Facilitator Note #16 : Updates on AIP-362 - Modifications to Voting Periods

Hello ApeCoin Community,

The APE Foundation is exercising its right outlined in AIP-362 to modify the voting period, and will be implementing a 13-day voting period as opposed to the 14-day voting period initially suggested by AIP-362. This 13-day voting period adds a 24-hour window between voting periods, which is a necessary buffer window so that the APE Foundation has the administrative time to take snapshots and post the AIPs on Snapshot, which is particularly important when an active vote on Snapshot has implications for a vote going to Snapshot in the immediately subsequent voting period (e.g. election votes with two rounds, etc).

  • This change will be implemented starting in the next voting period, beginning Thursday, January 18th, 2024, and going forward.

  • There will be a 13-day voting cadence for AIPs moving forward.

  • The updated cycle will keep to the existing schedule, starting on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6 PM (PST).

  • Voting on these proposals will conclude on Wednesdays at 6 PM (PST), reintroducing a 24-hour interval between the closure and commencement of voting cycles.

  • A calendar has been created to monitor the voting cycles for 2024.

It’s worth noting that due to the language from AIP-362 specifying that voting starts on β€œthe first and the third Thursday of each month,” there will be months with a week of no voting. The first occurrence of this is in February-March.

β€œAPE Foundation will still reserve the right to modify voting periods at its discretion (e.g. emergencies, risks to the DAO, etc.) with reasonable notice to the community and for non-AIPs (e.g. elections).”

Best regards,

ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators


Some interesting results from the first two-week AIP voting period in the DAO. The extended voting window may be encouraging/allowing more people to vote.