APE tokens sent back to contract address in error

Hi Group,

In an effort to transfer my APE tokens after buying them on the secondary market, I accidentally copy and pasted the APE contract address into my Metmask and hit send.

So I sent 3,582.225 APE tokens back to the contract because of an erroneous copy and paste.

Take a quick look at the screenshots and TX made in Etherscan. It’s pretty easy to see where I screwed up.

Etherscan link:

Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to resolve this. I’m really hoping it’s as easy as returning the tokens back to my Metamask address from the Etherscan transaction.

Metamask address: 0xbBE56B2979a08ff1aA4C2EfD12412ECdb57A12ea


Email: trails2climb@gmail.com

Discord: Joshua#4614

Twitter: trails2climb


I have sent emails to both apesvsmutants@yugalabs.io and support@apecoin.com.
I know from experience those general mailboxes fill up and may or may not get looked at very often.

Is there any way to get this in front of decision-makers from the team? Should be just a quick TX back to my wallet. Willing to pay the gas. I’m just hoping to get closure on this one soon. :pray:


That has just happened to me as well. Here my transaction hash. I really hope they can understand and revert the transaction.


I have reached them to the support email as well. Let me please know if they reply you on this. Will do the same


Hi @trails2climb

Thank you for your participation in the Discourse conversations. Unfortunately there is no way to recover tokens that are sent back to the ERC-20 smart contract. You can find more here.




Unfortunately (to my knowledge) the ApeCoin Foundation doesn’t actually own the contract address of the ApeCoin token itself. So no one has control over the funds inside the ApeCoin contract address. =( I’m sorry, but I do think these funds are lost.

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Looks like the contract is able to send out tokens just fine, also looks like it vacuumed up several transactions during this period, mine in here being one of them.

Been fighting tooth and nail with Coinbase trying to figure out how this happened. Transferred to an exchange wallet as usual and instead it went to the contract address. I have filed against them in my state with the consumer protection agency and some other stuff. At the time of purchase it was 600 ape coin for nearly 12000 dollars. After scanning the contract you can see multiple coins sent out so the contract creator has control to reverse the transactions. Since its more then small claims court I have had to hire a lawyer to pursue damages attempted against Coinbase but after seeing all these transactions it seems like a fluke with the contract to take so many different users ape coin during this time…

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I also transferred 2300 APE to the contract address on May-09-2022.

Here’s my story. So I needed to cash out some to pay some bills. I went into Coinbase, found the APE wallet deposit address, and copied that address to my clipboard. I then returned to my Coinbase browser wallet extension where I had my APE. I pasted the address into that wallet and hit send.

NOW… this part is a mystery to me. It was sent to the APE contract address. I had NEVER copied the APE contract address into my clipboard. So it is impossible that I made a mistake and pasted the contract address. I have no idea how this happened. All I could think was that there was some sort of copy/paste error on the Coinbase side. I have been in crypto since 2013, so I’m not new to this.

Truth be told, this was a major financial hit to me and my family. I understand how all this works and there needs to be a vote and it needs to be approved to make any changes to the contract, but if anyone reads this that has any influence on making this happen, I would split those coins with you just to get some back.

Here’s the transaction


Got scammers in here. What a helpful dev in my DMs. Very low effort too. hilarious. DO BETTER


Hello, first I’m very sorry this happened to you. =( However, I don’t think anyone can make changes to the APE coin contract, even through governance. It’s very unfortunate that this happened but I don’t think there is anything anyone can do.

Thank you for pointing out the scammer in the forums, we can try to get the Discourse Admins to ban them.

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There is direct evidence there on the contract of coins being sent out. Step down and let someone from the team answer instead of repeating yourself again…

Got the same scammer too trying to rob me again after already being robbed by the contract. Its a shame the scammers want to take advantage of people already screwed over by the system.

Yeah at first I thought it was a public reply and they were really going to help. Then I realized it was a DM. Fml

Hello, I’m afraid you must be mistaken.

Here is the ApeCoin token contract on Etherscan: Apecoin: APE Token | Address 0x4d224452801aced8b2f0aebe155379bb5d594381 | Etherscan

And here is the page showing history of every single ERC-20 token transfer sent to or from the ApeCoin token contract: Token Transfer | Etherscan

There is not a single case where APE has been sent out of the token contract. Again, I am sorry but someone on the ApeCoin team would not be able to help in any capacity beyond what I have here. It is a technical limitation, not a moral decision.

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But coin can and has been sent out… This is proof of such publicly available on the contract.

Not to include how form a business standpoint do you explain nearly 70 transactions not going to their destination and instead going into the coin contract:

A sign that there was an issue with the contract that has not been rectified or acknowledged.

Are you part of the team or a keyboard warrior you act like we are coming after your money Amplify… do you work for the DAO or just enjoy shooting down peoples complaints on a daily basis?

Again, I want to apologize for adding to your frustrations but I am only attempting to help. I will leave the conversation here as I don’t know if there is any way I can help further. A few points to address:

  1. From the first image you sent, if you look over on the right side of the page you will notice that it is not APE coin being transferred from the contract, it is “Baby ApeCoin.” The Baby ApeCoin contract may have it’s own unique code structure irrelevant to this situation that allows the contract to transfer the tokens without requiring “sender = owner.”

  2. ApeCoin is not a business, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.

  3. Speaking on point #2. As a DAO, a process is being put into place now whereby there will be an official Communications Team set up that will be able to answer your questions in a more “Official” capacity. That team doesn’t exist yet, but you are welcome to signal your support and vote when it goes to snapshot. =) A link to the Communications Team proposal: Establish DAO Communications Team and Processes


well they have an address and are a public entity that can answer to law enforcements and subpoenas… so no snap shot needed.

rather it baby ape coin or ape coin it shows that during that time malicious not authorized change took place including the seizing of several users funds grossing over 250k… lets see if there are any ambulance chasers out there that are willing to take that bet and take animonica BYAC and APE coin to the table to have legal discussions on the subject. Its fantastic you know blockchain logistics thanks for sharing with the class. When you are on the team and can offer any sort of assistance feel free to continue to respond but until then all you are doing is preventing someone of real stature in the project to take a shot at answering instead of you continuously harassing those trying to get support. If you cant see those discrepancies in the contract then I think you have shared enough on this thread…

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Go here and file against them:
SEC.gov | Tips, Questions, and Complaints

Here you can find corporate information for the complaint:

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