All Performing Entertainers (A.P.E.) sub-DAO or sub-community

Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal.

All Performing Entertainers (A.P.E.) sub-DAO or sub-community would be community within the larger that would be made up of artists (graphic / video), musicians, and comedians / actors.

A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal.

The point would be to harness the creative power within ApeCoin DAO in an purposed, organized way. I’m sure all DAO members would be impressed to see the collective talent we have here. And everyone knows were funny AF.

An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values.

Nothing shows COMMUNITY more than group entertainment. Computer knowhow and other talents build community but are ‘hidden’. Also, talented but shy individuals would be more motivated to participate when they see other, similar ppl rising up to the challenge and Apeing in creatively!

Key Terms (optional)
Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.

[Start typing here]

A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

TBD: this is more about internal motivation and creativity than platforms and tech. That can be discussed once talents are identified and organized.

Steps to Implement
The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

Again, TBD. The cost in the beginning is much more on the Time-side of the scale, rather than $. The more organized, the more $ for events and IRL or virtual rehearsals, etc, etc. Future ‘use cases’ could be: benefit concerts, ApeCoin Comedy, Ape Production Exemplar Studio (A.P.E.S.), and the BAYChoir, MAYChoir, or BAKChoir. Who wouldn’t love singing Apes Mutants and Doggoes? And a Ape-a-polooza festival would be off the peel!

Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.


Overall Cost
The total cost to implement the proposal.

No cost but whatever time it takes to organize this in the beginning.


I like where you are going with this, organizing our talent is extremely important.


For me the easiest way to do group planning is look at native assets first. To me there’s no such thing as a non-talented person; it’s all about skill-identification. Thx for your response! I hope others chime in so we can begin to see the collective talent we have.


The variety of skill sets I’ve seen coming from apes is absolutely unreal. I partnered with a team down here in Costa Rica and with what they bring to the table and their resources we have an unbelievable plan and trajectory in my eyes.

This is just scratching the surface. Harnessing the power of the apes is the most important thing to be done at this point. Understanding everyone’s voice is important and everyone pushing everyone up will really raise all ships.


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Follow the here as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Elated_Pixel please see your messages for the next steps.

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