Be more welcoming to everyone , no centralised feel! Bring back the focus! Reduce AIP times!

Now the Apecoin DAO is in the stage of progress.
We have more active voters, more people got onboarded.

Its time to get all the card on the table and make it more welcoming, encourage people and empower them to help others actively with opportunities, refresh the DAO this way.

Cost: Zero Apecoin

Secure the opening positions for ones who were not elected by removing the reelection for time periods as such:

  • Councils: Can not be reelected for 2 years for the same position or 1 year for any other position at the Apecoin DAO.
    -Secretary: No reelection for 6 month any position, secretary position for 1 year
    -All other Apecoin payed jobs: No reelection for 6 month for the same position or 3 month for any other position.

Positions update: No one can hold more then 1 payed job at Apecoin DAO, this way we avoid centralisation & will bring more needed focus/attention/or/and more dedication into hired/elected people jobs (also a benefit)


  • encouraging people for full time or part time participation & payed for their work
  • learning of other positions opportunities in depth
  • actually DECENTRALISE the opportunities with work in the DAO
  • make people trusting more into election process, knowing that they will have an actual chance versus the major token holders voting for ones they knew for a while & trusted their work at that time
  • empower people to participate in all elections
  • Councils will not reapply while in “power” or using “Apecoin” channels/pages for self-promotion
  • empower people to apply for jobs and bring their different expertise
  • Reduce AIP times
    -Bring the dedicated focus into each hired position
  • Give opportunity to others
  • shows the welcoming DAO & expands possibilities of different views
  • avoid expected perspectives & be more open to the new ideas
  • possibility for more experts participation

Symbolic additional cost for AIP creator for time spent: 169 $Apecoin

Time to execute: 4 weeks 2 days 0 Hours, weekends & holidays included.

Lets be real & present if the health and life let us) Lets welcome more people participation in large.

Great offer. I’m glad you had the courage to do this. I also nurtured the idea that all positions should not be re-elected, otherwise we get the same people in management. Basically, these are people from the same party. I have no doubt about their competence, but in this way we lose decentralization and inclusiveness


Thank you.
Why courage? It’s just normal development of being real DAO.
Positions never mean yo be re-elected in the first place, that why we have elections versus some company permanent contract.
We are DAO. International one!


Obviously it’s not about competence. It’s about being real DAO & expand it by welcoming and encouraging everyone into participation, showing our transparency & competence as a whole participating people.
Whales know this too and it can not be denied if that want big Succes & bring more interest from everyone, by showing decentralization in its core.
We have to be smart and look into the future, avoid “hoarding” of the positions and avoid liability issues.


Term limits make sense to me. But if there were no term limits how does that equate to hoarding positions? Better qualified candidates are welcome to step up.


Really good to see new approaches to try and stop stagnation and centralised power.

I like the idea of limits on reapplying for roles like SC and admin/support ones. However, for roles like lead of WGs etc I wonder what would be their incentive to go above and beyond? Because if we limit reapplication then the reward at the end of their term is no job and basically a ban from reapplying.

Tl;dr - I agree for certain roles that are administrative basically.

Thanks as always FOS. :muscle:

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We don’t know who is better if almost no one apply. Look at the locked discord space secretary - almost no one could apply , or even knew about that position because it didn’t follow correct election process at the official Apecoin forum here.
Position lit it sure crucial.
Maybe we should also say that there is a total limit of 1 or 2 years per position. So more people can experience it from inside. Also this will be applicable to current elections and current councils.
Thank you Secengjeff. If you think I should add anything else here - let me know.

There is something new that came to my attention and it conserving that people feel this way: Councils are those secretaries of the DAO that are helpful to everyone with their proposals. Hearing that people are scared of doing proposals or feel being attacked is not the feeling that DAO should transmit and that behavior from workers/worker is absolutely unacceptable. We should expect the highest standards & compliance.
What vacation time should be eligible for the councils and how they should transparently apply for it in advance?


There is no ban from reapplying, just the limit when so other people can rotate and apply.
This is a DAO, it’s never meant to have any permanent positions, it is not a corporation or work for a company, it never was.
Think about it , like about presidential election for the school community club - it’s constantly rotate and never the same president or any other positions. It is the opportunity to help others while you a part of it and help it grow, but ones you do - you have to live along and give space to others so people can have many new inputs and more expertise from different backgrounds. If there would be the same president for years - that will be no DAO, no community, no innovation perspectives & it would get old, outdated, not welcoming, it would be like self elected central power like during the reds regime of invasion & compressing smarter people/ prison for innovative ideas unless there is a cash back black market style.
We need to be strong and stop being scared.

I also should ad that people CAN APPLY for multiple positions but can only select one to work at if elected and then the place at the rest of the elections WILL MOVE TO THE NEXT ONE VOTED :ballot_box:. How this sound?

Current occupants of multiple positions will have to leave one one and others apply to the rest within 4 weeks 2 days 0 hours.


I think you’re certainly onto something. Look forward to seeing how this progresses and what input others have to shape the idea further.

Really great work.


Thank you so much.
I’m looking forward for more people to input more ideas about it.

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I’m not personally aware of any barriers preventing community members from running for office. But as a standalone concern term limits sound logical to me. You should run an AIP on that single issue. I would frame it as ensuring that officers are participating in good faith and to discourage career politicians from running the DAO.

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The Barriers that were put is new LEVELS of “trust”, someone having extra time on every post here would get more level then folks that need to work somewhere not from home or not easy job from home office.

About running like for the permanent office here by anyone - this is trying to make it all centralized and thinking it’s some kind of corporation versus the welcoming for everyone real DAO.

Making separate AIPs - this is an interesting idea.

Any changes or implementations to the current one with the time limits? Should it be bigger?

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Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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