Shotgun.tobi - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @shotgun.tobi


Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Currently, I manage operations, special projects, social media, partnerships, and finances for AIP-133/373-funded: Boring Security DAO, and lead content creation for the ApeCoin DAO Governance WG, which you can find on the X account: @apecoinGWG.

In my Web 2 life, I was a cross-functional project manager for a multinational consumer-goods corporation with a proven track record of leading and delivering high-impact projects across Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and Manufacturing. Spearheaded process optimizations in logistics and manufacturing, negotiated critical commercial agreements with supermarkets, and successfully launched a new product through innovative online and physical activation events.

I transitioned to a full-time Web3 career in January 2022, where I have moderated multiple NFT projects, led marketing efforts for a Web3 gastropub in Manila, and significantly contributed to establishing the IRL Filipino Web3 community.

Nomination Statement:

GM, and welcome to Shotgun.Tobi Season 2! :sparkles: Back and reloaded to serve the DAO, I am nominating myself once again as a Steward of the Marketing & Communications Working Group.

With my strong ability to execute, excellent collaboration skills, and even deeper involvement with ApeCoin DAO, I know I can bring significant value. Not only will I complement the existing MarComms Working Group Stewards, but I will also make a substantial impact of my own. #TeamPopilLinstroShotguntobi

You may have seen me making announcements in the Boring Security server, or contributing to ThankApe. You may have seen me less on Twitter, because I spend most of my time on X behind the @ApeCoinGWG and @BoringSecDAO accounts - both of which I am the lead content and graphics creator of. These angles of the DAO that I’ve gotten to experience first hand give me a comprehensive understanding of what goes on, and how things work. Through this, I see both its potential and areas for improvement. Because of this, I can drive positive changes.

My vision is to enhance communication channels within the DAO and from an outsider’s perspective. Let outsiders know who we are, and excite holders with the thought of ApeCoin. With the existing MarComms initiatives and exciting AIPs, we have a real opportunity to engage the DAO and celebrate ApeCoin in ways both big and small.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I’ve been an $APE holder for 2 years, but I would only say I consider my journey with ApeCoin DAO really just began when I began working with Boring Security in December 2022. I initially knew ApeCoin as the BAYC airdrop and not much more. Fast forward 6 months, I find out the public good I started working at was actually funded by ApeCoin DAO. I dig deeper, and soon enough there’s more: ThankApe, regular Spaces on X, voices and usernames becoming more and more familiar, a vibrant community relative to all else in the bear. Everyone comes together sharing real sentiment (even if it’s arguments), discussing ApeCoin, and what it could become. The feeling of ‘community’ is more than just your buzzword kind of way.

I’m motivated to become an ApeCoin DAO MarComms Working Group Steward because I’m convinced that there are so many more people that can join the DAO and bring their own value in whatever shape or form, but haven’t just yet. Whether they haven’t heard of ApeCoin or haven’t engaged yet for whatever reason, I want to change that.

With the current MarComms Working Group Stewards being seasoned marketing professionals, I aim to be an excellent support to the marketing operations, while creating a strong complementary impact on Comms. My vision is for getting involved in the DAO to no longer be a challenge - but a compelling user journey with minimal friction that is really able to highlight what ApeCoin DAO is. As marketing initiatives funnel more awareness towards ApeCoin, getting involved and staying active is the next challenge. This area requires focus and dedication, and I am equipped to champion this.

Values & Commitment:

As a Filipina, my experiences have affirmed my belief in access and the value of diversity. This is what fascinates me most about ApeCoin DAO: collective ownership and democratized access to resources. While the systems in place are not perfect, ideas are evaluated on merit rather than arbitrary standards.

Diversity has consistently helped me collaborate effectively and excel as a team player. I believe diverse perspectives are essential for innovation and achieving shared goals.

Commitment is something I take seriously. If elected, I will dedicate my full effort to the role. My track record shows a dedication to delivering high-quality work, and those I’ve worked with can attest to my reliability and standards.

