@evil - Governance WG Nomination 1/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @evil

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RageOfPotato

Country of Residence: India

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Governance WG Steward

To bring a change in mindset, timezone and fresh start that the governance needs. Currently everything is revolving around EST, from meetings to important calls and twitter space. Despite having a large number of active members from Asia and Europe, people are missing out on important discussions that are often only from one perspective and enforced upon.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Governance WG Steward

Since last year my involvement in the DAO has expanded alongside my experience, skills and knowledge of what is going behind the scene as well as in the front lines. I’ve been a long time core contributor of the DAO as well as an active community member, welcoming people and guiding them about all things $ape. Since last year, I’ve looked forward to this opportunity and learned from other core contributors. I know what the community wants, the challenges new people exploring the DAO faces and where we can improve.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

I’m evil, you know me :wink:


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

  • Onboarding numerous artists to NFTs and sponsoring gas fees, helping them explore web3.
  • Web2 and Web3 native start-up founder focusing on educating and spreading awareness about blockchain.
  • Apecoin partner representative for ETH Global 2023.
  • Active contributor of the DAO

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Governance WG Steward

I’m someone the Apecoin DAO members know and trust, someone who knows the problem community members and authors face. Apecoin DAO needs a member who isn’t a BAYC/MAYC so that people outside the DAO can see that this isn’t just a place for BAYC/MAYC, but for everyone who holds $ape and wants to build around it.


This person does so much for the DAO, and we need more of us to support these heartful contributions, because this person is one of the most active in Discord and Discourse. If you are a new member and have a question, I bet this person will be the first to reply and help. I encourage all of us to check out the posts and contributions made.


Congratulations! @evil! I’m so excited for you!


I really hope that at least someone will be able to get into the working groups. So far, everything revolves around BAYC/MAYC and for their benefit. I’ve spent enough time on the forum watching the DAO. Unfortunately, a lot of really good AIPS didn’t pass, and it all comes down to big bags and the current voting system. Therefore, the contribution of such active participants as you will always be underestimated. Good luck!


Good words. I completely agree with them. @Evil is always glad to support new participants with a kind word and advice. I would like to see more such participants in the DAO


Been busy lately with few things but finally got the time to sit and answer everyone! Thank you for all the love and support guys <3
Below is a twitter thread I created so that you all can learn a bit more about me and vote!


Thanks for the love and appreciation my good dude! Same goes for you!
I’m here for the community members both inside and outside the DAO.

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Thank you and same to you as well Popil! Your artworks truly are wonders <3

I hear you mate! It’s literally what many people have told me " oh I dont hold any $ape its just for BAYC/MAYC, the DAO is not for non-holder and more" . Lots of people get discourage and dont even move upto the AIP idea phase due to this very reason

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Just trying to create a nice environment, I know I’m no saint but trying to be better everyday.
Thanks and hope to get your support during election <3


Insert Metallica’s classic song, “Am I Evil” for his theme music as he enters the Discourse.


Evil was among the initial members of the DAO I interacted with when I joined the Discord community. He was incredibly welcoming, providing valuable advice and constructive feedback for my ideas. It’s crucial to have individuals who are willing to reach out and invest time in making new members feel embraced and supported, and he certainly did that for me! Best of luck!


I say only way to know how good you are is to see how much evil you can do (:

fr love it! Good luck with MVWG my good ser

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Evil you’ve been an active part of the ApeCoin dao, always active to the bone. I see no better candidate for the job but you. I wish you good luck during the election


The fact that everything revolves around BAYC/MAYC isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but diversity is key to a better community and DAO, so stepping out of the loop to offer a chance to someone outside the BAYC/MAYC would be great. Also @evil is one of the most active community members I have seen on both Discord and Discourse ever since I joined.

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Thanks a ton for these words my fren! Trying to better everyday

Diversity isnt always necessary but to make a stand yes, here we 10/10 need more representative that are not Bored Ape holders.
This will give a strong statement outside the DAO that it is in all sense for every $ape holder

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With Gov stewards election closing in, I’ve written another thread with the things that would be my priority if elected. If you guys share the same vision please do consider voting for me and ofc, spreading the word helps :stuck_out_tongue:

#1 Bringing the culture back in the DAO!
Creating a safe and welcoming environment for all builders, artists and developers. Helping people and projects outside the ecosystem adopt $ape , creating ways for web2 businesses to adopt $ape as a currency

#2 Deploying funds in a quick and efficient way : Micro Grants
Every idea needs a little bit of push, sometimes lack of funding discourage such ideas. Currently many people dont think DAO is the way to go and build since the entire process of AIP is time consuming

#3 Global voice matters!
We’ve seen in the past 1 year that how many of things are focus in just EST zone, many of us from Asia & Europe have missed important discussions and felt like our voices were not heard.
This is a truth and we all know we need to fix this
Need diversity

#4 Expanding the Horizon
$ape is limited to just BAYC/MAYC holders, thats what people watching the DAO from the outside thinks of this. The DAO should be a stronghold for every $ape holder, not discouraging people just coz they dont have a BAYC/MAYC > onboard more projects

#5 Community Education
Fostering a culture of informed decision making and participation so that people who enter the DAO to explore stays with the DAO, know what we are building and put their faith in us.
We cant afford to lose active and interested people like we did before

#6 Community Grants
This is something way different than Micro Grants. If elected, I’ll pitch this idea and discuss with stewards All City and Tiger is Fine, a pro bono community grant system where we reward and appreciate people who have been selflessly helping the DAO.

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I understand what you mean

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