AIP Idea: Guy Oseary as ApeCoin Representative

This document proposes to make me, Guy Oseary, a representative of ApeCoin. This role will make it my job to support ApeCoin through impactful partnerships and initiatives. I will not receive any payment for my services.

I remember the very moment that web3 “clicked” for me when my friend Nick Adler helped me understand its potential, starting with NFTs as a breakthrough for artists’ rights. That’s all I needed to hear to jump all into the web3 ocean.

The opportunity in web3 is immediate and massive, especially for anything championed by an engaged, creative, passionate community. ApeCoin embodies all of that.

I believe that the more utility there is for ApeCoin, the more value it has, and the more it has the potential to break new ground for web3 and culture as a whole. Partnerships are instrumental in making that happen.

I’ve spent my career working hard to get artists and brands the best, most fair deals possible — deals that compensate them, empower them, and protect them and their work. That’s what I want to do for ApeCoin and the community. As a representative, I will work to find and create opportunities that build the brand and ecosystem and bring ApeCoin to everyday life, everywhere.

Web3 is more than just digital. The coin that will power your metaverse experience will also be powering your real-life experience. You could earn ApeCoin in the metaverse and use it as payment to attend a show by your favorite artist. Pay for a hotel with it one day and meet your friends there virtually. We are at the very early days here. Keeping ApeCoin solely in the metaverse would limit it.

The request is for an allocation of 1% of the Ecosystem Fund for me to spend strategically on opportunities and partnerships that benefit the brand and community. These initiatives could include – but are not limited to – events, partnerships, and projects across gaming, TV, film, and music. To execute on this successfully, it is important for me to be able to engage in individual negotiations discreetly, driving more favorable terms and costs that result in higher ROI.

To promote a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem, ApeCoin should be so ubiquitous that it’s part of mainstream culture. It’s my core belief that ApeCoin can lead the way in bringing more people, companies, and brands to web3, and that we can do so in an inclusive way that reflects the ApeCoin DAO values.

My experience in working with brands across entertainment and tech allows me to be uniquely positioned to make strategic decisions and leverage my network to close exceptional deals for ApeCoin.

I am an entrepreneur, tech investor, and talent manager. As a teen, I started my career as an A&R executive and later as a partner in Maverick Records. We sold over 100 million albums before selling the company to Warner Music.

I’ve been working with and supporting artists ever since — for over 30 years now. My passion and personal interests over the last few decades have placed me at the intersection of entertainment and tech. I’ve been investing with my partner and friend Ashton Kutcher, who is also my co-founder in A-Grade Investments, Sound Ventures, and Sound Ventures Blockchain. Our early-stage investments include Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Calm, Robinhood, Gitlab, Duolingo, Superrare, Opensea, and many others.

I am also currently working with or a partner with some of the best NFT talent, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Meebits, World of Women, Sandbox, Pixel Vault, Beeple, and 10KTF.

Empowering artists and protecting them from day 1 has been a priority for me. Today, one of the most powerful tools to enable that is web3. I was fortunate to be one of the contributors to ApeCoin. Like you, I was inspired by this amazing community and I’ve been supporting it from the moment I understood how far it can go. I want it to succeed and I’m incentivized to do all that I can to ensure that it does.

Up to 1% of the Ecosystem Fund as a budget for me to utilize on behalf of the APE Foundation.

  • This will only be spent on purchases and deals that directly benefit the APE Foundation.
  • Any ROI gained from deals I make will go back into the Ecosystem Fund.
  • Any ApeCoin from this budget that is not used during the specified period will be returned to the Ecosystem Fund.
  • I will not receive any payment for my services.
  • I will consult with the Board about potential deals.
  • Details on all purchases and deals that I make will be made fully available to the ApeCoin DAO community after the fact via quarterly transparency reports that detail how much was spent, on what, and why.
  • This is separate from the budgets allocated in AIP-3.


  1. Cartan to set up a separate Coinbase account and transfer 1% of the Ecosystem Fund.
  2. Set up the account so that one of the ApeCoin DAO Board members must approve transactions.
  3. Execute commercial services agreement with Ape Foundation.

