CryptoKev - Governance WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @CryptoKev

Nomination Statement:

As a seasoned angel investor in the crypto and tech sectors, I have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, gaming, decentralized finance, and the evolving landscape of digital assets. My experience enables me to identify innovative opportunities and potential challenges, contributing valuable insights to the DAO’s strategic decisions. My years of service in the United States Navy have instilled in me a strong sense of duty, integrity, and leadership. I am adept at making critical decisions under pressure, maintaining transparency, and upholding ethical standards, all of which are essential qualities for a Steward in the ApeCoin DAO community. I am prepared to navigate the complexities of ApeCoin DAO, adapt to new developments, and be a play maker to the community through periods of change with a steady and informed approach.
In particular, ApeCoin DAO lacks structure and operational execution. My experience lends itself directly to this, in the sense that I can contribute to the development and support of systems, and operations that can move the DAO forward.
I believe my unique combination of investment expertise, military leadership, commitment to transparency, and proactive engagement makes me an ideal candidate for the Steward position. I am eager to bring my skills, values, and dedication to the ApeCoin DAO, helping to foster a thriving, innovative, and inclusive community.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

As an early adopter of $APE, investing in it on the day of launch, I deeply believe in its value proposition. I do however, believe that the ApeCoin ecosystem is flawed, and needs more support from a strategic and operational standpoint if it is to prosper. I believe I can bring structure, work ethic, and execution to the table for the DAO. I have always been drawn to innovative technologies that challenge the status quo. I am motivated by the chance to support and nurture this cutting-edge ecosystem. My goal is to identify and establish systems and processes that enhance our capabilities, expand our reach, and create mutually beneficial relationships for the DAO at scale.

Values & Commitment:

I am passionate about the potential of decentralized governance and the unique opportunities it presents. I am eager to bring my experience, values, and commitment to the ApeCoin DAO as a Steward, working collaboratively to achieve our shared vision. I understand the need for a committed outlook to this position, and am committed to participating in all necessary calls, meetings, conversations, and broader strategic communications and efforts as to how to move the DAO forward.

Concluding Statement:

I consider myself the most suitable candidate for the Steward position within the ApeCoin DAO for several reasons. My extensive experience as an investor provides valuable insights into identifying innovative opportunities and addressing challenges. My military background has honed my leadership skills and commitment to ethical standards, which are crucial for this role. I am dedicated to fostering transparency and engaging the community actively, ensuring open communication and participation. Furthermore, my ability to navigate complex and dynamic environments makes me adaptable and resilient, essential traits for managing the fast-paced crypto space. My operational skills are particularly relevant for bringing structure and efficiency to the DAO, which is currently in need of organized systems. I hope to help implement these systems and processes to the extent that the DAO sees them as useful, and hope I can contribute deeply to the ecosystem.


Good luck for the candidacy @CryptoKev!

For anyone that’s interested to check out a breakdown of each Governance WG execution plan, simply click on the image below! Hope it helps :saluting_face:

Super VIllains Weapons (33)

@CryptoKev Welcome to the ApeCoin DAO. As a non doxxed but also new member to the forum. It is hard to understand your experience or background.

Being KYC’ed but not doxxed is fine, but are their any more details you are willing to share? Do you have an ENS or wallet showing things you have done in the space?


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Are you looking forward to work yourself 100 % or sub-hire help and maybe even use AI,

which some mentioned on spaces that will put private information of the applicants in more danger of the information leak and Ideas leak

What is your military rank?