@BoredApeG - Nomination 1/2022

Hey Mantis,

#1 Funding:

As I know you’re an active member in the community and in the discourse, I believe you are referring to something you have mentioned before re: voting where seemingly the wallets with the highest voting power do not actively participate in the discourse (please do correct me if I am wrong). This leads to the potential funding issues for builders and talented individuals who may not have the “clout” to have their ideas funded.

Specific action:
It is evident that we will need to engage the broader ApeCoin community outside of discourse. I do believe we need long-range planning, which potentially will lead to budgets and target funding allocations (e.g. operations, gaming, events, etc.) If the community already understands why we are seeking to fund specific types of projects that align with a bigger plan, then in theory it should be much easier to pass (e.g. staking AIP-21 where cost to implement was clearly not the problem). That said, we need to engage voters well ahead of time to ensure they have every opportunity to participate and have their feedback taken into consideration.

At this point when it comes to gathering community feedback, I believe the most effective would be hosting spaces directly from the official ApeCoin Twitter account. Hopefully legal won’t throw a fit about it, but at the end of the day we are simply a DAO looking to connect with our community members – using the official account would be great as we are in this critical time with a pressing need to build out our organizational infrastructure :blush:

#2 Help Expand ideas:

We are going to need to increase active members in the discourse.

To illustrate: Discourse Trust Level 2 = Only 102 discourse participants have earned this badge, and those who regularly provide feedback today being much less. It is effectively the same handful of us expanding on ideas; there simply is not enough capacity within the current discourse community.

Specific action:

I’ve read through many replies on Twitter throughout this election process, and it is astonishing (but not surprising) that many individuals are still unaware of our ApeCoin discourse forum. Moreover, people often confuse the word ‘Discourse’ and ‘Discord’. It goes to show how far we need to go to even increase exposure within our own ApeCoin community before we can hope to tackle metaverse domination.

AIP-124: Thank APE – Rewarding ApeCoin Members for DAO Contributions
I have already been active on improving our engagement through working on AIP-124 as part of its Advisory Board. I am hopeful that this will be one significant step forward to drive more individuals here to address your concern with helping expand ideas.

Special Council
Can play a significant role to bringing people in the discourse by simply being more available on regular calls to educate the community. I know Yat and Alexsis (the two members staying on) have already acknowledge that comms can be better, therefore, I expect we will be able to drive significant change in this regard with the next Special Council.