Bored Brewing: The Web3 Beverage Company

Bored Brewing is excited to be helping pave the way for IP usage in Web3 and onboarding everyday people into the potential of $Ape, decentralization and Web3.

We believe in collaboration with other incredible brands and communities with the use of decentralized IP and launch of our Brewdega featuring MBA brands in our Taproom, and our collaboration cans with passionate builders and communities.

The Bored Brewing Taproom and Clubhouse opened June 2024 and kicked off the first Annual BrewFest with activations such as Pedal Pubs and “BrewsketBall”. With a footprint able to serve thousands of walk-by and destination traffic, distribution and sales into liquor stores and direct to consumers in Canada and the US, Bored Brewing is poised to bring fun and engaging brand and storytelling to the masses.

With an eCommerce brand, physical location, a Web3 storytelling focus, and Decentralized IP ownership utilization, combined with all the best parts of DeFi, gamification, and loyalty + native rewards, Bored Brewing is ready for the masses, and is excited to have $Ape be a part of it’s story and a major function of it’s consumer Web3 mission.

We can’t wait to see what the world does with ApeChain, and are passionate about $Ape as a culture coin that can transcend the memecoin madness to have culture and utility with innovation and decentralization at it’s heart.



Great to see IRL activations. Do you have any photos of the location to share.

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