Yumi - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Yumi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yumipeixuan

Country of Residence: Malaysia

Educational Background:


  • Graduated with First Class Honors in Bachelor of Marketing and Retail Management
  • President of University Chinese Orchestra Society
  • Organizing President of University Music Exchange Concert, University Fund Raising
  • Champion of Malaysia International Music Art Festival
  • Facilitator of University Leadership Camp “Dream Maker”, International Student Conference
  • Organizing president of University Cross Broader E-commerce Talk
  • Facilitator of Coventry University Summer School Programme

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

GM fam, this is Yumi. I started my marketing, branding and sales career at the age of 13. I founded an online fashion e-commerce business that sells new and pre-loved clothing, and I handled the website and banner design, purchasing, promotion, and model acquisition by myself.

Following that, I served as the marketing lead for a popular licensed beauty aesthetics clinic and several forex brokerage and gaming firms in Malaysia. My responsibilities included designing photo/product/video content for social media, crafting marketing and event campaigns, and acquiring content creators/ambassadors. I successfully acquired numerous ambassadors at substantially lower costs than the industry standard.

By 2023:

  • Founded X Circle Community along with the BAYC family
    Our aim is to help web3 projects optimize marketing & promotion campaigns, as well as discord community building and project collaboration services.
    Under my leadership, our community grew to 7,100 members within 3 months
    I built a dedicated team with 6 prominent collab managers, 2 community managers, 7 MODs. We established a business ecosystem that makes the community payroll self-sustainable.
    By March 2024, we had collabs with 100+ projects, provided over USD$300,000 in salaries, creating job opportunities for over a hundred content creators.

  • Event Sponsor, Co-Hosted and MC of the first BAYC exhibition in Malaysia. (attached link for reference: x.com ; x.com )

  • Co-hosted and MC of APEFEST 2024 SIDE EVENT - APE COSPLAY HONG KONG PARTY that welcomed 18+ countries Apes around the world. (attached link for reference: x.com )

  • X Circle co-hosted ApeCoin Community Event dd 20 Feb 2024
    (attached link for reference: x.com

Yumi’s 2024 development:

  • Founded X Circle Capital as General Partner, a Malaysia-based investment company backed by FWDG Group, a Singapore-based Variable Capital Company with various Fund AUM greater than USD 1 billion, specializing in Special Purpose Acquisition Company (S PAC) sponsorship (recent deals include RF Acquisition Corp I & II) and investments in the healthcare, gaming, tech, and AI industries.

  • Co-founded 8chain Sdn Bhd as Director, a blockchain solution advisory company providing solutions to government-linked organizations in Malaysia
    Successfully acquired our in-house blockchain team

  • Co-founded MyToken Sdn Bhd as Director, the main organizer for the first web3 exhibition with an entertainment experience that aims to attract the web2 crowd and bridge them to web3.
    Endorsed & supported by government

  • Co-Lead of Marketing and Communication of Combat Shooting Club, the first real gun shooting club in Malaysia, founded by the former Chief of Defense of Malaysia and supported by various ministries of the Malaysia government
    Successfully generated USD$320,000 of PR value with coverage including by 2 print media outlets, 23 online media outlets, 39 web2 media channels (including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Dailymotion and Twitter)
    Invited the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture (“Ministry of Tourism”), Chief of Defense, Chief of Police, and Chief Executive Officer of TRX City Sdn Bhd (owner of Malaysia’s largest shopping mall and tallest building) to attend and participate in the groundbreaking ceremony.
    Facilitated the publication of the groundbreaking ceremony of the largest shooting club in Malaysia on the official social media channels of the Ministry of Tourism. (Attached link for reference: Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia)

Nomination Statement:

Referring to the AIP-246: Working Group Charter - Marketing & Communications:
With Yumi’s extensive experience in entrepreneurship and leadership in numerous marketing, communication, and events campaigns in both real life and web3, I believe I am the right person to work together with the council and other stewards as a team to assist ApeCoin Dao in:

  • Refining the branding strategy cater with DAO’s culture
  • Planning, proposing and executing marketing & communication campaigns, as well as AIPs, with the given budgets and initiatives to achieve the highest PR value and cost-efficiency in Social Media marketing, PR & media vendor selection & communication, content creator and advocate talent acquisition.
  • Facilitating effective communication among community members across different portals and maintaining efficient onboarding and education processes to support new joiners, ensuring they are well-informed and engaged.
  • Analyzing key factors to enhance ApeCoin DAO’s public visibility, particularly among the web2 audience.
  • Identifying, introducing, and recommending updated technologies and marketing methods/promotion tools in ApeCoin DAO’s marketing activities and proposed marketing AIP initiatives.
  • Within the scope of stewards of the Marketing and Communications Working Group, act as liaison and communication portal between ApeCoin DAO & ApeChain and specific government bodies in Southeast Asia to mark the beginning of collaboration between both parties.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I believe the potential of web3 in terms of:

  • Driving changes in wealth distribution;
  • Transforming the mode of operation and governance of centralized organizations;
  • Improving the speed of regulatory compliance;
  • Introducing unique marketing methods in web3 and ensuring that content creators are true advocates and supporters through effective incentives;
    Therefore, my vision is always to bridge the fresh capital and crowd from web2 to web3.

