Empower MadeByApes Loyalty Rewards via ApeCoin Consumer Status


I propose to build a consumer spending data analytics platform accessible to MadeByApes brands. This platform will monitor on-chain ApeCoin transactions carried out by NFT holders, offering insightful data via user-friendly dashboards and query responses. This data will empower MadeByApes entrepreneurs, assisting them in crafting their unique reward systems.

Furthermore, the platform will introduce a proprietary ranking system, categorizing ApeCoin spenders into distinct tiers. This stratification will aid MadeByApes businesses in pinpointing and targeting potential customers.


Web3 loyalty programs have emerged as a promising area of focus, drawing significant venture capital investment over recent years. A majority of these initiatives aim to bridge the gap with Web2 brands, developing platforms that foster cross-brand loyalty rewards. However, a pressing challenge for these projects is justifying the creation and issuance of new tokens rather than simply using USD as a universally accepted rewards currency.

In contrast, the Ape ecosystem doesn’t grapple with this dilemma, largely due to the integration of ApeCoin and MadeByApes. Brands within this ecosystem naturally gravitate towards ApeCoin as the preferred loyalty currency.


This proposal serves the best interests of the APE community as it seeks to harness the power of ApeCoin’s decentralized finance mechanisms to foster cross-brand loyalty rewards programs among MadeByApes brands. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a vibrant rewards ecosystem, elevate customer engagement, and amplify both the utility and value of ApeCoin.


High Level System Design Components

Blockchain Interaction Service:

  • Monitors the Ethereum network for new pending transactions related to NFT holder addresses
  • Pseudo real-time synchronization of confirmed on-chain transactions through internal ingestion pipelines
  • Could consider integrating with third-party services like Infura or QuickNode for back up

NFT Holder Address Tracking Service:

  • Tracks wallet transfers of APE NFTs and updates ownership records to an internal database accordingly
  • Potentially need to purchase API services from popular NFT marketplaces to query for NFT transfers/sales

Analytics Service:

  • Periodically perform data aggregations for optimizing indexed queries


  • Renders the UI via browsers

API Gateway:

  • Handles client requests, routes them to the appropriate services, and handles rate limiting and security.

Authentication & Authorization Service:

  • Ensure data analytics access is to the sole benefit of APE NFT holders


Development will start as soon as the proposal is passed. The goal is to have a working prototype within 6 months, and site launch in 9 months.

Overall Cost

With 4+ years of experience as a software engineer at prestigious companies, I have honed my skills in designing distributed software systems and implementing various software services. I will be the author and sole developer of this system. I kindly propose a funding of 300,000 $APE for this project to cover all computing resource purchases, maintenance of the site for 2 years, as well as labor cost.

Closing Notes

Future proposal could be made to expand the system to track all ApeCoin transactions and establish spending tiers for all ApeCoin spenders. However, in this proposal I will focus solely on APE NFT holders (BAYC/MAYC) in terms of building data analytics.

Welcome to the community llc.

Congrats on posting your idea.

Love the concept of digital loyalty programs and directionally am supportive.

What are your thoughts on utilizing an existing digital loyalty platform or service provider to do the heavy lifting and have someone like you managing/coordinating things?

Cheers - SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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Hi SSP, thanks for great feedback and support. My take is existing digital loyalty platforms are incentivized to issue their own tokens as a medium of exchange for loyalty points and build around that premise. But the ApeCoin ecosystem already has the foundation to enable cross APE brand collaborations via ApeCoin, and it just needs more tools to make collaborations easier. So I don’t think other loyalty platforms has APE community’s best interests in this regard.

However, I am definitely considering to leverage service providers as pieces of the puzzle I wish to put together. For example, as I mentioned in the proposal, I could leverage blockchain API services (e.g. Infura) to query transactions data as opposed to building my own blockchain transactions synchronization pipelines. Another example I could think of is to potentially leverage onchain analytics API services (e.g. Moralis) to query ApeCoin spender activities.

Overall, the data analytics site I’m proposing to build is tailored specifically for serving the ApeCoin ecosystem and Ape community.


Most of DAO members are not apes or probably many even have PFP. This is a great DEFI in its core.
I love the apecoin usage. But something that will avoid the fractionalized sponsorship where organizer will keep a part. Did you ask the BAYC treasury for grand yet and their councils?
They kind help.

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that why we need some Layer 2 projects for mass adoption, and big-whale with Ape tokens ruin all votes and proposals, even really good like it was with Vora

Layers can be implemented by developer itself and they don’t even need Apecoin DAO permission for that.
Even games.

I don’t understand why some councils put proposals in the first place instead of empowering others and if they really have so much free time - why don’t focus on current ones asap as they only job. It’s odd and feels like conflict of interests. Have time - find someone to empower, be welcoming.

I was sad and even shocked from the behaviors, seeing reports of intimidation.
This is not how DAO is. And no actual whale wants such bad stain on their reputation.
It’s bad for business & for all of us as a DAO.

So we can all make it better, actual whales including & save our reputation. Then we will be elevated by all people, that will notice our DAO and silence will stop eventually.


I may be newer to the forum (this also being the first AIP proposal I put up), but is BAYC treasury a separate entity from ApeCoin DAO?


Absolutely correct!
Also YUGALABS is a company is USA while APECOIN DAO is absolutely separate entity at Caiman islands. The treasuries are obviously separate. At YUGA their workers responsible to help folks that own APE any kind and communicate about the possible sponsorship from YUGALABS treasury, their point of contact can be directly to their councils.
At APECOIN DAO foundation we are the ones responsible for whom to support and sponsor of eligible and out Caiman secretary responsible for sending and checking finances/transfers. Councils just responsible to help everyone with their proposals and communicate with the foundation secretary yo speed the things up for everyone. Generally speaking.


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Hi, I’m ready to proceed to next phase.

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