Airdrops for Apes: Sustaining Community Value

Airdrops for Apes: Sustaining Community Value Through Regular NFT Airdrops

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This proposal seeks to initiate a project where community members or commissioned artists create Ethereum-based NFT artworks to be airdropped or offered as free mints to Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Gucci Grail members twice a month, thereby enhancing community value and supporting artists within the ecosystem.

This proposal aims to maintain the momentum of the APE community by providing continuous value to Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and Gucci Grails. The regular NFT airdrops could not only enhance the value of these tokens but also serve as a platform to highlight the creativity within the community and network emerging artists. In the worst case scenario, Yuga asset hodlers would still receive a regular and free collection of curated art.

The proposal aligns with the APE community’s mission of fostering a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem. The regular distribution of art NFTs provides a consistent source of value for token holders while promoting the diverse talents of artists within the community.

Key Terms:

  • Airdrops: The distribution of tokens directly into the digital wallets of token holders.
  • NFT Artworks: Unique digital artworks tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

The proposed artworks will be Ethereum-based NFTs, inclusive of abstract art, music, photography open editions, and traditional pfp collections. Both community members and commissioned artists will create the artworks.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Curate and select artworks for distribution: Artists within the community or commissioned artists will create these artworks. Community members can suggest artists or artworks, provide feedback, and participate in creating the artworks.
  2. Implement the code for the airdrops or free mints.
  3. Conduct airdrops or free mints every two weeks.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3.

Upon approval, the first airdrop or free mint will be available within one month. Subsequent airdrops or free mints will occur once every two weeks.

Overall Cost:
The monthly budget for this project is $10,000, inclusive of artist fees, code implementation costs, and the manager’s salary who will coordinate the project and facilitate mints and airdrops. This budget could be adjusted depending on the community’s feedback and the project’s success.

This project is entirely flexible. Looking forward to hearing from the community!


  • Apecoin themed NFT or Art Projects could be included
  • Apecoin holders could also be eligible to participate in the mint process.
  • Community artists for the projects could be sourced from within the ApeCoin community.
  • Public mints could be conducted solely using apecoin
  • The NFT collections could be only bought or sold using ApeCoin
  • The NFT collections could be only bought or sold on the ApeCoin marketplace

Additional Note:
Commenters have expressed concern of a lack of benefit to ApeCoin holders. I believe it is important to recognize that Yuga assets and ApeCoin are implicitly linked. ApeCoin was airdropped originally to BAYCs/MAYCs. BAYC/BAKC/MAYC have over twice the staking reward yields of ApeCoin stakers who do not own these Yuga NFTs. Many funded AIPs are simply products that utilize the BAYC IP. Many educational products funded by the DAO are completely unrelated to ApeCoin, but benefit the broader community - such as Bored Ape Gazette or the DAM show. An AIP does not need to exclusively benefit Apecoin holders in order to benefit the community or ecosystem, and I believe it is detrimental to isolate BAYC, the original ApeCoin recipients, from the benefits of the DAO. Apes and ApeCoin are on the same team. Thanks for listening to my rant

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Hey Frankie, I wanted to express my gratitude for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings. That’s what this is all about! While the proposal for airdropping NFTs to Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Gucci Grail members may have its merits, it appears to deviate from the core goals and mission of the Apecoin DAO. In my opinion the primary focus of the Apecoin DAO lies in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem and promoting the use of its native token. Airdropping NFTs exclusively to these separate communities, which operate independently from the Apecoin DAO, may not directly contribute to these objectives. To ensure the DAO’s success, it is crucial to prioritize initiatives that align directly with its core mission, maximizing value and engagement for token holders while fostering a strong and inclusive community.


Hello Jensen,

Thank you for your thoughts. It is my personal opinion that the BAYC and Yuga collections are implicitly linked to the success of APECOIN, if not explicitly. Otherwise the majority of other proposals that were passed make minimal sense to me and do not achieve the outlined goals. Apecoin was literally airdropped to BAYC/MAYC to add value to Yuga’s collections, I think pretending that they are unrelated is not beneficial to the DAO or anyone.

More recently it is my opinion that there is a noticeable lack of value or benefits being delivered to BAYC/Yuga/Apecoin hodlers by the Apecoin DAO, which I think strays from the original core goals of the DAO. Perhaps you have some suggestions that would make this proposal more in line with what you think the DAO’s core goals are, such as apecoin based minting availability for apecoin hodlers and non BAYC/MAYC/Grails?