This would go into effect immediately if this AIP passes and would last until the next fiscal calendar closes at the end of 2023.

Up to 1% of the Ecosystem Fund, from when the proposal passes through Dec 31, 2023.


Like the sentiment but a 1% blank check can lead to lots of questions, bad sentiment in the community and lack of transparency in how the funds are deployed. Not to mention conflict of interest without clear rules of how it can be spent. Maybe 1% to go to that effort but a committee who gets elected by the community with a 1 year term who reviews and votes on the proposals and the minutes and spend published to the community on a quarterly basis.


@guyoseary very excited to see you here and this proposal. :fire: :fire: :fire:

For those in the community unfamiliar with Guy, he’s the “real f’ing deal.” He’s been a talent and brand manager in the entertainment world, managing the likes of Madonna, U2, and more recently Yuga Labs.

While Guy is already invested in and working with Yuga, his presence here signals something different. Having at least one unified front that bridges ApeCoin and Yuga, especially as it relates to brand details, partnerships, etc. is massive.

Allocating 1% of the treasury is a whole lot of capital, but here’s the core: do we believe that he would return at least all of that back and then some? Abso-effing-lutely (at least for me).

Personally I’m a strong, emphatic YES on this one, and would encourage others to dig in here and consider the same.

As far as feedback on the proposal, Guy:

Steps to implement

  1. Can we clarify that the Coinbase account is a Coinbase Custody account?

  2. How would you feel about changing “set up the account…” with “Set up a multisignature wallet”? The configuration could be:

  • 3 of 5 signatures
    • This would ensure that Guy and at least TWO other board members would be required to make withdrawals
  • This is critical for security as a 2 of 3 would be insufficient for such a large sum
  • Add the spending limit feature to bypass the need for 3 of 5 signatures for amounts under X $APE (to be determined)
    • This would make it easy for Guy to be able to spend without requiring 3 signatures

Thanks Guy! Excited for this.


I would echo what the post above me says. By all accounts Guy has been a big part of helping Yuga/BAYC get to where it is today. I support the idea of using some of our allocation to try and grow and believe Guy will be a great option to do that for us. I also support the suggested change of a multisig requiring a certain amount of signatures because of the increased security that it provides.


First and foremost, thanks @guyoseary for offering to lend your incredible talents here for no compensation :exploding_head:. This seems to me like an inflection point for this DAO.

To my ape brothers, we’ve seen how over scrutinizing an AIP can turn out. We didn’t have proper discourse on the staking and we had our reasons for protesting.

This has the blessing of @GordonGoner. Let’s not bungle this up.

Good controls, such as multi-sig, for a wallet with a lot of $APE in it makes sense. Otherwise LFG!


This proposal looks sound to me after implementing some of the tweaks mentioned by @mg. would be great to have someone talented like Guy as an ApeCoin representative and should be beneficial to all members of the DAO. Thanks for the proposal.

To my ape brothers, we’ve seen how over scrutinizing an AIP can turn out. We didn’t have proper discourse on the staking and we had our reasons for protesting.

I don’t think these changes above would need the AIP to be delayed since it’s not yet proposed for vote. There should still be time for the original wording to clarify these points (which also don’t change the spirit of the AIP) should @guyoseary agree to them


Hey Guy.

Glad to see your immense interest in helping the DAO. I think it’s very noble to want to do all this work for free but i actually think it would be better to have some sort of pay structure if you were to tackle all this.

I do have a few question

You said you were a contributor to apecoin, could you touch on what they entailed? Are you one of the people with vested launch partners coins?

You said a lot about what you have done and what you want for the proposal but i didn’t read anything relating to the actual initiatives you want to implement. Could you share some of the first moves you would make if this were to pass?

I do think it’s a bold move to nominate yourself for this role and I am eager to learn about it in more detail. Cheers!


I don’t think we should worry about this right now, to echo @ApeLawyer.eth 's points this sort of thing would def delay the proposal of this AIP unlike the wording clarification for custody and multisig/spending limit stuff. We can always pass another proposal to add those terms if necessary.

