ApeCoin as payment for Shopify Merchants (Coinbase Commerce or CoinPayments)

I currently run a shopify store that accepts a few forms of crypto via Coinbase Commerce and Coin Payments. I would love the oppurtunity to allow payments with $APE. I believe it would be accepted by majority of online/e-commerce businesses currently dabbling in the web3.

I did notice that the upcoming BAYC merch drop will be via coinbase commerce and understand if its exclusive only to the collection, but If not, I would love some info on when it would be available for other merchants.

This is a link to add a coin onto coinpayments: CoinPayments Add a Coin

Please delete if necessary, Thanks!


Hey! We definitely will see integrations into stores. You present a great opportunity by bringing up Shopify. There are a few smaller shop services that already allow integration!

I recommend avoiding putting links here.

It scares people to see a link!

You can imagine how cautious all of us people have to be. Thank you for sharing your idea and Iā€™m looking forward to seeing more thoughts and topics presented!

Consider editing your post above to remove that link.


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