How do you think that other proposals that are passed are in some way different from this proposal in achieving the goals that you think are appropriate for Apecoin DAO? For example, how does funding the DAM show contribute to a self sustaining Apecoin ecosystem? I know everyone likes the DAM show but it has nothing to do with contributing to a self sustaining apecoin ecosystem as far as I can tell. How does funding physical products utilizing bored ape IPs like the marijuana or wine products contribute to a self sustaining apecoin ecosystem? Apecoin DAO funded rugs that can’t even be purchased using apecoin. If Bored Apes are independent of ApeCoin, why is ApeCoin DAO regularly funding projects that have nothing to do with apecoin, that utilize BAYC IP, and do not provide tangible benefits to Apecoin or Yuga asset holders? The semantics seem arbitrary to me and many of the DAO’s projects don’t even involve apecoin or allow you to purchase using apecoin.

Thank you and I welcome your feedback or any additional suggestions but I have to disagree on the front that benefiting holders of BAYC and other yuga assets strays from the core goals of the Apecoin DAO

How does this connect with ApeCoin?

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Thank you for sharing your perspective and expressing your thoughts. I appreciate your viewpoint on the implicit or explicit connection between the success of ApeCoin and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Yuga collections.

You also raise valid concerns about the perceived lack of value or benefits being delivered to BAYC/Yuga by the Apecoin DAO, which you feel deviates from the core goals of the DAO. I agree that it is essential to address these concerns and find ways to provide more tangible value to the community.

To further explore your suggestions, I believe we should focus on initiatives that directly benefit ApeCoin holders. This could include ApeCoin-based minting options for ApeCoin holders and non-BAYC/MAYC/Grails participants, expanding the utility of ApeCoin within the ecosystem, and creating initiatives that promote active engagement and community involvement.

Regarding your questions about other proposals, such as funding the DAM show or the production of physical products utilizing Bored Ape IPs, I agree that it’s important to evaluate how these initiatives contribute to a self-sustaining ApeCoin ecosystem and provide tangible benefits to Apecoin and Yuga asset holders. We should ensure that all funded projects align closely with the core mission and provide value to our community.

I appreciate your feedback and your invitation for further suggestions and feedback. While we may have differing opinions, I believe it is crucial to have open discussions to find common ground and work toward the best interests of the Apecoin DAO and its community.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts.

Best regards,

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I see in this offer only benefits for holders of selected collections: Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and Gucci Grails. ApecoinDAO is an autonomous self-sufficient organization that is not associated with these projects. We need to bring value to the DAO community members, ApeCoin holders, regardless of what other assets they own or not.


Thank you for your feedback and for pointing out the connection to ApeCoin’s core values. It’s important for all of us in this community to ensure that our proposals align with these values, and I appreciate the chance to clarify this aspect of the proposal.

ApeCoin’s core values revolve around fostering a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem. This proposal is fundamentally aimed at enhancing this ecosystem by regularly introducing unique NFT art and empowering artists within our community. By encouraging creativity and providing continuous value to our community members, we’re further diversifying our ecosystem and ensuring its sustainability.

I understand the concerns raised about ApeCoin holders who might not own Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, or Gucci Grails. Addressing this, we could consider enabling participation in the mints using ApeCoin. This would involve a broader section of the ApeCoin community, adding an additional utility for the ApeCoin, and thereby strengthening the coin’s value and relevance.

Moreover, we could consider exclusively selling these unique NFT collections on the ApeCoin marketplace. This would further intertwine this initiative with the ApeCoin ecosystem, providing a direct benefit to ApeCoin holders and driving additional traffic and transactions to our marketplace.

Through these adaptations, we ensure that the proposal not only aligns with ApeCoin’s core values but actively enhances them by fostering creative diversity, community participation, and the utility and relevance of ApeCoin.

Once again, thank you for your input. Constructive feedback like this helps us refine and improve our ideas, ensuring they truly benefit the community and align with our shared values.

Thank you for raising this question. It’s important for each proposal to have a clear connection with ApeCoin, and I appreciate the chance to clarify this aspect.

At its core, this proposal aims to enhance the ApeCoin ecosystem by introducing regular NFT art drops. This will not only serve as a value proposition for Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and Gucci Grails holders but also promote a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem which is a core value of ApeCoin.

