event, it would be fire :fire: if the APE Coin DAO was the foundation on which this flagship event and combined ideas were built upon

Key Terms:

  • Web3 Village = General concept and working name for our NFT Conference & Festival
  • Feasibility Study = gathering resources, contacts, venues, producers, brands, sponsors, etc, aggregating feedback and converting to actionable data*


  • Landing Page
  • Airtable
  • Phone

Steps to Implement

  1. Get this proposal approved along with an APE Coin DAO “Stamp of Approval”
  2. Work with Graphic Designer for visual collateral and social media assets ≈ $2.5k
  3. Set-up Landing Page - executed by author at zero cost or with professional designer ≈ $2.5k
  4. Set-up Airtable - executed by author at zero cost
  5. Begin campaign of reaching out to Web3 attendees, activations, brands, sponsors, venues and talent - author and volunteers at zero cost – with paid VA’s ≈ $5k


  • July - AIP drafts, rewrites, feedback, approval
  • August - Create collateral and begin outreach campaign
  • September - Aggregate content and actionable data in the form of a Pitch Deck and AIP for APE Coin DAO to consider and vote upon

Overall Cost:

  • Sub $10k
  • PS - Author receives zero $$ from this proposal - but happy to continue leading the Web3 Village AIP

This is an excellent idea, I am working with some event organizers for NFT3 and we’ve been discussing exactly the same observations around satellite events. There’s a massive opportunity here to create great community wide experiences and fund the DAO. Incorporating some sort of NFT memberships/sponsorship options for companies and individuals for this sort of event could open up the initial bankroll. Apefest has the opportunity to create a Coachella festival experience, but continuing in NY will not allow this, and it doesn’t seem that is the goal. ApeCoin Fest(could be another name to distinguish a unique event) can strive to create that more decentralized, village style festival experience that does reflect the overall goals of the DAO- to create a decentralized token that the community hopes will serve as the primary token for art, gaming, entertainment, and events in web3.


Thanks for your feedback @Lost and for the work you’re doing in IRL events, your voice is def needed here. Before we carry on, it would be great if you’d upvote the conversation, I think it helps keep the thread alive :thinking:.

Just a few points from my own experience that I’d love folks to consider for this possible APE Coin Fest:

  • Bringing NFT communities together for “casual collisions” will be vital to keep the industry growing through real connections and to get beyond the walled-gates mentality of Web2

  • Instead of a single entity owning the festival (like AEG owns Coachella), the goal with ACF is to be DAO-owned and operated (as much as we can at this point in Web2.5)

  • Instead of putting ALL the elements of a Conf/Fest together ourselves, ACF will provide the “rails” and let each NFT community design and execute their own event-within-the-event experience – basically unifying the satellite events in a festival

  • Possible “rails” = location, security, insurance, permits, admin, master calendar, concierge, etc – and of course $APE

I’m hopeful that this experiment results in an easier decision for NFT projects, brands and token holders to make, less confusion when it comes to planning, and stronger relationships between NFT communities :metal:t4:


I haven’t used the upvote feature yet, thanks for the reminder.

I agree with all of your points from your reply. I think something else we should make a point of addressing here is the global community. Something that comes up within the various NFT communities during these events is how central they are to America. Understandably things like insurance, permits, and location become increasingly difficult as we look to expand into every country. But, this does seem like the proper time and place to address the legitimate challenge of hosting events for a community derived from projects with global audiences.


Your observation and comments regarding a global audience is right on the mark. It’s also the reason why I opened up this discussion.

One of the main goals of this conversation is to poll the audience of $APE Coin holders to get some understanding of where folks may wish to host the inaugural APE Coin Fest.

I’m totally open to roads less-traveled :grin:


Great idea. Low cost with potentially high impact, we don’t lose much if it fizzles for whatever reason. I could see this taking off very easily though, love it.


I imagine to get off the ground an inaugural event in America may make the most sense. There’s a unique opportunity to incorporate some global activations with ApeCoin Fest though. Seems like most NFT events have been centralized to America so far and it is something that comes up often around event time, although maybe in the minority there. Having a strong virtual ApeCoin Fest experience for those who can’t make it physically could also be something to consider in any case. Given that Guy Oseary was approved to join the DAO as a representative officially, there will probably be some resources available with his involvement. If not another incoming proposal. I would be interested to see his thoughts here.


Thanks for your support – when and where would you hold the first ACF?

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Steve and Captain mentioned on their show this morning the idea of Yuga going out on their own (away from NFT-nyc) for ApeFest – and while I agree, I also think they should consider doing that through the $APE Coin DAO – hence this discussion.

Also, someone suggested holding something like this 4 times a year – the main one along with 3 smaller versions held quarterly in various parts of the world – thought that was a good idea.


Las Vegas comes to mind immediately for me. Cheap flights and plenty to do. I’m sure there are lots of other good choices as well.


Great idea. There is 1 year until proposed date, enough time to orginized most prominent event in the web3 ever


Thanks for the support and yes, approx one year seems like enough time, but it goes real fast.

If there’s enough interest and the APE Coin DAO provide the support and funding in the next 2-3 months then we stand a chance to make the one year timeline.

Otherwise, what might be more likely is this APE Coin Festival proposal gets slimmed down and we shoot for a less ambitious event.

Thanks again for the support – let your friends know✌🏽

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Love this idea. Great way to bring more community members together.

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Thanks RedVulkan

– if you’re heading to NFT-NYC currently, you’d feel the stress of trying to schedule and plan out all your satellite events - BAYC, Moonbirds, Gutter Cats, Huxley, Doodles, Dippies, Metaheroes, Goblins, VeeFriends, Sandbox, etc, etc (I’m missing so many)

– and keep in mind, most of these require several Uber rides or Metro travels in between each and every one, ugh

– Now imagine all of these same NFT communities all in one location, spread out within walking distance and everything transacted in $APE (sorta like a VeeCon during the day and a Coachella during the night)

That’s the general idea – thanks for your support🤘🏽


Hey, since we’re talking about events for next year in 2023, I think it’d be cool for ApeCoin DAO to have a booth presence or something at the major events next year.

Especially as we get a track record built up and some accomplishments, it could be a really cool thing to see happen! Just something to think about as we look ahead.


Yes, great point. Putting on an event as we’ve been discussing here takes a ton of resources and unless the APECoin DAO approves and funds quickly, it may not even happen until 2024.

So, your idea of an APECoin presence at most major NFT events across the globe could be the early versions of creating traction, onboarding the talent/producers/creatives and increasing our learnings of what communities may want to see from an ACF.

Thanks for the support🤘🏽


Just another idea that was surfaced this morning from a Twitter Spaces – where are the family-friendly events?

We have Doodles, Dippies, CoolCats and plenty of other kid-friendly family-friendly NFT projects, so we should find a way to incorporate these wholesome-vibes into the ACF.

Great way to bring families together, expose and educate the next generations.


Great idea. I’ve seen/heard quite a few kids interested in BAYC. Would be good to include them in the Apecoin Foundation


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