Besides, usually in DAOs it’s customary for things like this to pass and for payment to be negotiated in a separate proposal in the future once the representative shows signs of success in their work

As the proposer I’m sure @guyoseary is more than okay with this setup


To touch on your point I don’t think we should rush anything. We shouldn’t sacrifice process for speed. The ultimate goal is to have everyone happy or as close to happy as we can be. This is why I asked these questions. As very large ape holder i feel the more information we have On the people we put in decision making roles the better. Also when someone nominates themself there will be questions.

Initially i see that guy signed and represents BAYC. While i don’t see an immediate issue here is does raise question like why are we running a DAO if we are nominating the same people from the same team.

I Just have questions and I’m not opposed to this proposal


Whoever flagged my last post as spam please explain to me what was wrong with it?


Ok @totty.eth i see you

So I give honest feedback and even ask a few questions and you flag my post and get it taken down?

Then immediately go to my proposal I wrote about education and say it’s a waste of money and go against it. Real mature. It’s stuff like this that is the opposite of what a dao needs


I didn’t think marking it as spam would hide it, so I’m sorry about that, but I do think it’s more off topic than not and believe the conversations in DAO forums in general should be kept high-signal and low-noise (concise and to the point), especially on AIP ideas and proposal topics.

Analysis paralysis will only stall this proposal which is already backed by founders and can simply be voted against or amended if passed in the future.

??? I just thought that proposal was a bad use of money, nothing personal. I didn’t even realize you made it. Would appreciate if you didn’t point fingers in an accusatory way and keep this topic high-signal.


So what you believe a is proper warrants you flagging my post as spam? Isn’t inclusion and people having their voice heard regardless of one singular opinion the ethos of a DAO? I feel i had valid questions and i even said I’m not opposed to the proposal. I won’t keep going here. I hope in the future we don’t cross paths like this again. I just want the best for the dao. Let’s move on and try to be constructive.

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Personally I see this a little differently. In @guyoseary’s case he’s building value for $APE as a whole. As a holder, Guy will see upside by way of $APE price increase.


I fully support this. @guyoseary is an absolute legend and I really don’t think Yuga / BAYC is where it is today without him.


Im supporting this, can’t see no harm. Guy has been such a catalyst to reach where we are now


I support this proposal, as long as there are board oversight controls in place such as approval of deals, as stated in the proposal. Guy has shown that he can make things happen, and this will be a great way to secure dope partnerships and collabs that will benefit ApeCoin.


Originally I felt 1 % was a lot because the other allocations given in AIP-3. 3 of the 5 categories are currently less then 1 percent. It seems like in my humble opinion 1 percent is too high, do we really want to give one guy sole discretion of 1 percent of our entire funds just to use this year?

I have also seen many people vouch for him and although I haven’t heard of him until recently if he is that skilled I would love to see him partner with the DAO, but maybe we can give him a smaller percentage to start and then if he is successful in promoting Ape Coin DAO we can give him more next year.

below are the current fund allocations.

Up to 3.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for game development
Up to 1.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for events
Up to .8% of the Ecosystem Fund for merch production
Up to .5% of the Ecosystem Fund for marketing and education efforts
Up to .3% of the Ecosystem Fund for an ApeCoin NFT marketplace


Having @guyoseary be our representative would be a huge deal for the DAO. He is a big part of the success of BAYC + many other projects in web3. He also has tons of connections off-chain. Having him on board will bring so much potential to our DAO.

1% is a lot, but if you could hand pick a few people to represent us Guy is one of them. I’m 100% behind this, with the suggestions laid out by @mg near the top.


Guy is a Maverick, he gets things done time and time again, google it. If anyone is representing BAYC and the Apecoin ecosystem I would put it in Guy’s hands. I do think it’s fair to hammer out specifics if people have certain critique but this is an AIP that needs to be passed for the well being of the entire BAYC/APEcoin Ecosystem.

Based on Guy’s brand experience, networking ability not just in the US but internationally, this is a golden goose for me in terms of moving us all forward in the right direction. 1% without pay is fair hands down and gives Guy proper liquidity to tap into the brand/marketing avenues that can further benefit this ecosystem.

No fu*king brainer, lets get Guy in and working on this ASAP please.