Concluding Statement:

Whether I am the most suitable candidate for this position can be broken down into three key questions:

  • One, am I capable of the job? Absolutely! My experience as a cross-functional project manager and Web3 professional has equipped me with a diverse and relevant skill set, enabling me to lead high-impact projects and drive community engagement.

  • Two, do you align with my vision for MarComms? My goal is to grow and activate the DAO, creating a seamless and engaging user experience. I aim to enhance communication channels to encourage participation and highlight our community’s unique value. I believe in fostering diversity and collaboration to drive innovation.

  • Three, am I a good fit for the existing MarComms team? I believe I would be an excellent addition. #TeamPopilLinstroShotguntobi

My background equips me to be a proactive contributor to upcoming activations and initiatives. Additionally, I have a complementary vision for empowering communication to ensure a cohesive and impactful approach.

I appreciate your consideration and would be honored to be entrusted with your vote. Thank you for reading, DAO member! :pray:



Everyone knows Tobi is a powerhouse behind Boring Security, a creative genius and the brains behind GWG content.
Easily a perfect fit for the 3rd Mark & Comms Steward <3


[ Reserving this post for additional info & references ]

Thank you Evil!!! Appreciate your support & your dedication to the DAO! :pray: :muscle:


@shotgun.tobi great to see you running again.


Perseverance - It is hard to run once, but to take the knock and run again shows great perseverance. Also I like you are running for the same position. You also were open minded and when I suggested she could help as a contractor to GWG, she jumped at the chance and has been diligent in this role.

Part of the Ecosystem - She has a role with Boring Security, which not only is an AIP recipient, but also has a broad reach into other web3 communities. This could be helpful to onboard more people into the ApeCoin ecosystem.

We need to do great stuff and create the environment to build on ApeChain, but we also need to make sure the opportunity of how to get involved and the sharing of the success stories is spread wide and far.

Question for you. How will you help accepted AIP authors related to Marcomms bring the most value back to the DAO. For example, this is a nice article, but sadly right now has only 75 views and 1 like (from me!)

Finally, you willingness to take the support role in the marketing operations is important to clarify, as after the election you have to be a team to get s)** done.

I only have one reservation, is we will be sorry to lose you from GWG, perhaps we can find a way for you to continue to support even if you win the election.


Loved the conversations we had last Saturday on our weekly Space Shotgun, and thanks for giving the BOTB community the opportunity to collab with BoringSec.

Your knowledge about web3 security , safety and communication are exactly what the DAO needs to keep delivering. Happy to see you running for this season and wish you all the best with your nomination this month! :apecoin:

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ngl It feels kinda weird that @shotgun.tobi is not a Steward yet, she is a staple within the ApeCoin DAO and other communities like Boring Security.

Her designs and amazing artwork can be seen throughout our communication channels and timelines, she brings a wealth of talent to the table.

I wish you best of luck in these elections, and would like to encourage others to support and vote for @shotgun.tobi


Appreciate you a lot Webmoss! Good luck in elections as well!

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BOTB X BSEC WEN?! Love the passion you’re bringing to the election Cryptosheep. Great meeting you as well!


Maybe book a time within the next month? BorSEC is actually important in communities that are having a turn around as the scammers come when projects or communities grow!


Appreciate this Bigbull!

How I feel MarComms can help accepted AIP authors bring the most value back to the DAO is to establish a communication system that shares to DAO members not just the latest with the DAO, but the latest with accepted AIPs as well. This will drive accountability, and make sure that when the ‘Benefit the the Ecosystem’ from their AIP is done, members are aware of it.

As per what happens after Election, we can cross that bridge when we get there!


Do you have any filming crew of editing in video or TV experience?
(Even if its just a podcast video)

We seen a lot of promotions falling to create actual advertisement or proper summarised user-friendly reporting across many companies because managers are not proficient at this and constantly need to sub hire, and when they do - they cant make changes to error themselves.

How do you plan to bridge this issue?