One of the key factors that motivated me is my experience with the BAYC & ApeCoin family. I understand that BAYC is a pioneering NFT project that combines IP and art with blockchain technology, enabling holders to monetize the IP through the MBA program. Additionally, ApeCoin DAO is one of the largest DAOs in the space and the first NFT project with its own chain. I would be proud to be a steward of the Marketing and Communications Working Group and to participate in and contribute to the development of ApeCoin DAO.

Values & Commitment:

Yumi always works around the clock to ensure tasks and projects are delivered on time. This is a common comment from clients and colleagues who have worked with Yumi.

Just as I am committed to my clients and investors, I will always do my best to meet their reasonable expectations of me, especially the voters fam who supported me in the current AIP.

Concluding Statement:

With a proven track record in entrepreneurship, marketing, and community building, I am well-equipped to take on the steward position for the Marketing and Communications Working Group of ApeCoin DAO. My extensive experience spans both real life and web3, enabling me to bridge the gap between these two worlds effectively.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Exp: As the founder of X Circle, I have successfully led numerous marketing, communication, and event campaigns, demonstrating my ability to manage and execute large-scale projects.

Community Building: I have built and managed thriving communities, such as the X Circle Community, which grew to 7,100 members within three months under my leadership. This experience underscores my ability to engage and sustain vibrant communities.

Strategic Vision: My companies focus on bridging web2 capital and audiences to web3, reflecting my commitment to driving innovation and transformation in the digital space.

Track Record of Success: From hosting major events like the first BAYC exhibition in Malaysia and the APEFEST 2024 SIDE EVENT in Hong Kong to generating significant PR value for the Combat Shooting Club, I have consistently delivered impactful results.

Collaborative & Communication Skills: I have a history of successful collaborations with over 100 projects, providing substantial value in terms of collabs and communicating with external parties.

Government Liaison: My ability to facilitate communication and collaboration between ApeCoin DAO and government bodies in Southeast Asia highlights my potential to expand ApeCoin DAO’s influence and partnerships.

Commitment to Excellence: Known for working tirelessly to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, I am dedicated to ensuring the success of the initiatives I undertake.

Furthermore, my deep understanding of web3 marketing enables me to identify true content creators who advocate for and support ApeCoin DAO.

As a member of the BAYC & ApeCoin family, I recognize the pioneering role of BAYC in combining IP and art with blockchain technology. I am committed to leveraging this experience to enhance ApeCoin DAO’s visibility and impact.

In conclusion, my comprehensive background, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication make me the ideal candidate for the steward position in the Marketing and Communications Working Group. I am eager to contribute to the growth and success of ApeCoin DAO and to help it reach new heights in the web3 space.


Welcome to the ApeCoin Dao!

As you are new here, I thought to ask a question about an AIP Idea which you are listed in.

What is My Token 2024? What is the history of this event? As I see you are on this proposal request in the idea phase.

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LFG !!!

When I went to Asia last year in Malaysia Yumi & other Apes gone the extra mile to let me meet the communities.

She is always building and expanding APE IPs and ideas for crypto in general.

When I am not farming stuff, so glad she is running because farmoors like me cannot spread the apecoin & crypto awareness like Yumi


Great candidate with an extensive background and proposes ideas with specifics instead of generalities, love it! Good luck on the candidacy Yumi!

If you also wanna learn about all the MarComms candidates I’ve made a quick thread, simply click on the image below :point_down:

MarComms Nominees


Tell me more about how you became so passionate about marketing.
Does any of your first jobs gave you this passion or it comes from somewhere else?

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Gm Bigbull fam,
Previously, we’ve successfully organized two events for the government, and we are currently planning a new Web3 project with them. But before everything starts, we need to ensure that government officials fully understand what Web3 is. Our team began by teaching them about MetaMask, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. During the process, we showcased ApeFest and various blockchain weeks around the world. The government officials were very excited after seeing these presentations and subsequently requested us to organize a Web3 event in our country. This is how the idea for the “My Token” event was born.


Gm fam, thanks for ur question.
Actually, I come from a family with deep roots in business and marketing. My father was a marketing director for Marlboro (one of biggest cigarette brands in the world). He always shared his extensive knowledge about sales and marketing with me since I’m young. While my mother, she’s a traditional housewife, taught me the importance of working hard for what I want. Inspired by both, I started my own online business at the age of 13, where my journey in marketing, branding, and sales began.


Which country government ? and how did it go?

Amazing. I also started my own business at 13 after my dad died and I lost most of the things, because government took it from me for being under 13.
Before I work on TV at the national morning show.
I do see how transferable skills & learned from our dad.
We have 36 min left to vote for Special Council and i hope you can move your votes to me, because i am a hard worker too. Thank you.