APE tokens sent back to contract address in error

Hi Group,

In an effort to transfer my APE tokens after buying them on the secondary market, I accidentally copy and pasted the APE contract address into my Metmask and hit send.

So I sent 3,582.225 APE tokens back to the contract because of an erroneous copy and paste.

Take a quick look at the screenshots and TX made in Etherscan. It’s pretty easy to see where I screwed up.

Etherscan link:

Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to resolve this. I’m really hoping it’s as easy as returning the tokens back to my Metamask address from the Etherscan transaction.

Metamask address: 0xbBE56B2979a08ff1aA4C2EfD12412ECdb57A12ea


Email: trails2climb@gmail.com

Discord: Joshua#4614

Twitter: trails2climb

I have sent emails to both apesvsmutants@yugalabs.io and support@apecoin.com.
I know from experience those general mailboxes fill up and may or may not get looked at very often.

Is there any way to get this in front of decision-makers from the team? Should be just a quick TX back to my wallet. Willing to pay the gas. I’m just hoping to get closure on this one soon. :pray:

That has just happened to me as well. Here my transaction hash. I really hope they can understand and revert the transaction.

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I have reached them to the support email as well. Let me please know if they reply you on this. Will do the same


Hi @trails2climb

Thank you for your participation in the Discourse conversations. Unfortunately there is no way to recover tokens that are sent back to the ERC-20 smart contract. You can find more here.



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Unfortunately (to my knowledge) the ApeCoin Foundation doesn’t actually own the contract address of the ApeCoin token itself. So no one has control over the funds inside the ApeCoin contract address. =( I’m sorry, but I do think these funds are lost.