Hiisver - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Hiisver

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiisverart

Country of Residence: Mongolia

Educational Background:

Bachelor’s degree of Graphic Design MUST, Google career certificate in Digital Marketing

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

I have 5 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer in a Digital Marketing Agency, and 3 years of experience as a 3D artist in an international business development company. Currently, I am the Art Director of a Web 3.0 development startup called GHORDE.

Nomination Statement:

With 5 years of experience as a Graphic Designer in a Digital Marketing Agency and 3 years as a 3D artist in an international business development company, I bring a diverse set of skills and a deep understanding of visual communication and branding. Currently, I am the Art Director of GHORDE, a Web 3.0 development startup. This role has equipped me with a robust understanding of blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and innovative digital solutions.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

Since joining the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community, I have immersed myself in our vibrant ecosystem. My active participation in events, contests, and community projects has solidified my commitment to our shared vision. The Thankape contest, in particular, was a pivotal moment in my journey, reigniting my passion and sense of self-worth. I would like to introduce this opportunity to a lot of ambitious young people who are not aware of it.

Values & Commitment:

I myself love this market, this industry, this group. I want to be a part of this thing. Trying to give some value. It has become an integral part of my life.

Concluding Statement:

Having worked as an art director and visual artist on many projects in this industry, I have understood many achievements and shortcomings of marketing. On the one hand, this market may seem old, but it is very innovative. It is possible that only 1 in 100 people have actually tried to get coins. So my design approach and artist’s eye and understanding of the Asian identity in promoting this item will help expand the market.

Iscpzn_h_400x400 - Temulun Khongorzul


Your ThankApe video was heartwarming fam, really glad you’re a part of the community :heart: :gorilla:

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Do you have a X handle or webpage or samples from your work with this company?

How much of your work is related to the Art aspect vs management or sales side?

If you are not successful in the election. How would you like to stay involved in the ApeCoin DAO?

Good Luck!

Can you show us some of your design examples and tell us why you didn’t apply for the metaverse?