Ape Assembly First Meeting This Week (Thurs, June 15th)

Ape Assembly First Meeting June 15th

The first dates for the Ape Assembly meeting have been set. An early meeting this Thursday, June 15th can be attended by members who have joined discussions through the discord used for coordination.

Here, you can access the Agenda proposed. Even add a comment or suggestion!

A regular cadence of monthly meets will kick off starting in July. By spreading an agenda ahead of time, members can choose whether to attend or ask another, or even send a representative on important topics that are added. I’d like to discuss further how we can choose the topics approached soon.

Questions surrounding the early setup of a multi-sig wallet are core to this first meeting. While there are a few suggestions for topics such as Voting Reform & Thank Ape on the secondary agenda, these primary topics discussed will be important timing and temporary appointment of individuals.

An important committee being discussed is the Legal Committee. The Ape Assembly is separate from the Ape Foundation and is not Foundation members DBA either. An emphasis on devoting a majority of efforts and initial budget towards legal resources could be pivotal in setup.

Over the summer, we will surely encounter a variety of topics. At this time, the Ape Assembly has a minimal budget and human resources. Getting key people into the room is more important than who holds a chairman title. Committees can be very powerful. Here are my recs for legal:

  • Are we a sub-dao? Do we represent the Apecoin DAO?
  • Clear education for leaders on the definition of a DAO voting mechanism
  • Legal opinions and case studies explored to share with the community
  • Educating and involving other ApeAssem participants along the way

As we dive into early conversations and prepare for 2 rounds of elections, the work ahead with the Ape Assembly is important. Getting a fair group of us in the same room for AA legal guidance is something we could prioritize with likely great results. It’ll cost most of the first couple months budget to do.

The first meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, June 15th, 8am PST. (time updated)


Extra topic: Usage of official Apecoin designs for personal accounts or non Apecoin discords
there is a lot of confusion was going on about people thinking that you have to have an ape to participate in the DAO or now new rumour- any Yuga asset. Both are false , we have to stop the narrative and be welcoming. Showing the ape in Front of Apecoin is not helping - its pushes away people. You brought this usage issue before and didn’t get support even from councils. Today when i brought the comment about your discussion under one of the temporal councils - he reported my comment on Twitter. This is double standard that should not be a tolerated behaviour.

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Hey Snow, even outside of assembly we can discuss more, but largely the logo cannot be used without permission right. I have seen a couple of drafts going around with maybe general non-commercial use for memes & things being truly “authorized.” It may seem silly but in this world of IP & ownership, its a cool topic. There is a right way to have these conversations, and it may not be meeting one on thursday but yes ma’am, if you’d like to see this addressed, some convos can be had.

The definition of the Ape Assembly and how it represents itself is something that’ll probably be driven post-elections by the new stewards and committes coming in. That’s kinda my initial thoughts going into all this. Glad to talk about it all a bunch more, but a legal committee would be helpful.

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You actually started to address it already but topic was closed.

For the meeting I want you to discuss something other also very important :

  • Options for the web page view and vision regulatory approved view
  • Options for disability features
  • obligations within time limit to respond to any needed AIP or Issue
  • Inclusion of woman and woman ration within Hires
    -Woman ration within grants proposals
    -Enforcing of the regulation at Caiman Foundation about exclusion of terrorist passport owners from participation (blood money/war money/ets)
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Understood. Others will also read your points above and take into consideration. I cant promise they’ll be addressed on week one, but yes ma’am all of these points can be looked at further.

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We have to address gender issues to follow the Caiman Island Foundation actual laws and regulations that is very similar to EU. They are very strict. Same goes for nationality restrictions , specially now agencies are looking extra into Caiman Island foundations after Rashia boomed one of the biggest fresh water seas on Earth and committed another larger ecocide; most beats Chernobyl, flooding largest farms in Europe and cities/towns with people in them. Sometime we have to talk urgently about things that people mind not feeling like because they are not fun at all. But we are adults and have to do so, so “flowers can grow on dirt that was grinned for good”.

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Okay. Your points listed out above like web enhancements, response times, grant proposals to gender ratio can be more easily addressed than enforcement actions towards the foundation. Topics of international regulations are specialized and relevant, especially to the Special Council role. I vote for SC candidates that I think are well-equipped to navigate and ensure the foundation is meeting those requirements. They are hard topics to approach without legal guidance and resources. Ape Assembly has a 10k a month budget to explore some legal things, but SC likely has more. Not fun convos!

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Gm Sword,

Thank you for starting the discussion.

Could you clarify what this means?


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Yes ma’am. Thank you for asking @adventurousape
I have an early couple of ideas on this!

  • Lessons and training courses for community leads & ApeAssem members
  • Messaging around “what is a DAO” and “how does a DAO work” can be explored
  • Shared experiences like inviting an outside speaker will help sync everyone
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ooo I like the idea of bringing in outside speakers, esp if they are from other DAOs. Or even previous special council members :eyes:


First let us set the roots, then we grow out the branches :palm_tree:


Requesting elaboration on this, please and thanks.

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Hey @br00no, yes ser.

Here’s maybe what I had in mind.

  • Encourage clubs to delegate or have representatives attend
  • All of us recieve an email or update to plan ahead and follow topics
  • This is an opportunity to gather people from Otherspace & beyond
  • Widely distributing an agenda by the middle of each month

There are will be times and topics that will interest people more than others. It’d be cool to have club delegates and people all meeting. It’s an opportunity to build a gathering spot I think!


Looking forward to this!
Love the efforts everyone doing with more friendly times for people in Asia as well! We needed this so much lol


Thankfully we not here just for fun but to make the world a better place.

Happy to join key members into this Ape Assembly !


Looking forward to the discussion about the need (or lack thereof) for voting reforms.

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Im loving the engagement! I’ve been putting the message about it and include others opinions on the platforms in French, Italian & Spanish besides English (Yeap I speak those too still somehow a lil)

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Damn, I thought being almost a trilingual was a flex but clearly you’re the boss here :saluting_face:

Hello Assembly!!

To accommodate the Mocaverse twitter spaces tomorrow with Governance Steward Nominees, with the understanding that a vast majority of the speakers are also members of the Assembly, we will adjust the start time of this first meeting by ONE HOUR.

The first $APE Assembly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 15th, 8am PST.

Be sure to catch the twitter spaces and hear from our future Governance Stewards!! :clap: