Community Driven Utility

Hello fellow Apes, my name is sax, Founder of ApeCoin Burn, a project dedicated to adding deflationary pressure, utility, and community empowerment to ApeCoin.

A brief overview of the project-

Inspired by the fervent discussions by ApeCoin DAO regarding community built utility, we knew we had to contribute. ApeCoin Burn is an exploration of possibilities for community driven ApeCoin utility.

3 Core Pillars of Utility

  1. The aforementioned use as a tool for deflationary pressure

  2. A marketing engine for ApeCoin
    -As a memecoin (fire memes attached)
    -As a way to fundraise for creative applications and positive contributions supported by our 3% “development and marketing wallet” tax on buys. (For example, if you are reading this on May 4th, the previously mentioned 3% tax is being split between two charities for 24 hours, Ocean Defenders and Orangutan Outreach)

  3. Empowering the community to use our platform the increase the burn of ApeCoin and/or add your own twist of utility. (More on this in Phase 2)

Phase 1- Build and Launch

We built and launched a token, $ACB.
$ACB is powered by an entry and exit tax, $ACB’s smart contract autonomously purchases ApeCoin and then sends it to a burn address.

The burn can be observed here: $14.42 | ApeCoin (APE) Token Tracker | Etherscan

To ensure fair distribution and influence, our team did not receive a single free token, and the contract has been renounced. We hosted a pre-sale on PinkSale Finance and raised 47.8e in 36 hours.

Pre-Sale terms and results can be seen here:

the full tokenomics breakdown can be found on our website

Phase 2- Empowering You

We want to give you our platform!

Our website is integrated for E-Commerce. Do you want to sell apparel, art, or products for $APE? We would be happy to give you a platform and marketplace. I repeat, only accepting $APE!

Do you have an idea that will enhance the burn or add utility to ApeCoin? We want to help you build it AND support it. We will fundraise independently from ApeCoin DAO using our 3% tax for your project/idea.

The best method to contact us to ensure that we see your message is to email us at

We highly encourage questions and feedback, in fact it would mean a lot to us, but please make sure to familiarize yourself with our abundance of materials.


contract audit report: $ACB_Audit.pdf - Google Drive

Even more links: (website, medium, telegram, discord, uniswap, dextools) ApeCoin Burn | Linktree

Comprehensive thread about us:

As promised, memes created by yours truly! (I cannot wait to see more from the community)

We are looking forward to pioneering community driven ApeCoin utility and we thank you for your time if you made it this far :heart:

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I should add that we are looking for help! Reach out to us if you want to get involved!



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You want us to burn our governance tokens?

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Is this legit DAO approved?

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Absolutely not. Anyone with 1 APE coin can write anything in this forum. AIP-7 will make things easier to navigate around here.


Just because someone doesn’t hold a ton of $Ape doesn’t make them a token burning, wackadoodle. I’m sure there are plenty of pump and dumpster-fire token-torching scam-daddies walking around with legit Ape NFTs. I personally am here for the social experiment and for the fact that this is the DAO with the most surface are to observe, but I hold < 10 $Apecoin


Good looking out! Thank you

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