However, I understand your concern about the direct involvement of ApeCoin in this initiative. To address this, we could consider enabling ApeCoin holders to participate in the mints using their ApeCoin. This would provide an additional utility to the ApeCoin, making it more than just a governance token but also a currency that can be used to acquire valuable assets within our ecosystem.

Furthermore, we could sell these unique NFT collections exclusively on the ApeCoin marketplace. This would not only provide an added benefit to ApeCoin holders but also drive more activity to our marketplace. It’s a way of directly intertwining the initiative with the ApeCoin ecosystem.

In this way, the proposal not only aligns with ApeCoin’s mission but also directly benefits ApeCoin holders by enhancing the utility and relevance of their tokens. I hope this addresses your question and I’m open to further suggestions or concerns you might have.

Thank you for this feedback. What about if the mints were available additionally to ApeCoin hodlers and/or could only exclusively be sold in Apecoin or on the ApeCoin marketplace? The yuga and apecoin communities are implicitly intertwined (especially considering the original ApeCoin dropped to BAYC/MAYC, or that the higher yield apecoin stalking rewards are exclusively available for Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and Doggos, arguably one of the largest and original utilities of ApeCoin is structured specifically to benefit holders of other Yuga assets). I would definitely think most agree that staking contributes directly to ApeCoin, despite disproportionately benefiting those that hold both apecoin and additionally specific yuga assets. I do not think that nearly any apecoin proposals operate completely independently from these assets, the communities are largely composed of the same individuals, and I do not think that it benefits the DAO to pretend to exclude hodlers of these assets in its planning. However, I appreciate your feedback and definitely think that ApeCoin holders should benefit from these opportunities as well regardless of the other assets they are holding. Perhaps this can be done by allowing Apecoin holders and community members to participate in mints, be commissioned as artists, or if the NFTs were able to be sold exclusively in ApeCoin or on apecoin’s marketplace

Hello everyone,

Forgive my naivety as I am new to navigating this forum and AIPs. I may have proposed the project in a way that is not inclusive enough of the ApeCoin DAO, but I do not think this is a meritless idea. It is clear that this project should be inclusive of ApeCoin holders, promote the coin, and incentivize people to use apecoin.

Can you think of any ways a regular biweekly NFT collection project could accomplish this? I have suggested allowing ApeCoin holders to participate in mints and additionally either exclusively allowing the NFTs to be bought and sold in Apecoin or on the Apecoin marketplace

I have revised the proposal based on feedback from the community and included suggestions to make the impact to the ApeCoin community more clear and direct (see the “Potential Amendments” and “Additional Note” sections). Let me know what you think!

I have revised the proposal based on your feedback and other feedback from the community and included suggestions to make the impact to the ApeCoin DAO more clear and direct (see the “Potential Amendments” and “Additional Note” sections). Let me know what you think!

I have revised the proposal based on your feedback, and included suggestions to make the impact to the ApeCoin DAO more clear and direct (see the “Potential Amendments” and “Additional Note” sections). Please let me know your thoughts!

I edited the proposal based on received feedback, and included suggestions to make the benefit to ApeCoin more clear (see the “Potential Amendments” and “Additional Note” sections). Please let me know what you think!

this proposal is mainly aimed at bringing benefits to the holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club e Gucci Grail.

I don’t think the benefit/cost ratio is beneficial to apecoin holders.

if I can give you a suggestion, you should find a solution that involves Ape Coin holders more in the airdrop and review the total costs of the proposal.

Hi GF,

So that I’m clear - this proposal aims to reward, or be applicable only to higher value yuga asset owners? So you’d need to own an asset of between $14K - $100K to qualify?


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You are answering your own question. BAYC/MAYC holders already benefit disproportionately, have received significant ApeCoins airdrops and have substantial staking benefits. I think it’s time for ApeCoin to move away from this. Even now, following the results of the elections, all positions were taken by participants who have a monkey. This causes further controversy. The desire to be open to everyone in web3, when it is enough to have 1 APE, but at the same time all preferences remain, leading positions and control remain with the monkey holders. Let’s break these stereotypes, not support them


You wrote exactly what I think too

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Grimyfrankie has requested to withdraw their application. This AIP will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs category.

Kind Regards,