@shotgun.tobi - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 1/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @shotgun.tobi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tobi_shotgun

Educational Background: Industrial Engineering

Professional Background:

Cross-functional project manager for a multinational consumer-goods corporation. Successfully led projects in Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and Manufacturing, wherein I managed projects of the various business functions in a fast-paced work environment and achieved target outcomes. Projects included process optimization in logistics and manufacturing, negotiating commercial agreements with supermarkets in sales, and launching a new product into the market with online and physical activation events.

Since shifting to a full-time Web3 career in January 2022: Moderated multiple NFT projects. Led the marketing efforts of a Web3 gastropub in Manila that serves as a go-to Web3 event spot, and played a large role in establishing the IRL Filipino Web3 community. Currently managing operations, special projects, social media, partnerships, and finances of Boring Security.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Marketing & Communications WG Steward

I’m nominating myself for Steward of the Marketing & Communications Working Group because I’m confident that my unique blend of skills and experiences can significantly contribute to ApeCoin DAO.

Firstly, I believe the DAO needs more representation across the world, and having more female voices among the Stewards, and representation from Southeast Asia and other developing regions is important. Currently, many calls and events happen while Asia is asleep, but Asia definitely has a thriving crypto market that we want to have a strong presence in.

Second, I’m one to learn quickly, work well, and get the job done. I’m passionate, driven, and eager to contribute! DAOs are a relatively new organization model so being agile and reliable are key skills necessary in driving the DAO forward.

Third and lastly, I’ve always been very community centric, and I want to ensure that in this DAO, all voices are heard. I work well with colleagues, and community alike, and I genuinely want to listen not only to the big fish, but to fish of all sizes, colors, and shapes in the DAO as well.

Should I get elected as MarComms WG Steward, my mission is to enable ApeCoin DAO to become a community of stakeholders that are equipped with the support, structure, and resources to elevate the brand of ApeCoin globally. The most harmonious way and exact steps will be something I and my co-elected Steward will determine, together with the input of the Community once elected.

In addition, there’s so much ApeCoin has achieved over the past 18 months and these wins need to be published for a greater audience. This, together with a stronger presence across IRL Web3 (and maybe even Web2) events, conferences, and activities are priorities I’d like for the MarComms WG to drive and achieve.

I know I’m ready to level up my contributions to the DAO, and that this is the right avenue for it.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications WG Steward

I’m motivated to be the MarComms WG Steward because I want to see ApeCoin DAO succeed. I know a lot of people who are familiar with ApeCoin, but unaware of anything much about it other than it was an airdrop to BAYC/MAYC/BAKC Holders. I myself only started getting involved with ApeCoin DAO when I began working with AIP-133 funded project Boring Security. There’s so much more to ApeCoin that others need to know about; by others I mean Apes, Web3 degens, and the wider Web3 scene of DeFi players, gamers, artists, and more.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

DAO Experience.
I’ve been working with a mission-oriented and cost-effective DAO, Boring Security, for almost 1 year. Because of this, I believe I have a deep and experiential understanding of what it’s like to operate on the administrative side of a DAO.

Cross-functional training.
The experience I had over at my previous job, though not solely focused on Marketing, gave me a holistic experience in developing my work ethic. I’m able to deliver on commitments, to manage stakeholders, and to be agile when situations aren’t ideal. I also learned how to apply my analytical and creative skills onto practical settings as well.

IRL Community Building.
I’m really one to connect with people and the community. I’m not afraid to start conversations (and follow them through). It’s hard to describe over text, because my energy is really best shared in person. This can bring value to the DAO because should I get into the position, I believe I can represent the DAO well when it comes to finding new opportunities to market ApeCoin.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

I joined Boring Security almost exactly 1 year ago, and since then I’ve streamlined work processes, led campaigns and activations, revamped class materials, handled contributors, socials, partnerships, and finances, and created graphics for events, announcements, articles, etc.

I was on the team that organized the first ThankApe Moonshot (the AIP Idea-a-thon on April 2023), and I created a series of assets for ThankApe Moonshot Contests (April: AIP Idea-a-Thon, July: ApeCoin Building the Future of Apecoin, August: ApeCoin Builders Grants). I was also on the team that executed the Ledger Quest x ApeCoin campaign last March-April.

I worked with Keepers Bar - a Web3 Gastropub in the Philippines, which is a go-to spot for web3 community events, meet-ups, product launches, and more. I worked closely with the owner as the Web3 Marketing Lead to establish its brand in the local Web3 scene in Metro Manila.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Marketing & Communications WG Steward

NFTs, unlike some other parts of the crypto ecosystem, are unique for their power to bring people together, foster communities, and build a brand. While ApeCoin operates as a crypto token, its holders extend beyond traders and charters to include builders, creators, developers, and more from the NFT space actively involved in the DAO’s pursuits. The capability to establish a global brand is definitely within reach, but the DAO needs the right Stewards to set ApeCoin up for success.

My riskiest play in the Web3 space was never really a trade or a flip- it was leaving my safe corporate path to pursue Web3. I’ve been full-time in Web 3 the past 2 years because it’s empowered me to be my most authentic self. Part of that meant applying my creative, yet still very analytical, approach across any venture I get into. My hands-on experience in Web3, coupled with a track record in community building, reflects that I’m not just talk. I’m ready to make things happen for ApeCoin DAO.


GM! For non-English speakers, I’ve created a doc with my nomination statement available in multiple languages. The translations might not be 100% perfect, but they’re quite good! For any further questions or clarifications, you can DM me here or on Twitter (posted above). :blush:

Currently available in Mandarin, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, and Korean

Here are a few of the many assets I’ve created for Boring Security, ApecCoin DAO, ThankApe, and some personal creations :grinning:


Reserved for additional content II.


Just some quick snaps to Tobi for being a critical person in keeping the Boring Security ship sailing. I’m sure it’s no easy task to coordinate the various instructors and keep us from going AWOL. At least me.


Loved my time working with Tobi while on the Thank Ape Board! It’s a joy to work with a builder who is multi-talented, meticulous, and globally oriented.

Tobi, I’m so glad you took the leap into web3!! Thank you for all you’ve done for Boring Security and Thank Ape- so glad we’ve had the chance to work together.

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:


Big yes for Tobi <3
She is someone who has been working behind the scene for the safety and security of Apecoin DAO.
Wish you the very best

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so excited for your run!!!


Thank you Matt :heart: It’s made easier by having dedicated instructors like you :saluting_face:

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Happy and excited to see you running for this position Tobi :heart:

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Halina, I got to learn more about ApeCoin DAO through working with you, and you were always so dedicated to your job, and also very accommodating to newer folks in the DAO like me that time. I’m so glad we got to work together! Thank you so much for the support. :heart:

Thank you, Justzb!!! Your support means a lot. :blush: :saluting_face:

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hey all :wave:

been fun stacking APE while teaching classes and writing/editing articles for Boring Security.
+1 to @mattborchert’s statement

definitely not an easy task to keep us all headed north, @shotgun.tobi is a true coordinatooooooooor and i recommend her for working group :100:

Truly impressed with all the work you have being doing in the ecosystem, @shotgun.tobi! Can’t thank you enough for organizing the first Thank APE Moonshot with us as well! I have no doubt you would be a terrific representative of the DAO and find much success in this role. All the best!

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Thank you BoredApeG! It was my pleasure. Was actually my first time seeing the DAO (and this forum) up close! Appreciate the work you do for ThankApe and the SC :heart:

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